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by OPOVV, ©2014

An unsuccessful assassination attempt was carried out on July 20, 1944 against Adolf Hitler by the German Resistance

(May 31, 2014) — In order to achieve the mindset of the Chinese’s willingness to sacrifice 4,000 years of history and an ecological nightmare, the Three Gorges Dam was sold as the key to the future of China. Upon sober reflection, however, the short-term gains in flood control and an electrical plant just aren’t worth the irreversible damage done. For proof, all one has to do is study the long-term (35 years) effects of the Aswan Dam on the Nile River in Egypt. Common sense will, eventually, win over expediency, meaning building in a flood plain isn’t wise. Energy conservation forces people to be more self-sufficient and less reliant on outside sources (read: government) for electricity or any other commodity, for that matter.

Governments, or, more accurately, bureaucrats, possess no incentive to mimic private enterprise’s thrift and ingenuity to maximize profits. To express the same thought another way, government employees are somehow unable to connect their own tax dollars to their paychecks, or any government money as their own, or was once theirs. It seems as if the government’s money has become, by whatever mysterious means, unconnected, directly or otherwise, to their own money. It’s a common occurrence, this denial of fiscal responsibility, that infects 90% of every bureaucrat in every country.

This uncommon mindset (which is common) has given us the Obama Administration and government. That includes, unfortunately, the military leaders, those who sit as the Joint Chiefs of Staff and in other lofty offices (window views of the Potomac River) in the Pentagon. In order to capture the presidency, and to have kept it for these past five years, the Obama Administration has followed the playbook, chapter-by-chapter, line-by-line, of the Nazi takeover of Germany in the 1930’s. One of the chapters in this playbook is the subjugating, or, more accurately, the overthrow, of the patriotic population: the Valkyrie Chapter.

The goal of this Administration is to destroy the Constitution, and the first step (which has already been completed) is to gain control of the courts. The proof-of-the-pudding is that LTC Terry Lakin was sent to prison, and millions of Americans believe that Obama is Constitutionally eligible to hold the office of president. The fact that Obama is not yet in a cage down in Gitmo attests to the validity of this paragraph.

More proofs are to be found in the numerous “phony scandals:” NSA spying upon the patriots of our country (thanks, Edward Snowden, for spilling the beans ); IRS targeting specific groups; Fast and Furious (going after the 2nd Amendment); VA Death Panels, etc., including: WHERE’S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE?

We’re targeted, you and I: they want our guns; our Liberty; our Freedom; our Right of Free Speech; our Right of Assembly (when I was running for president in 2012, I once had a rally where the ticket of admission was to “Show Your Gun”); they want us out of the way: one way or the other, silenced. They have the manpower with the mindset to go after us patriots.

Now we know why all those rounds of ammunition was purchased: they were purchased for the sole purpose to attack us, the enemy of Obama and his corrupt Administration. Valkyrie: the ultimate Death Panel.

Semper Fi


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