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Carl Gallups hosts “Freedom Friday” each week at 4:00 p.m. CT/5:00 p.m. ET

(May 30, 2014) — After Carl Gallups’s first guest concluded her interview on “Freedom Friday” at 5:30 p.m. EDT, Gallups stated that he would be talking about Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo’s revelations of last week.

After the commercial break, Gallups again referred to Zullo’s guest appearance on last week’s show, during which Zullo provided four points of new information about the investigations which the posse and Sheriff Joe Arpaio have been conducting into the forgery of the long-form birth certificate image posted on the White House website purported to be Obama’s.

The Cold Case Posse found more than two years ago that Obama’s birth certificate and Selective Service registration form are “computer-generated forgeries.”

Gallups then said that the information from the investigations is “Congress-ready.”

Two press conferences “will come,” Gallups said, with the results of Arpaio’s expected first.  He reiterated that new information was intended for release in March, but that the investigation turned toward who the forgers of the birth certificate are.  “That’s not even the ‘universe-shattering information,'” Gallups clarified, referring to information expected to be released by Arpaio.

Gallups reviewed the information Zullo revealed last week, including that an NSA document is in the sheriff’s hands which explains how to erase metadata from documents.  He also mentioned “the Obots,” who had insisted that a certain type of Xerox copier would have produced the anomalies found in the birth certificate image, unexpectedly leading to the new vein of investigation which apparently has revealed the identities of those who created the forgeries.

While responding to a question from a caller, Gallups revealed that he is well-acquainted with author and Obama researcher Miki Booth, who was identified in a filing by Douglas Vogt with the U.S. Supreme Court as having allegedly participated in a scheme to present fabricated or altered documents to WND columnist and researcher Dr. Jerome Corsi.  Gallups said he also knows Booth’s husband, who is a retired Honolulu Police Department officer.  “I think the world of her,” Gallups said of Booth in concluding his answer.

Gallups reiterated to a caller that the information to be released will be “universe-shattering” and “history-making.”  The caller asked if a date will be announced soon, to which Gallups quoted Zullo as having said last week that Zullo “will not be setting any dates.”

In answer to the caller, Gallups said that the information is likely to be released within “months,” rather than “years.”  Referring to the data to be released, Gallups said, “Someone is going to have to do something.”

Gallups said that Zullo is “very confident” that the press conferences “will happen” in response to a second caller who thought he detected doubt in Zullo’s demeanor last week.

“If Congress ignores it, I think there will be an uprising,” Gallups said to a third caller, referring to Arpaio’s upcoming revelations and clarifying that it will be a “peaceful” uprising.

At 6:29 EDT, Gallups told guest Dr. Grace Vuoto that the current government is led at present “by a man who probably isn’t eligible to be there.”

Vuoto is the wife of radio show host and Washington Times columnist Jeffrey Kuhner, who organized a rally for Justina Pelletier, the 16-year-old from West Hartford, CT whose custody was take away from her parents, Lou and Linda Pelletier, by the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF) in February of last year after doctors at Boston Children’s Hospital took issue with the Tufts Medical Center treatment plan which the parents were following.  Vuoto decried the actions of DCF and said that state and possibly federal legislation may arise out of Justina’s unfounded separation from her family.

The Times reported today that an attorney working for reunification of the family stated that after filing court papers, “is close to returning home.”

After mentioning the VA scandal and Veterans Administration Secretary Eric Shinseki’s resignation on Friday, Vuoto said “I think the president should resign.”

“I can tell you a scandal that’s going to be worse than that:  as soon as Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Zullo make their announcements,” Gallups responded.

Vuoto said that Democrats are now admitting that Obama is incompetent, detached, and unfit to occupy the presidency, to which Gallups said, “Thank God for that.  What Arpaio and Zullo are getting ready to announce will go across party lines as well.”

Gallups’ son Brandon came on at 6:38 p.m. EDT and said that he “had spoken to Zullo last week,” although not about either of the investigations.  Brandon then referred to “the Xerox machine” fable which “can produce certain anomalies” which “got the ball rolling” on the second investigation.

Brandon referred to a comment from a caller which had suggested that after the information is revealed, “no one will vote Democrat for a long time.”  However, Brandon said that the revelations are not political and that “all 535” people in Congress must leave after they are made public.  Gallups agreed that members of Congress are “spineless” and not worthy of the oaths they took to the Constitution.

Gallups then referred to Judge David O. Carter in California, who had originally said he would hear an Obama eligibility case but later decided that it was the purview of Congress to decide whether or not Obama was a “natural born Citizen.”

“We have a criminal issue in this country right now,” Brandon said, referring to Congress and others who have “twisted” their governmental roles and forgotten that they work for the people, not the other way around.

Brandon then reported that the public narrative about the “Boston bombers,” referring to terrorists who set off bombs at last year’s Boston Marathon, may not be accurate.  Gallups ended the segment by saying “…they weren’t lying about the Boston bombings…they weren’t lying about the birth certificate…” to suggest that the Obama regime has not been truthful about its public statements.

Following a break, the two Gallupses spoke about racism, with Brandon stating that he believes Obama was “selected,” not “elected,” “because of the pigmentation of his skin.”

He then defined “racist” and said he knows of very few of them.  He said racism is when a person believes the same thing about every person of a certain race.  He said that the label “racist” has been used against any detractors of Obama’s policies.

Gallups then reminded the audience that Joe Biden had described Obama as “a clean black man” running for office.  “Can you imagine?” Gallups asked incredulously.

Brandon said that anyone who has spoken out about Obama has been called a racist.

“I am opposed to a black or white woman who is a racist being president,” the elder Gallups said, contending that “the man who is in the office right now is a racist.”

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  1. What’s really “history making” and “universe shattering” is that we have had no judicial acceptance of any criminal presentments to reach “Discovery” on ANY of the criminal charges piled up since 2008 when Pelosi and Biden falsified Obama’s Constitutional Eligibility for POTUS. Judicial “oath takers” were sworn in to do their job and the lights have been on but no one has been home since 2008. Misprision Of Felony is rampant and this coup and faux POTUS really smells bad. We are now living in a country that is INCAPABLE of controlling rampant corruption and which has lost complete control of its “trustees” who are engaged in a “shopping spree” with taxpayers’ money as civilians and military Vets die with no ability to use Constitutional Law to protect them. Ultimately, the judicial has allowed this just as the Perkins Coie DNC Law team installed an Operator in Carter’s office to crush Orly Taitz as she tried to stand for the Veterans. They are well protected but they will have to deal with their creator, the supreme judge who I’m sure will not allow their law upstairs. They have forgotten where they started and the colleges that gave them that education that got them there.

  2. Mr. Arpaio, Mr. Zullo, Mr. Gallups,

    When finally?! Do NOT be also Pinocchios like your subject in the White House. Now is perfect time to stop dotting and finally to dot the I. As I see a lot of people already laughing on you and your endless promises. If some people still trust you – do not loose them. Do not compete with B.O. nose.

  3. Where is the “Breaking News?” How can a six plus month old statement be “Breaking News”? What are they waiting for? What will be the effect of a press conference when the perps and witnesses are either dead or disappeared? What is being said (and reported)is all a bunch of clap-trap and signifies nothing.

    As they fiddle, Rome burns.

    Have you asked them about why they are delaying?