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by Sharon Rondeau

Mike Volin and his team gave two Sheriff’s Kits to White House employees on Sunday, May 18, 2014

(May 19, 2014) — On Sunday, Mike Volin of WheresObamasBirthCertificate.com told The Post & Email a secret which he has decided to divulge:  that he distributed Sheriff’s Kits to two individuals and watched them walk inside the White House where they are employed.

Volin decided to release the information on Monday.

In an interview on Sunday, Volin said that his group distributed a total of about 20 kits to passersby as they walked past the group holding a sign with the message to “Call Congress.”

Volin produced the kits last year to heighten the public’s awareness of the forgeries of Obama’s long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration form discovered by the Maricopa County, AZ Cold Case Posse after it was asked to investigate by Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The kits consist of a DVD containing a presentation by Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo and accompanying documentation, including a sworn affidavit from Zullo with some of the evidence the posse compiled over approximately two years.

“We watched them walk in,” Volin told The Post & Email.

Volin and other volunteers have been in Washington, DC since Friday for Operation American Spring (OAS).

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  1. Why aren’t people using social media to get the message out,Why not use the hashtag thing that Mrs obozo and the other fools were doing to get the message out about those girls that were kidnap my Hillary favorite terrorist group.

  2. How many people saw the waste paper can on the floor that said “File 13″? I love all these folks and Veterans for trying to do something but I also know how DC works and inside protectionism. We have to pray that a miracle can happen here and if it doesn’t, the DNC and RNC may be taking us to civil war in the very near future as more and more people tire of the ignorance and stupid answers and excuses by the adolescent phony Carney and his arrogant answers treating us as if we are 2nd grade children and or stupid. 5 years going on 6 now and we have watched America slip into bankruptcy, social and moral decay we have never seen, over 200 top Military High Level Officers bailed out having to vomit over this coup/usurpation/lies/gutting of the Military/”Admiral” (and we use that term very loosely) Mullen for allowing “gay” enterprise in our ranks to flourish while destroying morale of other service members/massive fraud stimulus scams/Muslim Sharia Law implementation in many areas of the U.S. (see http://www.creepingsharia.wordpress.com)/Over $160 BILLION spent yearly on illegal aliens and phony “amnesty” programs for DNC votes at taxpayer’s expense without their vote or permission. How far will it go? As far as we will let it which looks pretty far as they have just started, there is no end which at some time in the near future will force rebellion or civil war. It is hard to foresee at this moment in time but the stage is being set for failure of the U.S., it’s manufacturing, it’s social structure under Constitutional Law, it’s job market, it’s credibility as a world power, confidence of our active duty members of the military in the credibility of our government since they have seen Black Hawk Down/Benghazi/Fast And Furious where nothing but massive cover up is everywhere with no accountability for CRIMINAL activity. Political Amnesia will not strike most of us but there will be people at the end of this regime that will say none of this ever happened. I have seen it during Vietnam and all the wars since. Our government killed General Custer and all the Army men that were with him because he announced he wanted to run for political office and they were scared to death of him and his reputation. Nothing has changed in DC, especially after watching in agony as Veterans Fitzpatrick, Wood, Lakin, Huff, Butler and others were made victims and examples by the Obama Regime to attempt to get them to shut up and stop serving Criminal Presentments against the DNC and Obama.