by Sharon Rondeau

(May 12, 2014) — On Saturday, The Post & Email discovered that it was blocked from accessing the website of former PLO terrorist and Christian convert Walid Shoebat, who publishes daily on the effects and financing of Islamic terrorism, Christian persecution, and recent actions of the U.S. Congress, among other topics.

After several readers reported later on Saturday that Shoebat’s site was not down, we were sent a screenshot of the Saturday RSS feed from showing that Shoebat and/or members of his team had produced articles on Saturday, May 10, 2014.

We were not able to access Shoebat’s website from any computer on Sunday.

On Monday morning, when attempting to land on, The Post & Email was able to access a cached version of the website from May 8, 2014.

We quickly took several screenshots:

Second screenshot from cached version of appearing to The Post & Email on Monday morning
Third screenshot

When we tried to open an article from the cached version, the following appeared:

The error message was slightly different from those which had appeared on Saturday and Sunday.

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