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by Sharon Rondeau

Is Jay Carney going to “lawyer-up” next?

(May 3, 2014) — In its weekly newsletter on Friday, the public government watchdog group Judicial Watch referred to White House Press Secretary Jay Carney’s explanation of the “smoking gun” Benghazi emails recently acquired through a lawsuit as “a criminal defense.”

“The media is slamming Carney for his spin but I see his lie as more of a criminal defense,” wrote Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton in a reference to Carney’s claim that an email written by then-White House Deputy Strategic Communications Adviser Ben Rhodes referred to “huge protests outside of diplomatic facilities” throughout the Middle East, not specifically to the Benghazi attack on the night that four Americans were killed.

But Fitton stated that the emails were requested in a FOIA request in October 2012 and then sued for in federal court as they related specifically to the Benghazi attack.

In a White House briefing on Thursday, Carney attempted to convince the press corps and the American public that Republican “conspiracy theories” were responsible for perpetrating “bogus” information about the events of September 11, 2012, when a terrorist attack originally characterized as a “spontaneous protest” by then-United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice was carried out on the U.S. compound in Benghazi.

In mid-March, several sources stated that Carney would resign on an unspecified date.

Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens; Information Officer Sean Smith; and two former Navy SEALS, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, were killed in the violence, with an unknown number of eyewitnesses and injured victims kept out of public sight and inaccessible to members of Congress for months afterward and possibly longer.

A now-retired Brigadier General stationed in Germany during the Benghazi attack testified to a congressional committee last week that “We should have done more…even if we simply just burned gas in airplanes…We have to have the confidence of the American people…We should have done more.”  Robert Lovell also told Rep. Jason Chaffetz that contrary to the regime’s claim that Al Qaeda was “on the run,” terrorist organizations in the region were “actually responsible for the perpetration of these attacks” and that they “were growing in strength, in number and in capability.”

The email from Rhodes, which included Carney as a recipient, was titled “RE: PREP CALL with Susan, Saturday at 4:00 pm ET” in an apparent reference to Rice’s anticipated appearance on five Sunday talk shows the following day to explain that the Benghazi attack was the result of “spontaneous protests.”

Following Obama’s alleged re-election in November 2012, Rice was promoted to National Security Adviser.

Last May, ABC News’ Jonathan Karl was excoriated by Salon.com for alleging that “government agencies made extensive changes to a draft of the Benghazi ‘talking points'” used by Rice on the national shows which have been revealed to have been altered by deputy CIA director Mike Morell for political reasons.

On April 21, Obama announced that Neil Eggleston, an experienced criminal defense attorney for numerous high-profile political figures in Washington, DC, would replace Kathryn Ruemmler as White House Counsel.  Ruemmler had announced seven months ago that she intended to “leave government service” by the end of 2013 but remained at her “hot seat” post until Eggleston’s appointment.

Last May, following the revelations that the IRS had targeted Tea Party and other right-leaning groups for special scrutiny and in some cases, significant delays in issuing a decision on tax-exempt applications, Democrat attorney and former Bill Clinton adviser Lanny Davis opined that if Ruemmler knew about the practice and did not inform Obama “immediately,” “she should resign.”

Obama’s hiring of Eggleston has been described as “lawyering up.”

Lois Lerner, identified as the point person for directing the IRS to apply extra scrutiny to “conservative” groups, has been recommended to the U.S. Justice Department for criminal investigation by the House Ways & Means Committee.  Lerner has also been held in contempt of Congress by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and has also “lawyered up.”

The Justice Department is led by Eric Holder, who has himself been declared in contempt of Congress for withholding documents relating to another scandal, Fast & Furious, which killed at least one American and several hundred Mexicans.

Criminal complaints have been filed naming Obama in the commission of treason for his lack of response to the Benghazi debacle; for permitting or ordering U.S. Army troops to deploy into Samson, AL on March 10, 2009, in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act; for operating an “unconstitutional government” as evidenced by his approval of a “Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction;” and for deceiving the people as a “foreign born domestic enemy.”

Obama’s constitutional eligibility and history have been questioned since late 2007, when progressive commentator Chris Matthews stated on air that Obama was “born in Indonesia” and had “a Muslim background,” but other major media refused to vet him to any significant degree.  Anyone questioning Obama’s then-lack of documentation was labeled “racist,” conspiracy theorist, and “birther.”

Intimidation, death threats, and other forms of harassment caused some journalists to halt any investigations of Obama’s questionable past and missing documentation, according to Mike Zullo, who has led a five-member team known as the “Maricopa County Cold Case Posse” in what became a more-than-two-year investigation into the image posted on the White House website on April 27, 2011 and quickly declared a forgery by graphics experts.

To date, members of Congress have refused to act on the declared forgeries of Obama’s long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration form, despite having been given direct evidence as presented by Zullo of the crimes.  On March 1, 2012 and again on July 17 of that year, the Cold Case Posse reported publicly that the two “documents” are “computer-generated forgeries,” after which the media continued its silence on the matter.

A video produced in December with the knowledge of the Cold Case Posse asserts that “prosecutions are coming,” and a significant announcement by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is expected in the near future.

Dan Pfeiffer, who was Obama’s communications director three years ago when the fraudulent birth certificate image was first posted on the White House website, was also a recipient of the Rhodes email.  Pfeiffer was also promoted, but his photo remains on the White House web page which contains the fraudulent image and accompanying false information.

Speculation is that Obama has committed identity fraud, election fraud, wire fraud, treason, and other crimes against the American people which may date back many years.

Zullo has stated that the information to be revealed by Arpaio is “universe-shattering.”

Update, 12:52 p.m. EDT:  Fitton will be a guest with Judge Jeannine Pirro on the Fox News Channel at 9:00 p.m. EDT.

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  1. The entire Whitehouse staff and every member of congress should be brought up on charges for being complicit in the usurpation of the presidency, and tried for treason for not fulfilling their oath of office. Once found guilty they should all be hung by the neck until dead. I think that Obozo made an EO that takes away the death penalty for treason, but that will be null and void after the world gets the truth about him.
    I’m saddened that its taking so long.
    Question is, do you think Obozo will go quietly, or will he turn it into a “catch me if you can” episode. His cowardice and hatred for the USA tells me he will run and hide once the truth is revealed.
    May God bless those who are trying to take the country back from these evil people.