by Sharon Rondeau

Upon the return of the remains of four Americans killed in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012, Obama and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continued the charade that a video offensive to Muslims had caused the attack

(May 3, 2014) — In her opening monologue on Saturday evening, “Justice with Judge Jeanine” anchor Jeanine Pirro called for the impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama for dereliction of duty, violation of his oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution and protect the American people, and for defending Islam after four Americans were “left to die” in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012.

In an approximately 12-minute-long soliloquy, Pirro excoriated the Obama regime for misrepresenting the cause of the terrorist attack which killed the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other public servants after Islamic militants attacked a U.S. compound which was under-protected according to State Department standards.

Pirro reminded her audience that President William Jefferson Clinton was “impeached” for lying about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky and that President Richard M. Nixon was impeached for lying about a burglary.

Pirro’s first guest was Tom Fitton, head of Judicial Watch, which obtained incriminating emails through a lawsuit in federal court after the Obama regime refused to turn them over through a FOIA request.  Fitton’s perseverance resulted in the release of dozens of emails which are being termed “the smoking gun” showing that political motivations caused the regime to blame the attack on an obscure internet video and trot out then-U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice on five Sunday talk shows to repeat the lie to the American public.

A specific email from Deputy Strategic Communications Adviser Ben Rhodes to White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, several State Department personnel, Rice, White House advisers and communications individuals urged them to “portray Obama as ‘steady and statesmanlike‘” as the news of the attack entered the mainstream news cycle.

Fox News Military Analyst Col. David Hunt appeared as a guest after Fitton and said that Obama “never gave the order” for military intervention to be staged, but Hunt said that the four Americans killed could have been saved.  “We were never given the chance” to mount a rescue operation, Hunt said.

Pirro also claimed that the White House might have “altered documents” to hide the truth from the public about aspects of the Benghazi attack which could have been damaging to Obama politically.

Obama was first elected president on a platform of “hope and change.”

Writing for The New York Post, Kenneth Timmerman stated earlier on Saturday that “Benghazi is the scandal they always denied it was.

On Friday, Speaker of the House John Boehner, who was roundly criticized by many for hesitating to approve a Select Committee to investigate the events surrounding the Benghazi attack, announced that a House vote had been held and opted to form the committee to be chaired by Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC4), a former federal prosecutor known as having “taken no prisoners.”

Gowdy has stated that he has “proof” that the regime has engaged in “a systematic, intentional decision to withhold certain documents from Congress”relating to the Benghazi attack.

On Wednesday evening, former White House national security spokesman Tommy Vietor told fox News anchor Bret Baier that Obama was not present in “the Situation Rom” as video and other information came in from a circling drone overhead the Benghazi attack zone.  Neither Obama nor anyone else in the regime has stated where Obama was that evening.
Last May, CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.) declared Obama guilty of dereliction of duty, stating that the president and commander-in-chief is expected to “be on watch” at all times, regardless of the circumstances.  On March 17, 2009, Fitzpatrick accused Obama of treason in a formal criminal complaint to the FBI, U.S. attorney for his district, and with the U.S. District Court in Washington, DC, none of whom took action.  “We’ve been talking about treason for a long time,” Fitzpatrick said in last year’s report.

A researcher interviewed by The Post & Email last month has reported that evidence she has gathered shows that Obama was likely in the White House, as Vietor contended, but attending a fundraiser in the West Wing.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz told Pirro that he believes that there are “different redactions” between documents shown to Congress and provided to Judicial Watch as a result of its lawsuit.

Chaffetz stated that Rep. Darrell Issa, chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, has subpoenaed Secretary of State John Kerry for the original documents in question.

Pirro suggested that “a real prosecutor” should be procured who will not allow officials to “dance” under questioning.

Regarding altered documents, the long-form birth certificate posted on the White House website was declared a “computer-generated forgery” more than two years ago, but the media failed to investigate or report it over the airwaves. The Maricopa County Cold Case Posse has been attempting to convince Congress to open its own investigation, but to the public’s knowledge, it has not been done.

For the last five years, anyone questioning Obama’s legitimacy, allegiance, life narrative, birthplace, missing documentation or truthfulness was labeled “racist,” “birther,” “seditionist,” or “traitor,” among other things.  Researchers and journalists investigating the questions surrounding Obama’s background have been threatened, harassed, had their websites and emails hacked, and received threats to their careers and, in some cases, their lives.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has discovered that at least several Obama paid operatives are employed at DARPA, a division of the Department of Defense.  Arpaio is expected to give a press conference in the near future to release “universe-shattering” information.

Mike Volin of WheresObamasBirthCertificate.com has reported that several congressmen are “on board” with the concept of publicizing the birth certificate forgery and that of Obama’s purported Selective Service registration form which the posse also analyzed and declared fraudulent.

Some are still defending the Obama regime’s response to the Benghazi attack by stating that Ben Rhodes’ email simply affirmed the CIA’s stated “talking points” about how the attack occurred.

At 10:10 p.m., following Pirro’s broadcast, The Post & Email sent the following tweet to Pirro:

The Post & Email knows that two “Sheriff’s Kits” detailing the results of the Cold Case Posse’s investigation have been mailed to Pirro.


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  1. What about Nancy Princess Pelosi and Joe Shotgun Biden falsifying Obama’s 2008 vetting papers to 50 states when he was NOT CONSTITUTIONALLY ELIGIBLE as a “Dual Citizen” under Article 2 requirements for POTUS?

  2. To Mr. Laity, Cdr. Fitzpatrick has already stated that you cannot impeach an illegal POTUS! That would have to be done ASSUMING he is LEGAL as POTUS! Order the papers released from Perkins Coie DNC Law Firm in Seattle that we have paid over $4 million to as they are using a POTUS Protection Clause to use taxpayer’s money to keep his papers hidden from the public. You will eventually find the Malcolm X was the father and Elizabeth Ann Newman of Weather Underground fame was the mother. She bombed the Washington Navy Yard Computer Building in 1969 with Ayers, whose family paid for much of Obama’s college as he returned from Hawaii applying for a “foreign student scholarship” since he is a “dual citizen” from his 8 years of attendance at Jakarta’s Muslim Boy Prep School. The DNC set him up as a “made man” since his birth in Kenya at Coast Province General Hospital. We had the original Long Form COB posted on line several years ago but no one paid any attention to it. The foxes have been in “the hen house” for over 5 years. It’s going to interesting to see Congress when they open the door and find no chickens. “A day late and a dollar short” doesn’t even touch on how bad this is. Many of us have tried to contact people in authority which has fallen on deaf ears while people were trying to protect their “positions”. Rome is burning while people adjust their ties in the A/C sitting in DC. I can only hope Trey Gowdy will get moving with the information he has, soon, he will have a lot more.

  3. Judge Pirro is a nice woman but she is no longer on the “judge” payroll. There is not one judge in the U.S. that has allowed Discovery on any Criminal Presentment in the U.S. against anyone in the DNC for over 5 years now. From what we know, Hillary was involved in threatening the judicial and their families. This is something to consider as nothing is beyond the “Clintons” in any way. Bill was up to 59 murders since his college escapades and he and Hillary were big “swingers” at one of the Country Clubs in Arkansas as we know people who lived there and knew about their lifestyles. A man we know who owned a restaurant in Arkansas used to see Vince Foster and Hillary there constantly kissing and slobbering for all to see. She is trying to put on her Nun’s outfit but she is not the virgin many think she is. Now the “blond bomshell” look is already overused with Hillary’s latest attempt wipe the slate clean for the next election. The Clinton’s have been very hidden behind the scenes along with Axelrod and other DNC Operatives who are working viciously to keep DNC numbers up. Many believe Obama is legal by COB Art.2 with the father as Malcolm X and Elizabeth Ann Newman the mother being an ex-Weather Underground bomber with Bill Ayers. Where he is illegal is by “dual citizenship” since he was required to become an Indonesian citizen required by Indonesian Law as an adopted student child of Soetoro. What we need is to get Congress to demand Obama’s papers from Perkins Coie DNC Law Firm in Seattle that taxpayer’s have paid over $4 million dollars under a POTUS Protection Clause, keeping the American public in the dark about Obama’s true past. He was a made man since the mother had an affair with Malcolm X before he was gunned down by Farakhan in the Bronx. We have big problems with over 6 Veterans being illegally arrested and imprisoned by Obama and his Operatives have called all Veterans “Sovereign Terrorists” creating FBI training films against American Veterans. Many of us are sick from trying to tell all the ignorant people about what is and has been happening. Soon, in an “after the fact” society, people will freak when they realize what has been done to them and their children and their elderly parents. We are already seeing it with the report on the recent VA reports that employees were deleting Veterans files in California and Arizona has already killed 40 American Veterans trying to look good for VA Inspections and not wanting to look “backlogged”. Little did many Veterans know that the war that was unseen was the battle to survive Democrats hungry for money, power and promotions and that they would be fighting a divided government by these types of sick people with one track minds. Now, we wait for prosecutions that may never come.

  4. I share Dr. Edwin Vieira’s contention that Obama’s impeachment would be inappropriate due to the fact that Obama is NOT the bona-fides President. Obama can be arrested on a warrant by any DC Law enforcement official and tried in the USDC in DC. Furthermore,usurpation is covered by the DC Code. This was confirmed to me by a USDC Magistrate from the WDNY, Leslie Foschio. To this end I am offering TEN Thousand dollars to the first person who provides information which leads to the arrest and conviction of Barack Obama for usurpation of the Presidency, by fraud, during time of war.