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(Apr. 30, 2014) — It’s starting, and the Phoenix VA is just one of many government institutions that are exempt from accountability of shoddy and immoral/illegal practices. There’s no oversight, and if there is oversight, it’s either in-house or by a another government department that shares the same questionable way of doing things: fleece the system for all that you can get away with. So the DOJ investigates the IRS; the IRS investigates the NSA; the IRS audits the Federal Reserve Bank; Judges review themselves; the police give awards for “Community Service” to their own; the Department of Homeland Security gives itself high marks on deporting illegal immigrants; and Congress turns a blind eye to it all, including policing their own members that would land you and me in jail, but for them it’s really not worth mentioning since a “slap on the wrist” is, in actuality, meaningless.

The VA hospital in Nashville, TN is just another government mistake that pays bonuses to rats fleeing a sinking ship. In all honesty, if a private company were in debt, no matter how much, what are the chances of bonuses being paid at the expense of the stockholders receiving a dividend? What if the business was in debt to the tune of more than 17 trillion dollars, would you think that some cost-cutting measures would be required?

Don’t we see what’s happening, all around us, every day? Lois Lerner, a government employee, takes the 5th Amendment because she, quite obviously, was operating outside of her defined scope of her administrative duties by deliberately targeting American citizens who advocated responsible spending and accountability of our tax dollars.

The United States government is having a nationwide garage sale:  land, businesses, Treasury Bills, gold.  Any and all of our natural resources are going to anyone who can pay, irrespective of their political persuasion; specifically, but not limited to, the Chinese.

The US government, meaning, of course this Administration and the employees of the government, has been systematically dismantling the United States piece by piece, day by day.

One could cite many examples, but the most egregious one would be the decline of our military from a time-honored institution to nothing more than a mindless, self-sacrificing, meaningless example of fools blindly following a Pied Piper leading them astray of their Oath to the Constitution, having been replaced with an oath to follow an usurper de facto Muslim-Cheap-Suit-Long-Legged-Mack-Daddy-Major-Embarrassment for the USA president: Obama, or whatever his name is; we don’t know ’cause he’s not telling. Has he ever showed his Birth Certificate? And the military still follows orders from the bum, which goes to show you what side the Chiefs of Staff is on. It’s not our side, is it? NOT the side of the Constitution vs. the systematic changing our country into a Third World Muslim cesspool.

In a private enterprise, Lois Lerner would be behind bars, as should every member of this Administration and THOUSANDS of government employees who have trashed their Oath to defend and protect the Constitution, replaced with stealing and double dealing, selling their country for pieces of silver.

One question: where were our so-called brave troops while LTC Terry Lakin sat in prison? Where are any of our brave troops today, while America is being sold out from under our feet to people who have no responsibility to our Constitution, starting with our de facto joke of a president? Where are they? How come LTC Terry Lakin had to go it alone? Why wasn’t each and every member of the military up in arms over his so-called commander-in chief refusing to show proof that he is Constitutionally qualified to hold the job of a government employee? How come?

VA & Obamacare Death Panels are one and the same; they share the same systematic symptoms of rats fleeing the sinking Ship of State. Nothing but rats. Rats.

Semper Fi,


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  1. Native Americans on “reservations” have been dying for lack of medical care for generations. The Lakota on Pine Ridge lack potable water and heat, many freeze to death each winter and only get three weeks of “clinic” each month until the budget runs out. This is fedgov’s nationalized medicine in action and was, perhaps, the forerunner of VAMC medical care.
    The VA medical care is now “catching up” to what the Bureau of Indian Affairs has been dishing out to the Native folks for decades. It makes sense, if one studies history and believes it, that veterans are now dying under VAMC/nationalized “health” care.
    The death panels are already built in to ACA/obmacare. Many other VA “innovations” are built into the ACA, as well.
    Do you believe history or do you have your head in the sand?
    Do you think doing the same thing over and over(BIA health care, VA health care) and expecting different results (with ACA)is NOT a mark of insanity?