Church of Wells – Curse the ‘Saints of Christ,’ REALLY?


by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2014

What does the Church of Wells teach about Jesus Christ?

(Apr. 30, 2014) — Apparently to many of the Church of Wells supporters and elders I am cursed because I ‘curse’ the saints of Christ.  I am indeed judged by God as a murderer.  There is just no justice in America, because here I am walking around free as a murderer.  Others have exposed the worldly trollop I am because they studied my show website and saw my promo pictures…evil, I tell you.  Though fully clothed and smiling for the camera in several poses, I will confess to the enlightened ones at Church of Wells, that I did comb and spray my hair for the photo and freshened my makeup.  I know, I am from the pit and I will burn — loose hussy — murderer and cursed of God.  Matthew had this ‘prophetic’ word for me and I thank him.

Dr. Laurie Roth,

Do you understand that you are cursing yourself every time you lift up your tongue to curse the saints of Christ?

Please understand – if you continue lifting up your tongue against the church of Wells, you are being judged by God to be a murderer.

I beg you to please read my previous email again, that you may ask The LORD to give you ears to hear what you are doing is wrong and that you obey His call to repent of this murderous slander against the Elders at The Church of Wells.

Please I warn you in the love of Christ, as a loving father would warn his daughter of great danger. Please repent.  I pray that you greatly fear at this warning!

The fear of The Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

The fear of the Lord is to depart from all iniquity

I pray God blesses you with grace (unmerited favor) that you may find it in your heart to repent of this wickedness, and in doing so He would grant you forgiveness and He would give you ears to hear, eyes to see and a heart to understand.

Matthew Bagnall

Matthew is most correct. The Holy Bible and the Lord warns us about slandering and cursing the ‘saints’ of God and those who really serve the Lord Jesus in truth. However, the Bible also in many places tells us to submit all actions, words and teachings by any Pastor or Christian leader to what the Bible actually says, not what any self-appointed leader or ‘Pastor’ is teaching on his own. The Bible certainly talks about cursing. It plainly states that if anyone adds anything to the message of Christ and the Bible or changes any of the truth in the Holy Bible and preaches lies instead, they are the ones who are cursed.

As I reflect back over the last several months of interviews with victims and witnesses who have observed up close and personal the REAL legacy of church elders and theology, here is what I have found. Many have reported to me seeing various elders barking like dogs, as a demon would do.  Elders have repeatedly called down death curses from God upon parents and other visitors in town trying to see their kids or contact a friend. Isn’t that Pastor-like? An ex-girlfriend of one of the elders had a death curse put on her if she wouldn’t turn over her child to him to take back to the cult. Though he was the sperm donor, had no legal or parental authority over her boy whatsoever, he still made threatening demands.  This Godly move got him arrested. He must have felt so powerful when he announced that he was told the hour and day of her death at the hands of God himself. Wow! Let’s have a moment of silence.

Then there are the people who barely survived the enlightened and very locked ‘prayer closet.’ One survivor was put in one early on as they were breaking his will and personality down as all traffickers and cults do. He was denied food and water for three days. Apparently, the enlightened ones don’t know or don’t care that this can actually kill people, no food or water for several days.  Why mess things up with the facts, though? The elders pushing this locked-in-a-box or closet experience is exactly what dangerous traffickers and pimps do. They break down the personality and will to nothing, then rebuild the person back up with the new and very submissive, cult personality who will do anything that is demanded.

There is the evil distortion and lie-fest about separating from one’s family, work, money, and choice of a mate, culture and church.  This teaching is bastardized with hunt-and-peck scriptures taken completely out of context so the ‘scripture-attacked’ seeking member believes now that everything in his life is an idol and all is to be separated from, except, magically, the elders at Church of Wells.

Apparently, the anointed ones, (I am never to criticize) also manage the new member’s sex life, dating life and marriage plans, once again, inventing scripture and a new, improved message of Christ that has zero to do with Jesus.

Finally, it appears that the ‘anointed’ elders, also in a quite greedy and evil fashion, seem to manipulate away, or seduce away nearly all of the member’s money, assets and savings. You know…for the good of the group, namely, the elders. Why do the work-assigned naïve members work for ridiculously low wages that a 6th grader wouldn’t work for? Yes, I know about that also. This is not only NOT scriptural but seems rather criminal to me. Let’s see, breaking people down, taking their savings and assets, then assigning them mates and having them work for peanuts??? 

So many things in nature and life have a sound, crashing waves at the ocean, birds singing as they fly by, and Church of Wells has the clear sound of a dangerous and evil cult with the soaring cadence of a criminal enterprise. 

Church of Wells elders use scripture as Satan does to learn about their enemy, Christ Jesus.  They strike with their arrogant and Christian martyr sermons, then posses their followers with torment, fear of judgment and hell. The Elders are seduced by the power they feel as they look at the victimized and lost members listening to their every word with every sermon they preach.  They have become gods and they like it.

Real ministers of the gospel don’t deny the truth of John 3:16, 17 and 18 as Church of Wells elders do, as reported to me by one of the local pastors who talked with elders directly on this subject. Real ministers of the Gospel reflect Jesus’s love and His teachings, not their own invented and contorted sermons to trap people in their web. Real ministers of Christ teach love, grace, joy and togetherness, not separateness from family and the world. Jesus calls us to draw people in the world to Him through love, not judgment and threats of hell.

Those caught in the web at Church of Wells, come out from among them.  They have caught, threatened and seduced you into staying there.  You now are being groomed away from everyone you have loved and the real Jesus Christ.  Get up and leave.  Email or call for help and someone will come and get you out.  Jesus IS waiting for you on the other side, not Satan and hell.  Move it before it is too late!

Email:   Or call and leave a message at: 206-984-6859    Phil: 4: 13   ‘I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.’

One Response to "Church of Wells – Curse the ‘Saints of Christ,’ REALLY?"

  1. Sidesaddle   Wednesday, April 30, 2014 at 11:39 AM

    Thank you Laurie for continuing to turn the spot light on this cult.

    Please send the following to Mr. Bagnall.

    The Marks of a True Shepherd
    How diligently should they scrutinize their motives, who think of entering the ministry; for thousands have abused this Divine institution through love of ease, desire for authority and reputation, or love of money – and brought upon themselves “greater damnation” (James 3:1).

    Thousands have invaded the pastoral office in an unauthorized manner, to fleece sheep rather than feed them, robbing Christ of His honor and starving His people.

    Solemn beyond words is it to observe how sternly our Lord denounced these false shepherds of His day (Matthew 23). As [one man] rightly said, “Nothing seemed so offensive to Christ as a false teacher of religion, a false prophet, or a false shepherd. Nothing ought to be so much feared by the Church, be so plainly rebuked, opposed and exposed.”

    What are the marks of a true shepherd, how are God’s people to identify those called and qualified by Him to minister unto His people?

    First, the genuine pastor has the doctrine of Christ on his LIPS. The ministers of the new covenant are described as those who had “renounced the hidden things of dishonesty, not walking in craftiness.” Christendom today is infested with men who are full of deceit and hypocrisy, trimming their sails according to whatever direction the breeze of public opinion is blowing.

    We “have renounced the hidden things of dishonesty, not walking in craftiness, nor handling the word of God deceitfully” (2 Corinthians 4:2). The true servant of Christ holds back nothing which is profitable, no matter how unpalatable it may be unto his hearers. He is one who magnifies not himself, nor his denomination, but Christ – His wondrous Person, His atoning blood, His exacting claims.

    Second, the genuine pastor has the Spirit of Christ in his HEART. It is the Spirit who opens to him the mysteries of the Gospel, so that he is “the faithful and wise servant” (Matthew 24:45). It is the Spirit of Christ who gives him a love for His sheep, so that it is his greatest delight to lead them into the green pastures of His Word. It is the Spirit of Christ who enables him to use “great boldness of speech” (2 Corinthians 3:12), so that he shuns not to declare all the counsel of God. It is the Spirit of Christ who makes him to be “prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage with great patience and careful instruction” (2 Timothy 4:2). It is the Spirit of Christ who gives efficacy to his ministry, making it fruitful according to the sovereign pleasure of God.

    Third, the genuine pastor has the example of Christ in his LIFE, which is a conforming of him to the image of his Master. It is true, sadly true, that there is not one of them who does not fall far short both of the inward and outward image of Christ. Yet there are some faint tracings of His image visible in all His true servants. The image of Christ is seen in their words, spirit, actions; otherwise we have no warrant to receive them as God’s servants.

    Find a man (no easy task today!) who has the doctrine of Christ on his lips, the Spirit of Christ in his heart, and the example of Christ in his life–and you find one of His genuine ministers–all others are but “thieves and robbers.”

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