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by Sharon Rondeau

(Apr. 29, 2014) — Carl Gallups of “Freedom Friday” has just issued a new audio recording containing the “latest” information on an upcoming press conference as relayed from Maricopa County AZ Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo.

Gallups explained that the audio was recorded on Monday evening after he acquired the information from Zullo in a telephone conversation.  Gallups is not an official spokesperson for the investigation but said he has permission to issue today’s statements, which will be used on the “Bill Martinez Live” radio show from California.

Zullo has led the Cold Case Posse’s investigation into Obama’s Selective Service registration form and long-form birth certificate, which concluded that both documents are “computer-generated forgeries.”  Gallups reminded the listeners that a second criminal investigation was launched by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio which has gathered a significant amount of unexpected results.

Gallups said that the amount of information is “an astounding pile of evidence” which Zullo is personally anxious to release, but that all of it must be “verified.” He reported that Zullo said that the new evidence is “beyond description,” “beyond universe-shattering,” and history-making.

Several months ago, Zullo announced that Arpaio would hold a press conference on his investigation, hopefully by the end of March, but Gallups explained that it was delayed because more information continued to be made available to Arpaio.

“The evidence that they’re going to present is going to be so overwhelming that I believe something legal will have to happen…it will have to happen…” Gallups said.  He reported that Zullo said that when the information is released, Americans will judge that it was worth waiting for.

“It’s not going to happen until it’s ready,” Gallups said.  “There are legal loopholes to jump through, legal logistics to take care of.”  He quoted Zullo as having said, “It will happen sooner rather than later.”

Many have criticized Zullo and Arpaio for promising results and not delivering.  However, mainstream radio stations have begun to disseminate the posse’s updates, including the much-anticipated Arpaio presser.

Gallups hosts “Freedom Friday” and broadcasts on the PPSimmons News & Ministry Network, the latter of which has been designated as the first to know of the press conference dates when they have been set.





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  1. This is great to here P&E. Outraged is what the public should be with the lawless intentions of nefarious unscrupulous intentions to dis honor the Office of the Presidency. Everyone should understand the punch in the face this is to our Republic! Assault of the cruelest type upon our history and our honor.

    I hope Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity end up bawling their guts out w shame along with every member of Congress.
    I also hope there will be a recall and impeachment hearing set up for the United States Supreme Court who have totally denied their responsibility in front of their piers and colleagues.
    If they think their appointments for life include treason let them out in th h arena on an American Bull.

    Cody Robert Judy