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by Sharon Rondeau

A video reiterating the findings of forgery of Obama’s long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration form announced that “universe-shattering” information will be released shortly by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office

(Apr. 23, 2014) — On Tuesday afternoon, WheresObamasBirthCertificate.com founder Mike Volin was a guest on the Chris Baker show on KFAB in Omaha, NE discussing Obama’s fraudulent birth certificate and Selective Service registration form and the anticipated presser to be given by Sheriff Joe Arpaio on a separate investigation his office has conducted for an unspecified amount of time.

A podcast of the show is here.  Volin told The Post & Email that KFAB reaches listeners as far away from Omaha as Chicago and Texas.

Volin has also appeared on Carl Gallups’ “Freedom Friday” radio show; the Peter Boyles Show on KNUS in Denver, CO; and on The Manning Report with Dr. James David Manning, all of whom have been reporting vigorously on the Obama birth certificate/identity question.

Volin himself hosts a radio show on an as-needed basis, is a business owner and licensed aviator.

Obama’s purported documents were declared “computer-generated forgeries” by the Maricopa County, AZ Cold Case Posse on March 1, 2012.  In early February of this year, lead investigator Mike Zullo announced that Arpaio had launched a second criminal investigation following the posse’s more than two-year probe, which is still continuing.

At the opening of Volin’s appearance on the show, Baker speculated that interest in the forgeries was waning.

Volin responded that he and others began their investigations in 2008 because Obama had limited political experience and his background was shrouded.  “We developed a staff – WheresObamasBirthCertificate.com.  That was to circumvent the mainstream media who did not, and still today, does not want to hear anything about this information,” Volin said.

He then explained that the posse became involved after members of a Tea Party group asked Arpaio to investigate the birth certificate image which had been posted on the White House website on April 27, 2011.

“Everything is a mistake about this man,” Volin told Baker.

Baker said he had been aware of the reports of forgery with Obama’s birth certificate but not the Selective Service registration form.  Volin explained how the posse had determined that the form was a forgery, which is contained in a presentation captured on the “Sheriff’s Kits” Volin has produced to inform members of the public and elected officials about the crime of forgery committed on Obama’s behalf.

Obama raised the matter of his birth certificate when addressing Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, which Baker said spurred him to look at the matter again.  “Since the president brought it up…” Baker said more than once during the broadcast.

Baker then called for “skeptics” to call in to the show to challenge Volin’s statements.

Volin does not believe that Barack Hussein Obama Sr. is Obama’s biological father.  He explained to The Post & Email that while it is speculation on his part, he sees no resemblance between the man in the White House and the Kenyan man of the same name, while Obama’s alleged brother George “looks just like him.”  Later in the show, Volin also expressed doubt that Stanley Ann Dunham is Obama’s mother.

During the interview, Volin stated that “there is no birth certificate in Hawaii.”  The Post & Email asked Volin if he knew that for a fact, to which he replied, “I don’t know, but there’s a forged birth certificate that was presented That’s the only thing we have to work with.  Where is the birth certificate?  If that’s what they’ve put forward, then there’s no birth certificate.  If there is a birth certificate, it lists somebody else as his father and mother.”

Volin had told Baker of Zullo’s statement that members of the media were threatened (3:25) if they considered reporting on the questions about Obama’s documentation.  “If you noticed, when I told Chris Baker that Hannity had pulled the plug that night, he was shocked.  Then he said, ‘Well, he was threatened?’ and I said, “No, not Hannity himself, but you can hear Mike (Zullo) say that news execs were threatened with their careers,” Volin told us.  “And you heard Chris Baker say he was going to call Hannity.”

When a caller said that Obama’s birth certificate number appeared to be out of order, Volin said, “The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office spent months in Hawaii.  His (Obama’s) numbers don’t add up…they just don’t match,” to which Baker responded, “My mind is spinning…From your investigation, who do you think is pushing this deal…?”

Volin speculated that George Soros could be steering the fraud after having ruined the currencies of several European countries.  He also stated that “Hawaii is complicit with this,” explaining how the late Loretta Fuddy came to be nominated and confirmed as Hawaii Health Department Director.  “It all leads back to Hawaii,” Volin said.

During the last segment of the show, Baker asked Volin about the contents of the Sheriff’s Kits.  Volin explained why they were produced.  “We went to Congress,” Volin said, referencing his trip last November with a group of volunteers to distribute the kits to members of Congress.  “Look at all the pictures on my webiste; there are two pages of presentations.”

Most congressmen whose staffers were given kits will not acknowledge knowing about the issue or have refused to answer inquiries.  To the public’s knowledge, a formal congressional investigation into the forgeries has not been launched, although Rep. Cory Gardner’s office acknowledged that Gardner has met with a private investigator.

Volin also disclosed that there is a group of congressmen “who I communicate with almost on a regular basis who are ready, who want to do something, but over the past several months…I put them on hold. ‘Wait, just hold on; wait for the universe-shattering information to come out, and then we’ll go back, and they’re going to do their job…” Volin said he told the congressmen.

Also referenced during the show was a video released on March 26 heralding the Arpaio investigation and press conference.  When he understood that Arpaio would be giving the press conference, Baker exclaimed that Arpaio’s credibility is high.

Toward the end of the interview, Volin mentioned BirtherReport.com and The Post & Email as websites which carry daily news about the birth certificate investigation.  Baker commented on the fact that Volin posts a public phone number on his website and answers every call personally, which takes hours of his time each day.

Volin told The Post & Email that since the interview with Baker, “My phone has been ringing off the hook with people wanting to know what they can do.”  He reported that while some already had sheriff”s kits, “a lot of them were new and were not aware of all the information.”

On Tuesday, Obama announced that his new White House Counsel is Neil Eggleston, who has “extensive experience representing government officials in congressional and criminal investigations,” according to The New York Times.

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  1. How about his “dual citizenship”, using another persons social security number (e-verify), high treason, perjury, election fraud, murder, falsification of DNC vetting papers by Pelosi and Biden just to name a few! How about America’s inability to remove criminals from office while in power, legally or not? The desire for paychecks is greater than the value or our Constitution. Why aren’t we demanding the DNC Law Firm in Seattle that is working with Axelrod be forced to release Obama’s papers that have been held there at a cost of over $4 million dollars to the firm through a POTUS protection clause? Don’t forget the $35 million dollar retirement mansion in Hawaii that the DNC have waiting for Mr. O that Pritzker his finance babe paid half on to help the man child out with pocket change? How about the 5 Veterans the have been illegally arrested and imprisoned by Obama and thugs to keep them quiet for standing up for the Constitution? Where is the “press” coverage? I have sent dozens of emails to “FOX Fair And Balanced” and never had ANY response at any time? They say they stand up for Veterans? Where have they been? With all the hero’s there at FOX you would think by now after 5 years would have at least given them a five minute story? Don’t hold your breath, their paychecks are getting bigger while Veterans rot away. Who are the real criminals or cowards here? Fair and Balanced sounds more like advertising revenue. Sounds like someone needs new program directors.

  2. There is a rumored report that Chief Justice Roberts has “signed off” on Obama’s arrest by Interpol for Treason. That coupled with the hiring,by Obama, of a criminal attorney makes for some interesting conjecture.

  3. In regards to TV PEOPLE like Hannity and FOX producers being threatened— I think everyone should realize how REAL AND DEADLY such threats can be. Recall back to the 2008 DNC CONVENTION to nominate the Kenyan for POTUS. Two long term, very experienced Hillary Clinton political strategists ( Bill or Phil Gwalteny and a female name escapes me ) were inthe process of assembling the required signatures and “justification report” to call for a FLOOR FIGHT right there at the convention to challenge the reported count of Obama delegates. ( it appears it is easy to lie and steal delegates at caucases like Iowa, etc.). Well, surprise surprise– both Gwaltney and then the female Clinton supporter were both murdered i within 3 weeks of the convention. Then there was a whisper threat that Clintons daughter was next, if Clinton challenged Obama. Hillary Clinton, the original birther, went away quietly and shut her mouth for 7 years now. The list goes on into the 25 plus range of murdered people who threatened the king of Kenya. Available on other sites.