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by OPOVV, ©2014

They were “just following orders”

(Apr. 21, 2014) — There was once upon a time when, if Harry Reid (or anyone) said something as stupid as to label the supporters of Bundy as being “domestic terrorists,” he’d immediately been taken outside and tarred and feathered, or worse. There was once a time in America when people the likes of Nancy Pelosi were caught ranting and raving and making absolutely no sense would have been tackled to the ground, strapped into a “white coat,” and carted off to the nearest nut-house, never to be seen nor heard from again, to the immense relief and betterment of America and the human race at large.

So what happened? What transpired in America to have allowed what once would have been clear acts of “total disconnect from reality” to be accepted as somehow making some kind of warped sense, or maybe go so far as “normal” sense, if one could believe that the envelope of reason could have (even remotely) been able to have been stretched so far? Public statements that should have made the sirens scream, lights flash, people stampeding to safety, far away from the source, the speaker in the radio or television set, perhaps sign up for the next moon shot, somewhere where they could never hear again such idiotic phrases as “You can keep your doctor,” “Have to pass it to see what’s in it,” and “Domestic terrorism.”

Unfortunately, you and I aren’t so lucky to have the luxury to hire a hypnotist to clear our memory of pure evil, for evil is what it is; there’s just no way around it. These people, Obama, Pelosi, Reid, aren’t your neighbors, for if they were, you’d start with a hedge, then progress to a fence, then a wall, then a moat, at first filled with just water, but eventually you break the law and stock it with, at first, piranhas and alligators and end up replacing the fresh water with salt water so you could stock your moat with giant ocean-going salt water crocodiles, the smallest being twenty feet in length, just in order to protect yourself from a knock on your door: “Mind if I borrow a cup of sugar?”

Yes, I mind. I mind that my country has been taken over by the enemy, but no one else seems to see it except my editor and a few die-hard realists, our readers, a small group of patriots such as yourself, excluding, of course, you government spies that are reading this because you’re told to rather than spend your time productively keeping our country safe from the likes of Obama, Pelosi and Reid, Muslim-lovers and those bent on giving illegal immigrants a free ride. Here’s a bit of advice: there isn’t anything free: there’s always a price, except love. And if you think for one instant that trashing the Constitution, abusing the 1st and 4th Amendments, going after the 2nd Amendment, allowing Muslims and illegal immigrants to be within our borders, is an act of “love” for the USA, then we have a serious problem.

This problem is so serious, in fact, that calmly pointing out the deficiencies and defects in Socialism, why it’s wrong to allow people who want to kill us in our country; to welcome parasites (illegal immigrants); and embracing those who would “fundamentally transform” America, IS OVER.

I don’t have a real crystal ball, but I’ve a figurative one, and as I gaze into my “figurative” crystal ball I see government employees and Obots running around in circles, pulling their hair out, mumbling such nonsense as “We didn’t know” and “We were only following orders.” And I see you, standing next to me, and millions more just like us, looking down at the sniveling mass of protoplasm, for what, truly, is a human without reason, compassion, empathy, or love?

Committing adultery in a marriage kills the union, for once trust is broken, it’s broken. Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the Obots have broken their covenant with you and me and with our Constitution: with America. We’re still connected, but they’ve been DISCONNECTED.


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  1. What an excellent piece you have written! Thank you. If only it could be forwarded to those Americans who are trying to ignore what harm the Obama administration is doing to our country.

    I believe this article could convert a lot of “obots.”
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I’m sure OPOVV would not mind if you did so. Editorials can be freely circulated; if reposted, please retain the original author’s name and a link back to The Post & Email or the author’s website, if there is one.

  2. You hit a home run with this one, thank you!

    I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out if we have been promoted or demoted?

    We are “racist” if we are against the Narcissist-in-chief,non-vetted, usurper, card carrying Muslim, Resident sitting in our White House.

    We are “domestic terrorists” if we believe in the Constitution and our pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.

    Strange to say the least! They imprison a border agent for shooting an illegal drug mule in the butt, then they send a Swat team to a ranch in Nevada….boggles the mind!
    Yes, Disconnected is a nice word.

    1. My prayers go before you.

      BTW, you made me laugh with your Dorothy and red shoes comment.

      Years ago I posted the same thing on CFP. “Dorothy, you can take your red shoes off now. We aren’t in Kansas anymore. It starts with a K, I do believe it’s Kenya.”

      Keep the faith!