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by Sharon Rondeau

The Nevada legislature created Clark County from a portion of Lincoln County in 1909

(Apr. 21, 2014) — While listening to the Friday podcast of KrisAnne Hall’s “Liberty First” radio show on which Sheriff Richard Mack was a guest, The Post & Email learned that it had mistakenly reported on April 15 that Clark County, NV Sheriff Douglas Gillespie would seek re-election in November.

Mack was correct when he stated that Gillespie is not running again, although Gillespie’s announcement was made last fall, before the Bundy family‘s dispute with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) became front-and-center national and international news over the last two weeks.

Gillespie, originally from midstate New York, will have served two terms as Clark County Sheriff when his term ends in January, having been employed in various capacities at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) for more than three decades.  The LVMPD falls under the purview of the Clark County sheriff and, according to sheriff candidate Gordon Martines, suffers from low morale, corruption, “mismanagement, lack of morals and principles, greed, avarice, dishonesty, nepotism, and a hidden organized crime infiltration, that has slowly occurred over the years and has spread like a virus and cancer.”

Rancher Cliven Bundy expressed frustration with Gillespie for not calling upon BLM and other armed federal agents to “disarm.”  Bundy described the supporters who flocked to his ranch prior to the cancellation of the BLM’s roundup of his cattle for allegedly grazing in “trespass” areas as having “finished the job” which Gillespie and Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval had failed to do.

Bundy claims that the land on which his cattle graze has been utilized by his forebears since 1877 and belongs to the State of Nevada.  The BLM, however, claims the land to be under its management on behalf of the U.S. government.

The BLM is planning on taking over the “management” of 90,000 acres bordering Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas in the Red River area on which ranchers whose families have homesteaded there pay taxes and possess title deeds.

Mack severely criticized Gillespie both in his interview with Hall and during the standoff which ended on April 12 with BLM agents releasing the impounded cattle and leaving the disputed area to the cheers of hundreds of mounted cowboys and other observers.

Some supporters have remained at the Bundy ranch to provide protection, and Mack said his sources have reported that “a raid” on the ranch is being planned by federal agents.

On Monday, reports of “two prize bulls” and as many as 40 head of cattle having been euthanized or otherwise killed circulated on the internet, with the Bundy Ranch Facebook page operated by a Bundy daughter confirming that an unknown number of cattle had been “ran to death or shot.”

Nevada Sen. Harry Reid (D) said the BLM made its retreat that the matter “is not over.”  He called the Bundy Ranch supporters “domestic terrorists,” as members of the Obama regime have done to anyone standing up against federal government overreach since 2009.

Since the confrontation was diffused, Reid has said in several interviews that Bundy does not pay “his taxes,” although he said the same thing about former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, which was totally false.

Radio show host Dana Loesch warned that Reid’s statements, which could be considered defamatory if false, are not protected by the immunity members of Congress enjoy while speaking from the floor of their respective chambers.

The FBI and other federal departments also use the term “sovereign citizen” to describe people standing up to government corruption, as in the cases of Darren Wesley Huff and Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III.  Veterans, opponents of illegal immigration; Americans who quote from the Bible and U.S. Supreme Court cases; and Second Amendment supporters are also considered “sovereign citizens,” who are viewed as “potential domestic terrorists” by the regime.

Mack is founder and president of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA).

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