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by OPOVV, ©2014

The Bill of Rights, containing the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution, was actually ratified before the Constitution to ensure that individual rights would be protected

(Apr. 15, 2014) — Foreign troops invading. The rule of law suspended. But if anyone wanted to make an argument for or against the Second Amendment, one couldn’t ask for a better example of the “Bundy Citizen Showdown against Obama’s Henchmen” that took place in the second week of April, 2014.

A dictator breaking every rule in the book, while the people who should know better keep quiet, some by choice, others by intimidation. Chicago politics on a nationwide scale, if you will. Now extrapolate the mindset of Chicago politics from city, to State, to Federal, and to global; then you get the blueprint for “The New World Order.”  To encapsulate “Chicago politics” would be to state that the dead cast ballots with expressed assistance and approval by those who count the votes.

Visualize the people of Ukraine being as well-armed as any American patriot who showed up, if not in person, then in spirit, at the Bundy ranch in Nevada. I doubt that the Russians would be where they are now if the Ukrainians were armed as Americans quite obviously are.

Imagining having to stoop so low as to use tortoises as a cover-up for the real reason to kick the ranchers off the land to make room for a solar energy farm.  There are absolutely no limits to which our government will not go to achieve desired results, including making dog food out of wild horse.

This “Common Core” education ploy is just another name for the Hitler/Nazi indoctrination of our young people who attend public school. There is no need to see if the “Pentagon Papers” are on the reading list, or any book by Franz Kafka, T.H. White, or, for that matter, the Bible.

The demarcation between a Socialist country and ours is becoming less clear the longer Obama stays as the de facto president. For all practical purposes, thanks to either the incompetence or the inability of the Attorney General, Eric Holder, the Constitution is becoming, or has become, a document that once had relevance but, in a lawless country, is just a worthless piece of paper. Sieg Heil, Obama.

The destruction of the private sector in the USA is an orchestrated maneuver to get as many people totally dependent on the government for existence. If the only jobs around are held by the government, then the government has the most input on what those jobs are. Those who are employed by the government are more likely to follow any order given to them for a number of reasons: the ability to procure food topping the list. Therefore, the chances of refusing any order given to them is near zero, irrespective of how outrageous and illegal the order may be. These government goons who showed up at the Bundy ranch in Nevada were just being used by the administration to follow illegal orders because, it turns out, these Federal Agents were, in reality, acting as agents of the Chinese government in setting the stage for a Chinese-owned solar power farm.

But it gets worse, since it’s our very own tax dollars which paid for these Federal goons to follow the orders to facilitate this Chinese expansion into our own country.

So what’s the difference between Nevada and the Crimea? Same ruthless mindless governments at work, I’d say.

In closing, the argument against the Second Amendment: there isn’t any.


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