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(Apr. 12, 2014) — Think of every campaign promise that OPOVV made as #1 TOP PRIORITY. Bring the troops home and let them clean out our nest of illegal immigrant squatters and Muslims. And once we clear our country of those undesirables, send our troops over to the home that once was lorded over by King George III and do the same for them. Then across the channel we go to clear Norway, Sweden and all of Europe of the same varmints; push the savages back into the Stone Age, or at least back to where Islam started its murderous rampage.

Every government worker hired since Obama became the de facto president should be fired. Abolish the IRS, the Department of Homeland Security and every government employee who works at the election boards and stayed mum about Obama’s name on the 2008 ballot and, especially, the ballot of 2012.

Replace EVERY law enforcement officer with a veteran, someone who has at least demonstrably lived the Oath and not given some meaningless lip service to it. Another advantage of hiring a veteran as your local law enforcement officer is that the likelihood of a veteran following an illegal order is a heck of a lot less than some affirmative action nitwit, exceptions excluded.

Say BON VPOYAGE to the United Nations, or the “Islam Admiration Society,” whichever you prefer.

The lame Republican Party is just that: lame. Their list of candidates (governors and all the rest) are just more of the same, year after year, accepting the Federal Reserve as “America’s Bank” when, in fact, the “Fed” is a privately-owned business of opportunity to steal money from the American taxpayer, and has been getting away with not being audited for the past 100 years. Abolish the Fed. Institute a national sales tax. There’s no rational reason why the United States has to be a debtor country. We have the power to have a surplus if we would only take advantage of the brains the Good Lord gave us.

English only, thank you for asking.

Picture ID for us all. No ID, can’t vote, or drive. NAFTA for Canada but not for Mexico.

Every woman, after successfully completing a weapons class, SHALL BE REQUIRED TO KEEP A LOADED GUN UPON HER PERSON (including on military posts).

Institute the draft. Bring back the WPA for those who are receiving “entitlements” (welfare).

Run our prison system after the model of Japan’s. No more corrupt wardens, guards or, for that matter, inmates. Military haircut, no “ink,” and toe the line, as in Boot Camp. Don’t behave? Try starving.

Bring back the honor of our country, where a “red line” has meaning, where the laws of the land are enforced, where the guys who are supposed to be on the side of “good” don’t take payoffs and bribes, and set the price of the drugs that are killing our country.

Believe it or not, there are some economists that believe that carrying debt is a good thing. These people live in denial; they are Obots; they are Socialists; they are irresponsible.

The solution is to have a tank on the White House lawn, preferably manned by our side. The result is to restore the Republic, bring back the Constitution as the law of the land, and make government employees accountable for their actions. It’s all just common sense.

There are two things to learn from this editorial: what is wrong can be put right, specifically the deportation of each and every illegal immigrant and Muslim; secondly, what has been destroyed and altered during the last five years can be fixed, with the abolition (repeal) of Obamacare to lead the list.

To follow in the footsteps of LTC Terry Lakin is an honorable thing to do; the fight for FREEDOM is an everlasting quest. Join the crusade: to start, support the Second Amendment by being armed.

If not me, then someone else. The longer we wait, the less chance of success. That’s just the way it is. Face it, drastic measures are required; anything less is just window-dressing. The clock is ticking, and the count-down is getting closer and closer until Iran has a nuclear device. What, pray tell, are we waiting for?


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