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by OPOVV, ©2014

Can America survive Obamacare, Lois Lerner, Eric Holder, daily violations of the Fourth Amendment, Obama’s forged documents and the enemies within? Or are they all the same?

(Apr. 11, 2014) — Lois Lerner and the climate of corruption: milking the system for all they can take, taking their cue from the politicians who, once they get a taste of wads of $100 bills mysteriously appearing out of nowhere, thereby offering proof that quantum physics is a reality in our nation’s capital, is on the list of possible subjects to try in the court of public opinion.

Eric Holder and the DOJ/FBI goons enforcing some laws, not enforcing others, and making the rest up as they go along. Let’s see now, do we want to prosecute identity theft, illegal immigration, fraud? No, they’ll let Obama slide; after all, they owe him their jobs, and the country can go to Hades.

LTC Terry Lakin comes to mind as a viable reason to convene a public court, to go after the bad guys and gals who railroaded an honorable man in a kangaroo military court-martial, with the Joint Chiefs of Staff watching over the whole sordid proceedings, taking directions from the White House, play-by-play, day-by-day, keeping the wolves away from the usurper Obama. How dare a citizen and a military man question the veracity of his Commander-in-Chief was the non-reporting of the mainstream media, even though the Birth Certificate(s) were proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, to be nothing but cheap carnival fakes.

If it wasn’t for Eric Snowden, we’d still be in the dark about the government’s insane quest to make the citizens the enemy, rather than stay focused on the real enemies of Freedom. It’s easier to chase phantom enemies than to confront real ones that shoot back; it’s more profitable to pretend to fight against made-up reasons than confront real problems; and it’s prudent (so goes “government-think”: every year the department must grow; budget increased) to decimate the patriots by disarming them by illogical means and/or by staging events to garner sympathy from the average misinformed and mentally-challenged voter (read ‘Obot’): in our case, the government stages, or cites, event after event, by blaming the weapon rather than the person.

Corruption, greed, violation of Fourth Amendment rights, and full frontal assault on the 2nd Amendment are all valid reasons to be concerned about, but that isn’t what’s on trial.

The government is bent on destroying the country by repeated violations of the Constitution. Forget Congress. They had a chance to speak up during the elections of 2008 and 2012 when Obama was never vetted. Forget the courts since they’ve ruled that none of us “has standing” to know whether the president is eligible to hold the office, which leaves the employees of the government as the enemy.  If it wasn’t obvious before, with the addition of C.A.I.R. and the Muslim Brotherhood operating freely within our country, Muslims in every part of the government, including the White House, it should, by now, be obvious to all that one of our arch-enemies is Islam.

But even then, Islam isn’t at the top of our list. No, what’s at the top of the list is ignorance, of turning a blind eye to the “honor killings,” the beheadings, the planes flying into buildings. We haven’t, even yet, abolished Obamacare, even while businesses are closing, people are losing insurance, they can’t keep their doctors, and there are hospital closings. Muslims killing our troops in Ft. Hood AND STILL WE HAVEN’T FIGURED IT OUT. THE PROBLEM STARTS WITH OBAMA.

What’s REALLY on trial? We are. Failing to getting rid of Obama will result in a “GUILTY” verdict while getting rid of Obama will at least give us a fighting chance. No less than the fate of Western Civilization is at stake.


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