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by Sharon Rondeau

Mark Gillar’s Twitter feed indicates that Sen. Ted Cruz is a follower.

(Apr. 6, 2014) — A video sent to The Post & Email from its creator, Mark Gillar, on December 9 of last year contains an addition which some, including this writer, might have missed.

The video was linked to Gillar’s Facebook page and titled “Coming Soon To A Courtroom Near You!” In a fast-moving textual montage lasting 22 seconds with dynamic background music, it presents the written statements, “Prosecutions are coming…We know who…We know why…And we know when…” and that “document fraud was committed.” 

The statements refer to the criminal investigation of the long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration form bearing the name “Barack Hussein Obama” carried out by the Maricopa County, AZ Cold Case Posse over the last 31 months. More than two years ago, the posse declared both documents to be “computer-generated forgeries.”

Gillar is host of the Tea Party Power Hour and has closely followed the Cold Case Posse’s investigation.  On Sunday, his Twitter feed was the topic of an article posted at BirtherReport.com, which included tweets stating, “Soon we will learn that those who have the responsibility of protecting us have instead betrayed us” and “This is the quiet before the political storm. Arpaio about to change America’s political landscape forever.”

Two months ago, Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo announced that Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio would be giving a press conference with “universe-shattering” information at some point in the spring.  At the time, Zullo reported that the sheriff was aiming to make the announcement in March but that it could be later based on several factors.

Gillar’s YouTube channel contains the same December 9 video, titledHow Many Will Go To Jail To Protect Obama?”  At its conclusion, Gillar added 12 seconds in which he depicts five men behind jail bars with blacked-out faces, wearing what appear to be tags identifying their employment within taxpayer-funded government entities.

The only identifiable man of the five stands in the middle and is unmistakably Barack Hussein Obama.  His tag contains a question mark, while the other men’s identifying tags read “SSS,” “Obots,” “HDOH,” and “USPS,” respectively.

“SSS” is presumably the Selective Service System; “Obots” are Obama sycophants who have trolled the internet, impersonated people, issued threats and made defamatory statements about those investigating Obama’s background; the “HDOH” is the “Hawaii Department of Health,” which apparently has participated in perpetrating a cover-up in regard to Obama’s birth records; and “USPS” is the United States Postal Service.

When The Post & Email received documentation from the Selective Service System in May 2010 after making a FOIA request for Obama’s record, the federal employee who signed the letter stated that Obama had registered for the Selective Service in Honolulu, HI in July 1980.  However, the Cold Case Posse found that the date stamp on the registration form contained two digits instead of the four digits which all others examined from that era had, indicating that it was fraudulent.  The purported date on which Obama signed the form and the date on which the U.S. Postal Service allegedly stamped the form were not the same, but rather, one day apart.

Gillar has sponsored a petition with the url “Congressdoyourjob.com” which contains 8,128 signatures as of this writing.  Gillar’s stated goal is 10,000 signatures, and as indicated by Twitter and Gillar, approximately four hours ago, there were “more than 6,000 conservatives” who had signed it.  Since 2008, millions of American citizens have demanded, pleaded, requested, and insisted that members of Congress investigate Obama’s background and missing documentation to determine whether or not he was eligible to hold the office of President of the United States and commander-in-chief of the U.S. military.

Last week, it was reported that Rep. Cory Gardner of Colorado has met with a private investigator over Obama’s fraudulent documentation.

On Sunday, The Post & Email asked Gillar when he added the 12-second segment showing the men behind bars with their identifiers, to which he responded, “The additional few seconds was added shortly after the first video was released.  Within a week I’m pretty sure.  I wish I could put something else out now, but I simply can’t.”

A video released on March 26 shows the names and faces of public figures in Hawaii who appear to have been identified as having been involved in whatever conspiracy was carried out to place and/or maintain Barack Hussein Obama in the White House.

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  1. In 2008 Cdr. Walt Fitzpatrick (ret) attempted to serve Obama and DNC with Treason, Perjury, Election Fraud charges and all Criminal Presentments have been deliberately and illegally ignored by the Judicial on orders of Hillary using “no standing” rules that are illegal. Walt was the first to serve and has paid a price for standing up for our Constitution with illegal arrests, imprisonment, beatings, being robbed of his computer and personal belongings by Federal Agents illegally sent to punish him for calling out Obama and Walt’s dedication to bring the criminal activity to the public eye. Other Veterans have also been chosen to be victims of Obama’s DNC witch hunts to keep witnesses of wrongdoing out of the press and public eye. It is at epidemic levels of cover up and lies to keep the DNC on a roll. Why do we have DNC members that are also Communist Party Members on the payroll in DC?