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(Apr. 6, 2014) — They say that behind every successful man there is a successful woman. Alright, let’s go with that; then behind every unsuccessful man there is a wife who married a man who just doesn’t listen to her. It was my belief that the reason the USSR never attacked Germany while Elvis was over there was that, if anything happened to Elvis, the Russian women would make their men suffer for the rest of their lives.

It makes perfect sense to me. Jesting aside, it all comes down to respect. There are lot of ferocious animals out there, but even the most feared (by us), the strongest by a country mile, the grizzly bear, avoids the wolverine, an animal that’s about the size of the grizzly’s head. You see, the wolverine has an attitude that just won’t stop. Ferocious little beast. They say the shrew is likewise.

The Soviets respected President Ronald Reagan because they considered him wolverinesque. Now let’s take a look at the America of today and see what we find. And don’t even think about looking for respect: there isn’t any, why, we don’t even respect ourselves.

America’s solution to premarital sex is, basically, abortion. Our solution to the poor is to keep them poor by giving them no incentive to work, to better themselves: to instead enter the “Welfare State.” Johnny can’t read? The solution? Throw more money at a broken system. Crime out of control? Build more prisons rather than address the root cause: Johnny can’t read, therefore Johnny can’t get a job, therefore, Johnny steals. End of story.

America has become a worldwide joke with this same-sex “marriage” routine. A “Civil Union” was enough for hospital visitation rights, insurance beneficiary purposes and a few other legal benefits, including filing with the IRS as a “household.” Fine. Leave it at that.

Gays in the military; women on Navy ships. There comes a point when enough has to be enough, and we crossed the line when the usurper Obama came on the scene: the rest of the world lost ALL respect for the cheap lip-service we’ve given our Constitution. Everyone knows that Obama is Constitutionally ineligible to be president, let alone in our country as an illegal immigrant and, therefore, not even a US citizen. So the world doesn’t respect us and, I daresay, we don’t even respect ourselves, and for good reason.

It all started with an unvetted candidate on the ballot in 2008. Thousands of judges, Election Board personnel and Secretaries of State sold out their country for nothing. And the nail was driven home in the coffin that now holds our Constitution when LTC Terry Lakin was railroaded in a military kangaroo Court Martial for asking his Commander-in-Chief (Obama) to prove that he was, indeed, eligible to be the CIC by showing the public his Birth Certificate, something that clearly should have been done during the vetting process, but wasn’t; remember?

Respect? No, America has no respect: just look at the world today vs. the world of five years ago. Gas prices have doubled, thousands of business closed, yet Chinese imports continue at record highs; Obamacare; Muslim immigration on the rise. No, America used to be respected, but no more.

The end result is that worldwide chaos reigns. The “Theory of War” states that Israel, South Korea and Taiwan are today’s targets of opportunity: tomorrow it’ll be us. The solution has already been written: all we have to do is to honor the document.


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