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by OPOVV, ©2014

Has Obamacare allowed Americans to exercise self-reliance and self-determination?

(Mar. 30, 2014) — The idea was to start at home, hut, teepee, cave, and then spread the concept out to include maybe 100 houseboats, tree houses and then farther out to housing developments, whole towns, States, geographical regions, and, eventually, the whole country. The idea was, of course, to achieve as much self-sufficiency, self-reliance, and  self-determination as possible, which coincides with my definition of Freedom: the absence of dependency.

I like the idea that the milk on my breakfast cereal could come from my neck of the woods. I like the idea that my herbs do come from the garden in the bay window in front of my kitchen sink. I like the idea that my community could own 500 acres and lease the land to a farmer who plants carrots, corn, wheat, or whatever our community needs or trade off to other communities for something we lack, maybe avocados, oranges, or bacon.

I like the idea of bartering commodities over trading in a fiat currency. Go ahead:  try taking your paper money to a bank and cashing it in for something tangible.

Picture every living space (home, apartment) having cross-ventilation, a cistern, solar water heater, and a Victory Garden. Imagine the IDEA of people taking charge of their own destiny, of giving up reliance on “Big Brother,” of tuning out Obama and his destructive agenda.

Imagine every apartment with a southern-facing porch, balcony, or lanai with a hose bib to facilitate the gardener’s enjoyment of being as self-sufficient as possible under the conditions that are available. Okay, we all can’t have fields of wheat and herds of cattle, but we all can do our part in making ourselves, our community, and our country as independent as possible.

Yes, we’re at the point where we discuss energy independence. Face it, the current mindset of the politicians and bureaucrats in Washington is on a staggering scale of promoting the status quo, and has been since World War II. Research campaign contributions to politicians from oil companies for proof.

And now to the heart of the matter: exemptions from Obamacare, who has them and why. Let’s get one thing straight from the get-go: Obamacare is not about healthcare. Obamacare is, however, about intrusive government control; abolishing the Second Amendment; taking total control of your financial and social information through the IRS and the NSA to do with as they feel fit, perhaps to put together bogus charges that they can run past a Grand Jury so as to censor whoever they so desire, and all done “legally.”

Which leaves Obama and his Administration, members of Congress and the Judicial branch, Muslims, along with selected union members and other individuals, EXEMPT from the intrusive tentacles of the dictates of Obamacare. A law that harbors exemptions is, quite obviously, incomplete. It’s like playing poker with one-eyed Jacks wild only if you are holding the 2 of Hearts and the 3 of Clubs. Forget it. Abolishing Obamacare is the only possible solution and the first step to save our country.

We can therefore reasonably conclude that those who have received Obamacare exemptions are people who have been corrupted; who have been made exempt from the scrutiny; who are immune from possible disclosures, which explains Senator Feinstein’s dissatisfaction that her staff was targeted by the NSA. Here’s the thing: Obamacare, Obama and his Administration are polar opposites of the political philosophy of self-reliance.

The more self-reliant one is, and the farther one can get from government controls, is directly proportional to the freedom one has: it’s really that simple.


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