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by Sharon Rondeau

Last November, volunteers brought together by Mike Volin of WheresObamasBirthCertificate.com delivered Sheriff’s Kits to 200 members of Congress to inform them of the forgery of Obama’s long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration form

(Mar. 22, 2014) — Last week, The Post & Email followed up on a report by Randy Foreman of NewsBlaze that two congressmen who were provided Sheriff’s Kits by volunteers last November containing a presentation by a criminal investigator into the forgery of Barack Hussein Obama’s long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration form were “not following the issue at all.”

Foreman had interviewed Reps. Tim Huelskamp and Raul Labrador at a function sponsored by The Heritage Foundation on an unspecified date and asked them about the “birth certificate” question, referring to the reported forgery of Obama’s long-form birth certificate, which has been posted on the White House website since April 27, 2011.

In September of that year, a criminal investigation was launched by the Maricopa County, AZ Cold Case Posse into the authenticity of the image.  Originally intending to “clear the president” by proving that the image was, in fact, a scanned version of a certified copy of Obama’s birth record from Hawaii, the posse found, after thousands of tests and interviews with experts, that it was a “computer-generated forgery.”

Following the publication of Foreman’s article, The Post & Email was informed by Mike Volin, founder of WheresObamasBirthCertificate.com that both congressmen had been provided Sheriff’s Kits by volunteers in November. The kits, produced by Volin at his own expense outside of donations, contain a presentation by Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo of how the conclusion of forgery was reached in regard to Obama’s identity documents.

The Post & Email then contacted staffers of the two representatives to inquire if the Sheriff’s Kits had been given to them by their aides. With the exception of two short, contradictory statements made by a Huelskamp staffer, there was no response despite numerous phone calls and emails sent to staffers who promised to “see what’s going on.”

In response, Jeff Harrison, who was one of a team of two individuals distributing the kits last November to include Huelskamp and Labrador’s offices, told The Post & Email:

Last  weekend,  I  sent  both  Labrador  and  Huelskamp’s  Washington’s  D.C.  office  and one of  their  local  offices  a  fax  letting  them  know  that  Tom  and  I  visited  their  office.

My  reaction  to  their  lack  of  action  is  disappointment.    Especially  when  a  citizen  such  as  me who  is  a  common  person  makes  many  attempts  to  contact  them  about  major  fraud  and  an  attack  on  our  Constitutional  Republic.    The  American  People  have  been  duped  and  our elected  officials  swore  an  oath  to  the  beloved  Constitution.    Their  silence  and  extreme  lack action  says  something.  They  are  for  sale  and  spineless.    I  am  not  for  sale.  And  I  will  not let  this  evil  continue.   I  know  one  thing,  evil  only  destroys  itself.   As  a  Sergeant  in  the United  States  Marines  I  swore  an  oath  to  the  Constitution  and  it  did  not  end  when  I  was Honorably  Discharged.    These  officials  were  rude  not  to  have  replied  after  many  of  us contacted  them  many  times.   We  spent  our  own  funds  and  time  to  educate  them  and went  all  the  way  to  Washington,  D.C.  and  we  were  shunned.    I  like  many  other  veterans volunteered  and  served  in  combat  putting  our  lives  on  hold  and  at  risk.    The  least  our elected  officials can  do  is  examine  the evidence  and  follow  the  truth.  And  take  action.

Harrison has also twice visited the Washington, DC office of his congressman, Rep. Glenn Thompson, to deliver a copy of an affidavit sworn to by Zullo and included in a civil case in Alabama whose decision was announced on Friday.

Harrison has also appeared on WCED talk radio several times and has two more appearances scheduled on March 31 and April 7, respectively, to discuss the Obama fraud and forgery matter.

Of his visits to Thompson’s office, Harrison told us:

On 09/10/2013 just before noon as I was at Glenn Thompson’s Washington’s office door, he opened the door and was stepping out his door to the hallway. I was within feet of him. He recognized me from the Tea Party I belong to. I lifted a white notebook and said I had an Affidavit to give him. He said give it to the ladies in the office. I went in and gave a several minute presentation to Nancy Billet, and left the first Affidavit to her.

On 11/18/2013 I went to the Washington office again, but this time I was with Tom Pavich of California and spoke with Darrell Owens. Again I gave a brief presentation and left a 2nd. Affidavit.

Additionally, Harrison told us:

I gave a several minute presentation to Rep. Glenn Thompson on 01/20/2014 in person at the Radio Station WCED at about 8:45 am. I went there to drop off a notebook of Lt. Zullo’s Affidavit and related items to Beth Walters. Rep. Thompson did not respond much but with a few words. I did ask him if he actually received the Affidavit that I delivered to his office. He did acknowledge that he did receive it. At the talk I gave him I said there was a problem with Obamas birth certificate, Selective Service Card, and Social Security Card. As a postal worker (Custodian) I explained the item of the date stamp.

At no time did Rep. Glenn Thompson respond or reply to my additional written letters or phone calls. On 01/30/2014 I finally got a hold of Darrel Owens and asked him if Rep. Thompson was going to do anything about the information I had supplied. He said that they were not interested in taking any action. I asked him why and would they send me a letter? There was no reply.

Harrison has been working with Volin, who produced the sheriff’s kits en masse and has sent out thousands to concerned citizens who are presenting them to local media outlets, friends, family, neighbors, and local law enforcement entities.

The Post & Email interviewed Harrison in late December about a flyer he had designed and distributed door-to-door in his neighborhood to inform people about the forgery of Obama’s birth certificate and Selective Service form, which Congress to date has not been willing to scrutinize or investigate.

In addition to visiting his congressman twice, traveling to Washington with other volunteers in November, distributing flyers, doing radio shows, and working full-time, Harrison sent copies of the Sheriff’s Kit by mail to nine congressmen, including Speaker of the House John Beohner and Majority Whip Eric Cantor.

Last August, Harrison personally spoke with Pennsylvania U.S. Senator Pat Toomey about the forgeries, describing his encounters thusly:

Jeff Harrison giving Zullo’s affidavit to Sen. Pat Toomey

“On  08/28/2013  starting  at  about  3:00  pm Sen.  Patrick Toomey  attended  a  Town  Hall meeting  at  VFW  Post  813  located  in  PA  15801.    This  meeting  lasted  for  about  2  hours.

“Before  Sen.  Toomey  spoke  he  asked  if  he  could  sit  next  to  me  before  he  spoke.    I  said  that no one  was  sitting  at  the  empty  seat,  and  sure,  sit  down.    As  he  sat  next  to  me  I  stated  to him  that  after  he  spoke  I  had  my  binder  to  give  to  him.  This  contained  Lt.  Zullo’s Affidavit.

“After  Sen. Toomey  spoke  I  got  up  and  briefly  presented  my  white  binder  of  the  Affidavit.  I informed  him  that  it  was  about  Obama credentials.    He  took  the  binder  and  carried  it around  with  himself  as  he  spoke  to  other  citizens.    In  the  binder  I  had  my  address  information.

“On  08/30/2013  at  about  2:00 pm I  had  had  a  scheduled  appointment  with  his  staff  member Mr.  John  Frick  at  Sen.  Toomey’s  Johnstown,  PA  office.    I  was  there  with  Mr.  David  Noll  of the  Tea  Party  from  that  area.  Our  meeting  lasted  for  over  two  hours.    We  talked  about several  items.    I  attended  this  meeting  also  because  it  had  been  scheduled  and  the meeting  of  08/28  had  come  up  on  a  notice  of  just  a  few  days,  and  I  thought,  “why  not”.

“This  meeting  was  also  attended  by  another  Tea  Party  member  of  that  area,  but  I  forgot his  name.    At  the  ending  of  our  meeting  in  front  of  all  of  us  I  presented  Lt.  Zullo’s Affidavit  and  stated  I  was  requesting  a  Congressional  Investigation  of  Obama.  Mr.  Frick took  the  Affidavit.

“On  11/19/2013  I  and  Tom  Pavich  went  to  Sen.  Toomey’s  Washington,  D.C.  office  and I  gave  a  brief  presentation  and  gave  a  “sheriff  Kit”  to  Jeremy  Baker,  Legislative Correspondent.    (see  picture  at  Mike’s  web  site / D.C. PRESENTATIONS.)

“At  the  VFW  Post  814  Mr.  Matt  Blackburn  saw  the  binder  and  examined  it  before  the  meeting, I  asked  if  it  was  okay to  give  it  to.    He  only  glanced  at  it  and  briefly  leafed  through  it, I  was  surprised  he  did  not  read  it.    He  after  this  gave  me  his  approval.

“I  have  made  more  calls  and  sent  letters  to  Toomey’s  office,  but  received  no  replies.”

Pavich also provided his reaction to The Post & Email on the lack of response by congressional staffers and the congressmen themselves on the evidence they were presented regarding the forgeries:

I am extremely disappointed that I traveled almost 3,000 miles to personally hand deliver a Sheriff’s kit to both Congressman Heulskamp and Labrador to find that the information never made it to the Congressmen. A matter of highest Constitutional importance has been tossed into the DC trash heap of irrelevance. Were we ignored because we were not occupants of K Street DC and rather occupants of Main St. USA?  Shame on you Congressmen and your staffs.

All we want to know regarding the pResident’s  forged documents is, “Who did it and Why did they do it?”

Despite Zullo’s two press conferences in 2012 declaring Obama’s identification documents fraudulent, the major media has reported virtually nothing of what could be the largest corruption scandal in the nation’s history.  In December, U.S. News & World Report published an article on the subject, and Fox News’ “The Five” held a discussion on constitutional eligibility for the office of the president in August but did not raise the question of whether or not Obama was eligible or his documentation valid.

Obama’s presidential eligibility has been doubted by many as a result of news reports that say he was born in Indonesia or Kenya and the fact that Obama claims a father who was never a citizen of the United States.  Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution requires that the president and commander-in-chief of the military be a “natural born Citizen.”

Volin contends that “We’ve been sold out by the media” which have failed to report on the forgeries. Of his campaign to educate members of Congress about the forgeries and their lack of response, Volin told The Post & Email, “One of the reasons that I pushed to take pictures and get business cards of people who were there [in Washington, DC]…this can’t be buried under the rug.  At one point, this is going to come out.. If they start running and grabbing at the Sheriff’s Kits…’I’ve had one, I’ve had one!’…Well, that’s fine, but what did you do with it?”

Zullo has reported that television executives and producers have stated that they feared for their jobs or their safety if they were to air anything on the Cold Case Posse’s findings.

On Friday, the Alabama Supreme Court announced its decision in the case of McInnish v. Chapman (Bennett), which contended that then-Secretary of State Beth Chapman had not performed her constitutional duty to properly vet presidential candidates prior to placing their names on the Alabama state ballot in 2012. Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore and Justice Tom Parker wrote lengthy dissenting opinions which will reportedly be used in pending cases filed by Atty. Orly Taitz.

While the court voted 7-2 that the Secretary of State does not possess the statutory authority to check candidates’ qualifications for the office they seek, one member of the majority, Justice Bolin, stated that “(Chief Justice Moore concluded in his dissenting opinion) that the Secretary of State has an affirmative duty to investigate the qualifications of a candidate for President of the United States of America before printing that candidate’s name on the general-election ballot in this State. Although logically the Secretary of State, being the chief elections official of the state,should be vested with such a duty, under our present constitutional and statutory framework addressing elections, including presidential elections, not only is that not the case, but the Secretary of State would be bereft of written authority for such an action and ill equipped from a practical standpoint to carry out such an important duty.”

On Friday, Zullo told Carl Gallups of PPSimmons News & Ministry that “It is clear that the argument here is the lack of statutory provision giving the Secretary of State the legal authority to conduct an investigation to verify the legitimacy of a presidential candidate to be placed on ballot of the respective states. There clearly is a lack of statutory authority and legal mechanism in place for a Secretary of State in any of the fifty states to conduct that type of investigation. This Alabama Supreme Court adjudication in no way reflects the question that is really at hand – the authenticity of the document provided to the public of proof- positive that Mr. Obama was in fact born on us soil thus fulfilling the ‘soil requirement’ to be eligible to hold the highest office in the land.”

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  1. I believe it was God that guided the hands of the forgers that forged all of Obama’s identity images and documents to make the numerous and irrefutable errors for we Christians to use as the weapon to defeat this evil agent of some foreign allegiance.

    The Christian community has simply failed to engage in battle and use it.

  2. Congressmen are protected by the Constitution from prosecution for failure to report a felony. However, since this country still operates under common law, according to Justice Scalia in U.S. vs Williams, 1992, Misprison of Felony is still a crime. Nothing in the Constitution that I can find protects Congressional staffers from indictment and prosecution for failure to report a felony.

    Each of the Congressmen’s staffs have received information that President X is using forged IDs and a stolen SSN. Their bosses may be immune but they are not. So why are they not being prosecuted in lieu of their bosses? Same goes for all the Secretaries of (the 50) States who ignored information of President X’s identity theft but left him on the ballot anyway.

  3. The definitive Mid-Term elections question to be posited to any would-be hopefuls or incumbents running for re-election:
    Will you if elected to serve, congruent with the oath you would necessarily have to take in order to be sworn-in to office–the oath you would take which requires you to defend the Constitution, demand a congressional investigation be undertaken into the ongoing criminal usurpation of the office of the president as evidenced by the findings of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s volunteer Cold-Case-Posse?

  4. Dear Editor;
    While in Japan one time, I took a day trip, riding the Bullet Train, to Nikko, and visited the Shinto shrine that has those three monkeys of the “No Evil” fame. Upon further exploratory endeavors, I learned that there is no excuse from acting as those monkeys depicted: ignorance is not a defense.
    These so-called “aides” don’t quite fit the description. They’re acting more or less as “agents” of the Administration.
    Stupid of them, I’d say.
    Semper Fi,

  5. After reading this article my blood pressure spikes. How in God’s name can we have so many cowards, liars and thieves in Congress? As my blood pressure drops, I’m able to think again, and the Man upstairs puts a thought in my head. If the information that Arpaio and Zullo have is as earth-shattering as they claim, this might be a present from God. This could be the perfect opportunity to purge our government of evil. Is that even possible? I guess it would depend on the definition of earth-shattering news. One thing is for sure, “We The People “will know, without a shadow of a doubt, as to who the snakes are, and we can make sure they are taken care of. Whether you’re a Dem or Rep, most people in our country are AMERICAN PATRIOTS and still want their God-given rights, FREEDOM!. And we will finally have a list of who is who in our government and where they really stand.