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by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2014

Margaret Sanger, founder of an organization which evolved into Planned Parenthood, advocated for legalizing birth control in the U.S. under the mantra of “social change” and women’s “liberation.” She was a member of the Socialist Party.  After opening a birth control clinic in New York, Sanger, was tried and convicted of distributing contraceptives in violation of federal laws at the time. In 1914, she was indicted for breaking “postal obscenity laws” and fled to Canada, then to the U.K., where she spent some years ” in exile.”

(Mar. 21, 2014) — First of all, let’s correct a few mistakes and lies about American women.

As an American woman I have done my national talk radio show for 14 years, am a published commentator, speaker, wife to a Man (isn’t it sad that I have to clarify who I am married to these days, a man or woman) survivor and Mom.  I have even run for office a few times to serve my state and country.  Over the years I have talked and heard from thousands of women in conferences and through my show.  Here is what I see.

Women are not political widgets to be pushed around

American women can make up their own minds.  They are not owned by any man, political group or agenda.  They are Moms, wives, business owners, stars, political leaders, lawyers, doctors, Grandmas, Vets, prayer warriors and workers.  They get up each day and deal with all kinds of stress, work, screaming kids and bills, whether they want to or not.

Most women I know are patriotic, love their country and Constitution.  Some have been injured serving our country.  They are not looking to change the national anthem, the Star Spangled Banner, because it is too ‘bellicose’ or ‘violent,’ as Obama and Michelle have intimated a time or two.  I haven’t talked with any woman ever who would want to change our national anthem to ‘I’d like to teach the world to sing’ or anything else more international and softer.  Even the notion of changing our national anthem makes most of us girls start breaking pots and pans and breathing out smoke-filled fire.  

What about women’s rights

Sickeningly, the big compromise of both political parties, Democrats and Republicans, has been in the pro-choice, abortion rights ring.  I have heard from many of my conservative friends who should know better that the GOP shouldn’t be tied to a pro-life message because they will lose the female vote and it causes the Democrats to win.  Really?

We have heard too many times about the alleged conservative running trying to appear more pro-choice than not. “I’m against abortion but only in a later trimester or partial birth abortion — no more.”  Or, the poser – conservative runs for office and pretends he is pro-life and pro-choice.  He is conservative but ‘stands for women’s rights for their body.’ The up-and-coming political hack uses manipulation and media sleight of hand to keep potential voters away from this subject – if he or she can.

Are most women really pro-abortion and are we confused with personal rights?

No and triple no

Most polls consistently show that women are significantly more pro-life and not pro-abortion.  Last year a Gallup poll found that 58% of all Americans were pro-life and 57% of women.

Medicine and science has long defined life as beginning at conception.  It is a fact that the human cells start splitting at conception and that is called human and life…get it?  Our founders understood this by listing the right to life for ALL persons in our 14th amendment in the U.S. Constitution.

Also, most women know we built this country on Judeo-Christian values, believe and trust in God of the Holy Bible.  God is the one who defines life as unique and precious not to be destroyed, not women, men or politicians.

Why all the compromise on the pro-choice position by those running for political office?

I’ll tell you why.  It is because of the huge and financed industry of lies and branding that has gone on since the days of Margaret Sanger, eugenicist, feminist and racist who wanted the blacks gone. She created the ‘Negro Project’ in 1939 to make sure blacks got plenty of contraceptives.  She later founded Planned Parenthood so all the blacks could kill off as many babies as possible.  That was the real spirit and motivation behind Planned Parenthood…to get rid of the blacks.  Tragically, her goals have been working for black women.  Since 1973 black women have had 16 million abortions. Black women are five times more likely than white women to have an abortion.  This is killing off a huge chunk of the African Americans’ future in America, just as Sanger would have wished – sick!

Just as Obama, media and progressives build the ‘pro-choice’ ‘women’s rights mantra, tragically, millions of women in America bite the poison carrot.  They jump on the band wagon of defending their rights..”I won’t have Government controlling my body.”  What pro-choice and pro-abortion women don’t seem to get is that they are contributing to the genocide of their own kind and wiping out their own legacy, let alone America’s. 

The abortion carrot is deadly poison for all and sets up many millions of women to violate their own health, live in depression and regret as they realize what they have done and be used as victims, now moved around the game table by a political pimp. 

You women who have gotten caught in this trap and had abortions, there is hope and forgiveness from God, Who is waiting for you to repent.  We should be above being a manipulated ‘pro-choice’ voter bloc.  Snap out of it. There is too much at stake right now in America – No, too many lives at stake.

Women must continue to be the protector of life.  We must not compromise on this stance, nor vote for anyone running for office who plays games and redefines life as he or she goes.  Life is precious, unique and defined by the Holy Bible, medicine and our Constitution. 

What do most women want from men

For years I and most women I know have watched the media push men into being ‘girly-men’‘metrosexuals’ as they call it.  Media sells us the man with more empathy, more softness, more stylish clothes and hair.  The man we all want is trendy, well put together and listens to our pain.

What a bunch of bull rot!  I don’t want a man who is perfect and put together that only wears designer clothes.  I wouldn’t know what to do if my husband of 14 years started listening to me for more than five minutes before he interrupted me or was distracted.  Though he cleans up real nice, Rich buys clothes on sale and makes do.  He is wonderful and not perfect.

Most real women want a man to be himself and be a man, not a copycat woman, or magazine cover.  Who in his right mind would trust a guy saying always the perfect thing, wearing the perfect clothes and listening intently as he whisked away your hair?  I would practically call that a human trafficking expert grooming his next prey. 

In my regular and weekly crime segment, after interviewing criminologists for years, I have learned that is exactly how serial killers, cons and human trafficking experts work…they are usually a little too smooth and sensitive.  In real life, great and wonderful men we loveare awkward, a little distracted, clumsy and not always remembering everything.

Yes, please give us a man who shaves, bathes and listens, but one who is real and faithful.  Most women I know want this version, not the media-pushed ‘Barbie Doll Boy.’

Women are America’s treasure chest of Compassion and guts

America needs the compassion, guts and kindness contained within the hearts of all women who haven’t been crushed by pain and loss.  Female wisdom, common sense and compassion shared more in our families; workplaces, churches, schools and country will give the life breath to America’s comeback. 

American women are unlike women anywhere in the world.  We were born and raised with an entrepreneurial heritage and freedom to do whatever we want from A-Z.  Most the world has none of that freedom let alone the capacity and emotional make up to dream and achieve lofty goals.  American women do.

My dreams include, which I am working on now, funding and unfolding a national TV show, growing my national radio show, raising my precious two kids, Wayne and Mo, falling in love again with my hubby Rich of 14 years, making a real difference with my country, pleasing God of the Holy Bible and having a blast doing it all.  I guess, I am an American woman.

Women, let’s bring back America with our guts and compassion.  Let’s rise up and protect our babies while honoring God and country.

Join me each day on my national radio show from 7-10pm PAC at www.therothshow.com. 

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  1. Dear Fellow Patriot;
    What you say has merit, and it is good to express the ideal. I agree that faithfulness is at the top of the list, for without trust what’s left is a sham.
    We expect our organizations to also be true to our country, and what a disappointment they’ve become when we find out otherwise.
    Case in point is the AMA: they backed Obama AND Obamacare. Go figure.
    And then there’s the Teacher’s Union who push Common Core and support Obama.
    Last, but certainly not least, is NOW, a Socialist leaning group that also supports Obama.
    Obama = Muslim = BAD NEWS FOR WOMEN.
    What I can’t figure out is how Obama got ONE vote from ANY woman in America?
    The worse that can happen to ANY woman on our planet is to be trapped in Islam.
    Semper Fi,

  2. The Veterans Administration has a saying, “it takes the courage and strength of a warrior to ask for help”. Your courage and strength is apparent and I applaud you for it.