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by OPOVV, ©2014

(Mar. 21, 2014) — Each of us is on a plantation. If you’re in the Navy, consider your ship a plantation. All ships are not equal, you know. A carrier is worth more than a handful of cruisers and destroyers or  squadrons of destroyers, for that matter. A carrier is what one would consider a prime target; therefore, it’s always surrounded by a hoard of defenders, people ready and willing to sacrifice themselves and their ships to save the carrier.

You’re the captain of a destroyer and you see a torpedo heading towards the carrier you’re protecting. You have choices, sure, but when you accepted the command of the ship, you signed on to do your duty, and that duty just came home to roost. You try and shoot the torpedo out of the water while at the same time racing at emergency flank to intercept the fish and save the carrier. The crew, who you’ve trained as a well-run Swiss watch, carry out your orders to perfection: you get hit, everyone goes down with the ship, but you did your duty: you saved the carrier.

So maybe we’re not in a war or in the military, on a ship or a base, but we’re all somewhere. No matter where we are, we are ambassadors of our Constitution; in other words, we are sovereign citizens: no one is above us; no one is more equal; no one is favored under the law. Yes, we have corrupt public officials who abuse their power; we understand that some of us are not too smart (“Hope and Change?”); there are people among us who care not for our country; but we know who they are and keep windward of such folks.

The president, his Cabinet, members of the court (that would be your local policeman), you, and I are all exactly equal in America as far as anything and everything goes. Cut in line? No, you wait your turn like the rest of us. Have a gun? Sure, I have guns. I’ll bet you a Ben Franklin that I’m a better shot than you. What about under enemy fire? I’m putting my trust in our military Veterans.

So, where are we with this? Well, no matter where we are, we are Americans first and foremost, believers in the Constitution and the Rule of Law. We are Patriots. 

Nowadays, there are millions of people within our borders who have no wish to assimilate, to take hold of the American Dream and run with it. They refuse to speak English, but have you ever noticed how fast they speak it if their paycheck is short?

So each of us is a special American unless, of course, you have some mental deficiency that prevents you from understanding why we have THE Constitution in the first place and, in the second place, what it has taken to keep it, the monumental sacrifices made since the Revolutionary War.

So we started in the ghetto, or plantation. Guess what? Each of us has burdens. Each of us has won, and each has lost, but collectively we’ve never lost our country, but we’re getting closer and closer each day as long as the Long-legged-Mack-Daddy-de-facto-president Obama remains in the White House along with all of his Muslim friends who are, I assure you, not OUR friends.

In conclusion, it’s not about being for or against Obama, Obamacare, gung-ho about our troops getting decimated in Afghanistan (and for what? Does anybody think that, after we leave, Democracy will sprout up, girls will be allowed to pursue their intellectual dreams by going to the school of their choice?), about the Joint Chiefs of Staff not upholding their Oath, about being a “racist,” the whole ball of wax is for one thing and one thing only: SUPPORTING THE CONSTITUTION 110%.

And that’s what it has always been about: the Constitution. Let’s keep focused.


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