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(Mar. 20, 2014) — Of course accidents happen; your entire focus had forgotten what you were holding in your hand. The paper plate loaded with guacamole suddenly folds during a conversation you’re having with another guest and you’re ashamed that you have to go tell the host you’ve made a mess.

On the way to grab the host and report the problem, you question yourself, “Could I have resisted what looked so good in the first place, just once?” You’d never in all your life have seen such awesome-looking guacamole. You just had to have some! So it was the host’s fault for making such fantastic guacamole?

Some people would say it was the host’s fault for having paper plates at the party in the first place. Should you express that sentiment to the host? Ultimately you know if your focus had been on that plate from the time you left the food line to the time you sat at the table, the other guest would not have guacamole now taped to his shoes as they spread it around the beautiful flush cream colored carpet you had told the host was so beautiful just an hour earlier. The thought screams inside your head, “Its Reeeeeeeed!”

It’s not their fault. They are just trying to walk around the mess you spilled. The horror picks up speed in your mind, as you see the mess spread on the carpet to encompass a much larger area than you had ever imagined it could, simply because there is such a little aisle for everyone to walk through to get to the dining tables. Again, you think about blaming the host for poor planning on the construction of the party and even “his house!”

“Where is he, anyway?” Must you walk the entire house, search in every bedroom, and cover the entire property to find him? This is ridiculous! Is this really “your job?”

Yes, it is ridiculous, and yes, it is your job. Ever think about cleaning it up yourself? “No?” That had never dawned on you. You couldn’t be seen cleaning up a mess you had made, right?

This is the press room in the Main Stream Media and the lack of responsibility to investigative journalism that actually has the self-governing principle of a “free press.” There’s very little to say about the amount of time they actually have spent vetting Barack Obama.

Whether it was harassment, intimidation, coercion or just plain ignorance, gullibility, or the thrill up their leg with the candidate, they haven’t really given the time of day to the principles of the qualifications of the President, when it came to the investigative reports of a Cold Case Posse’s over -2500-hour investigation; reports and court evidences that Obama’s social security number didn’t pass E-Verify a system set up specifically to prohibit multiple users of a number for work-related purposes. Yes, the President works for us. Draft Registrations certainly would be something that a candidate could get to and change unless they were a time traveler, or could, wait a minute, break-ins happen remember Watergate? How big of a story was it when Sen. McCain and Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama’s passports were found to have been targets? Oh, yes, there was a murder involved with that, wasn’t there?

The courts have been full of lawsuits. Citizens, lawyers, and even Presidential Candidates with standing from both sides of the aisle have presented their evidences to the Courts all over the land including the United States Supreme Court to report the mess, but the host was Congress said the Judges and the check-and-balance system of reporting a problem just wasn’t working. And of course the guacamole was spreading around the world as the once pristine and respectable house was turning into a sea of smashed, dirty and hair-covered guacamole. Yuck! Who thinks this good to eat now?

When I look at the picture of the world and the respect the world has now for Russian President Putin because he is at the very least qualified under Russian standards to be President of Russia, I am ashamed at my own Country’s ability to roll in an unqualified usurpation of the Office of the President. Accidents happen – true, but pride must not be the rusty squeaking hinge we cling to now in resistance to cleaning it up.

Do you really think if the voters had known that Obama wasn’t qualified to be President under the Constitution as a natural born citizen they would have voted for him? Do you really think the voters, if they had known about an identification fraud that incorporated a long-form birth certificate fabrication, a miss-matched social security card, and a phony draft registration, would have voted for Obama? The answers are “No,” so why would you say he was “elected?”

Of course an election is not illegal, but the results of an election are most especially illegal if the Candidate elected is not who he said he was Mr. Barry Soetoro adopted Indonesian Citizen and Kenyan Born according to multiple and self reports of the candidate i.e., Obama’s own literary agent who scampered an interview, his wife, and grandmother, all have been mistakes, right?

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  1. Stella Awards…are top named frivolous lawsuits, started by Stella who sued for a hot cup of coffee spilled in her lap from McDonalds.

    I’m not sure how frivolous ties into the Courts’ not hearing arguments from other Pres. Candidates whose campaigns have been hurt by a fraudulently qualified person in the White House.

    Unless somehow you’re referring to Obama as being frivolous or a legal fraud himself?
    Cody Robert Judy

  2. I highly recommend, if any reader would care to check, what are called “the Stella Awards”. Sure explains why we are here.