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by OPOVV, ©2014

President Thomas Jefferson contended with the Barbary Pirates, who captured Christians throughout Europe “for the Ottoman slave trade as well as the general Muslim market in North Africa and the Middle East.[2]”

(Mar. 17, 2014) — How much more does the rest of the world have to suffer at the hands of Muslims, as if 1,400 years hasn’t been “enough” already? What’s it finally going to take? some may ask. But that’s the wrong question, the very question our enemy wants us to ask and keep on asking until it’s be too late.  Once we finally get with the program, we’ll have lost the war even before it’s begun; we will have lost the edge. The infiltration will have been too complete; we will be surrounded without even being aware of the danger.

I think it’s quite safe to reveal that Obama’s goals are to destroy Israel and the USA; of this there can be no doubt. Of course, this has been obvious since the night Obama was nominated to be the candidate for president at the Democrat Convention in 2008.

Mubarak was a stable leader of Egypt, and Obama had him ousted. Gaddafi also became a stabilizing influence in the area and he, too, was ousted by Obama. In Benghazi, Ambassador Stevens was funneling weapons to the al-Qaeda forces in Syria so all the Christians could have their throats slit, but he was killed for a quid pro quo with the death of Osama bin Laden (if we‘re to believe anything our government says), as per Obama.

Israel is surrounded by crazed forces, all because of Obama.

Meanwhile, here at home, the Muslim Brotherhood is in the White House. Terrorist organizations are springing up all over: CAIR has offices everywhere. Muslim armories, aka “mosques,” are also everywhere. The displaced Afghan terrorist training camps are spattered all over our country, disguised as “Islamovilles.”  We’ve Muslims in our military, in the DOJ, IRS, NSA, FBI, why, even our local police departments have Muslims as employees. Muslims occupy every facet of our governments, local, State and Federal.


That’s not news, is it?

You shouldn’t have had to read those words, but you did. And as long as Muslims have access to airplanes and airports, you will continue to read those very same words. Muslims steal airplanes and Muslims kill; roadside bombs, Beltway Sniper, car bombs, bus bombs, train bombs. How many bombs is it going to take until Western Civilization wakes up to the fact that the believers of Islam are out to kill us all?

How many more is it going to take? One more? Fifty? And how many more people are going to get raped, beaten, tortured, and murdered before we say “Enough is enough”?

And if it were your spouse and children or parents who were murdered, would that make any difference? Would that accelerate your decision to declare that “enough” is really, once and for all, “enough”?

I think we’ve had enough. Never take “First Strike” capabilities off the table. I think 1,400 years of defense, of reacting is over: it’s about time we become proactive and take the offense.


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