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by OPOVV, ©2014

Is local law enforcement committed to upholding the Bill of Rights, or do they answer to a different call?

(Mar. 12, 2014) — A malevolent force is incipiently creeping into the fabric of your everyday life, and slowly but surely it will strangle you and completely obviate everything you thought you knew about the Constitution. All knowledge of the 4th Amendment will be scrubbed from your memory. You will all become faceless and meaningless pawns marching to the dictates of those who are drunk with power over the mentally-challenged police officers who, even though they took the Oath to defend the Constitution, don’t have a clue about “honor, integrity, and Patriotism.” It’s a high price to pay for non-qualified-mentally-challenged-lower-the-standards-for-Afirmative Action applicants who will, and do, follow illegal orders.

An illegal order would be for the Chief of Police to have your home searched for “drug paraphernalia” by his employees without a warrant. But you know what? The law is such to let the police off the hook when they make a “mistake,” because every house in the United States can be legally classified as having drug paraphernalia, because a simple teaspoon (or any spoon) foots the bill. Same for a lighter of some kind: book of matches for the barbeque, for example. A mirror, for Pete’s sake.

Still, it takes bodies on the ground to make it happen. It takes people who were supposedly hired to defend the Constitution to turn their collective backs on our Civil Rights, but little do they realize that by violating our Civil Rights they are violating us all, every citizen in our country, including themselves. They’re too stupid to realize that simple fact, which is why they were hired in the first place. Only the unqualified are, today, qualified. No ex-military, no one who studied law need apply.

Imagine the wasted manpower to search a teenager’s car for a pocketknife? My, my, I went to college for more than ten years and in every class I had a loaded .38 on me. What happened to common sense? My father was an airline pilot and he carried his service revolver on every flight for more than 30 years, against company rules. Too bad he wasn’t flying on 9-11, but he had retired by then. So then it’s too bad that none of those other pilots or passengers weren’t armed.  Would you rather collide with a building at 400 mph or have five dead terrorists lying in the aisle?

It’s a simple question of common sense. The trouble is, common sense isn’t common anymore: it’s uncommon. Wearing the flag, showing the flag, saying grace before a meal at a restaurant, even bowing your heads, will get the mentally challenged, the PC Police, after you.

So a message to all of those people in Ohio, in Ashtabula County, in the town of Jefferson, to be precise, who had a hand in breaking into a private citizen’s car for a pocketknife? I most humbly suggest you people get with the program really quick  and see if you can right past wrongs. My bet is that you don’t have the backbone to admit you went over to “The Dark Side,” that all who had a hand in this whole sordid soap opera are nothing but yellow, despicable cowards, hiding behind badges that don’t mean anything anymore, except to be goons for an illegal government that is destroying my country.

I hope the Army has more common sense than the DA’s office has. I think that Jordan Wiser would be an asset in our military.

So, to Ohio and the rest of us, we must keep vigilant and speak out when we see blatant stupidity run rampant.


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