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by OPOVV, 2014

What is Lois Lerner hiding by pleading the Fifth Amendment a second time?

(Mar. 6, 2014) — Lois Lerner, a government employee, a public servant, pleaded the 5th Amendment for actions taken against the Civil Rights of her fellow citizens or the knowledge of such violations. She walked into the hearing, refused to answer questions pertaining directly to her job description, and walked out: 1-2-3, OUT. Congress, one of the three branches of government, was knocked flat on the mat: out for the count. The message was clear: the Executive branch holds all the cards, and there is absolutely nothing Congress can do to stop the destruction of our country (“We won; you lost”) as long as the eligibility issue isn’t addressed.

We all lost, but the “we” extends far beyond our borders. Ukraine, South Korea, Taiwan, Israel are but a few of the extended “we.” All the people of our planet lost, which is obvious to some, but not to all.

Putin is pushing Obama around with ease because all Putin has to do is to bring up the Birth Certificate fakes, frauds, and deception that Obama and his Muslim Mafia are pushing on the American people. making the issue even more public than it already has been (except for the ignoramuses in America), and perhaps forcing American mainstream media to mention that, “Yes, Obama’s not his name and he is a fraud.”

Let’s hear some talk from the Republican Party about how they’ll take back control of Congress and override any veto from the de facto bum in the White House (Obama). Abolish the IRS and, at the same time, abolish Obamacare. We have the ability to do anything we wish, have we the will. But I guess we don’t have much will if our law enforcement refuses to arrest judges who say a citizen has “no standing” on whether his or her president is eligible.

You know what that means? It means that, if a presidential candidate who is part American Indian, who has a father who was born in Washington State by American citizens, a mother born in Montana of American citizens, has “no standing,” what chance does any member of the court have, from the cop on the beat to the judge on the bench, to have “standing?” None, that’s what. One big fat zero. So if that’s the case, and it is, why haven’t our men in blue arrested Obama for being the “Snake Oil Charlatan” that he is? Are they afraid, or maybe they just don’t care? Maybe they’re really dumb. Does anyone believe Chief Justice Roberts doesn’t know how he got all those millions of dollars in his Vatican Slush Fund account, or aren’t we supposed to know about such things in America?

What, are we dumb? We like being taken to the cleaners? We don’t give a hoot if our ancestors bled and died for the Constitution?

Look, you have to speak up, at EVERY opportunity. Yes, Obamacare can be repealed. The IRS and Homeland Security can be abolished. Muslims deported. Illegal immigrants deported. Think possibilities. Think positive. And spread the word. Just because we’ve been knocked on the mat doesn’t mean we can’t get backup and give the knock-out punch.

Remember that. Someone falsifying a vote is just as if he kidnapped your Civil Rights. Doesn’t Martin Luther King, Jr., ring a bell, or doesn’t anybody care?


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