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by Jack Mertz, ©2014

Is the Speaker of the House selling out to amnesty for illegals at the bidding of King Obama?

(Feb. 12, 2014) — If you see your Congressman’s name on this list of “80 Amnesty Fence Sitters,” you should call him at 202-224-3121 or at the number shown next to his name.

There has been a temporary pause in the push for Amnesty, but that’s so a bill can be passed while you’re not watching.  Boehner’s friend over in the Senate — Chuckie Schumer — has come up with a new gimmick to trick us on Amnesty.  His great idea is for the House to pass Amnesty now, but not to implement it until after 2016 when the Dictator/King Obama is supposed to be out of office — if he is out of office. What’s behind this subterfuge?  Well, it’s because the American public does not TRUST Obama to implement the immigration laws.  Why?  He hasn’t implemented the existing law, so why should he implement any new law? Border Security would never happen.

Perhaps one or more of your friends, relatives, neighbors, church members, VFW or American Legion members is currently unemployed and needs a JOB.  Well if Amnesty gets approved, chances are that the job he might have obtained will be snatched away by one of the illegals who sneaked under the fence or overstayed his VISA. Why?  Because greedy employers would prefer to pay lower wages to illegals than to red-blooded Americans.  Your fellow American citizen or veteran will be out of luck and out of a JOB for who knows how long — maybe permanently.

That’s why you MUST contact your fence-sitter Congressman and give him what for.  He was elected to represent American citizens and veterans — not illegal non-citizens. Will you stand up for your fellow Americans who have served our country and/or paid taxes? Or will you go along with Boehner and his cronies like Cantor, Ryan, McCarthy, Goodlatte and even Issa who are selling us out?

Apparently the Chamber of Commerce and the Cheap Labor Lobby have PAID OFF the GOP Establishment “Leaders” to pass Amnesty — even if it harms American workers and forces down wages to SLAVE LABOR levels.  Who is behind this?  Think of some names of greedy Elite billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Bloomberg, George Soros and Bill Gates, to name a few, who want to pay low wages to ALL American workers. Nice guys, no? Unions are going along with this scam since they want to recruit new members who they can exploit and force to pay monthly dues — forevermore.  The GOP Establishment supports the scheme since it mistakenly thinks that the illegals will be thankful and will vote Republican.  The fact is, they will vote for the Democratic/Socialist candidates by a 70 to 30 margin.  Why?  You don’t bite the hand that feeds you, namely the DEMS. Now do you see WHY you need to bend the ear of your Congressman — who is supposed to work for you and the best interests of real Americans and of our country?

When you speak with your Congressman, inform him that if he votes for Amnesty, you will not only not vote for him but you will vote for his Conservative opponent in the Primary.  And if he survives the Primary, you will vote, but not for him, but for his Democratic opponent.  (We can afford to lose a few seats in the House and still retain a majority.)

This is serious business, so let’s get serious.  Stand up for your fellow Americans and against the Elites and the Unions, the Cheap Labor Lobby, and the GOP Establishment sellouts.  It’s time to fight for our country and its values.

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  1. Talking to Congress is like … when I was in the Marines, one guy told me that talking to a particular sergeant was like talking to a brick wall – I said he was wrong, the brick wall will just stand there while the sergeant will walk away.