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(Feb. 8, 2014) — The investigations conducted by Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse, summoned by constituents of Maricopa County, Arizona, that were included in the United States Supreme Court case Judy v. Obama 12-5276 coming up through the Georgia Supreme Court, which was the first case in the whole United States to include the investigation and challenged Obama’s qualification as a natural born citizen resoundingly embedded in the United States Constitution, have taken yet another ground-breaking turn.

Information and evidence are now being investigated that involves criminal actions that involve the proof that Obama’s long-form fabrication was not only conceived and proved a forgery as was asserted in my complaint at Judy v. Obama as a Presidential Candidate with standing, but now that it was ‘used with the intentional purposes to defraud’.

On Friday, February 7, 2014, Lead Investigator Mike Zullo was interviewed by Carl Gallups which you can in the 8 minute YouTube video conclude as highlights of the interview.

Sheriff Arpaio Opens 2nd Criminal Investigations Two Events May Happen

[Access video here]

Update 1 of 2 – The most enthralling story is being told at The Post & Email about more of the events taking place that tie in so nicely with a lot more information on what crack Investigator Mike Zullo is finding out with the Obots tied to DARPA, an arm of the Department of Defense (DOD).  I made a comment that the mainstream media is really missing out on one of the more enthralling stories of our time being covered at The Post & Email as the story “Zullo: Some Obots Working for Obama Regime. I’ve GOT THE PROOF” that no doubt would make a spectacular movie!

As the Plea for the United States House of Representatives to initiate its own investigation in hearings continues blind on the schedule, the evidence continues to move and support the deliberate deceit and complicity of government leaders who seem unabated with the storm circulating around them as the 2014 election cycle moves into midterms of its first quarter.

As more and more of the public’s perception turns away from the deception of the mainstream media flailing to keep Obama afloat and unwilling to come to grips with the fact that the boat is half full of water and sinking, the strength of the truth pushes as an ocean filling the holes of the boat with gushing water.

The scandals involving national security breaches including Benghazi, NSA, Fast & Furious, as well as economical tragedies and the seriously questioned death of 4 bankers, one with eight nail gun inflictions as the cause of death, all seem to bear out something is amiss and very well may be about to spin out of control of those pushing and pulling the levers.

Are we again headed for a crash as the stock market is tied so closely to the daily information coming out of a fraudulent administration that has not the trust, security, or respect of the Constitution?

Can one penalty be associated or pinpointed as that foul which caused the reversal of the whole game? It seems on the political field that in the upcoming months, more woes may be understood regarding Obama’s fraudulent use of identity documents that have been put forward in the deliberate use and intended purposes of deceiving and thus instigating an illegal collective coercion of votes in the United States Presidential Elections of 2008 and 2012.

A foul so bad as to cause the entire Nation to reel in disbelief that their elected officials could be so blind, even in the face of knowledge and information that has been consistently presented to them by credible sources. Truly, an age where the very elect have been deceived is upon us in no uncertain terms, and their dumbfounded looks of stupefied ignorance will never again be pacified with campaign promises and staggering resumes.

Hard truths are unfolding that will put every elected official in America on notice that being so associated and thus embroiled in cover-up will never be tolerated or condoned by The People of the United States of America.

If you don’t want to hear it from me, I think this video of Pastor Dr. Manning is a good one to watch because it explains very intimately how the fraud cannot continue: The World’s Greatest Crisis Inevitable
Pastor/Dr. James David Manning was also responsible for bringing this to the attention of all of Congress in the 2010 CIA Columbia Obama Sedition and Treason Trial of which I was the first official candidate in the United States history to swear and testify under oath with standing of the circumstances of Obama not being a natural born citizen, and to testify of my court actions that started with McCain and Obama in 2008 on Day 2 of that trial sanctioned under the 10th Amendment.

See the rest here.

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  1. ROll back about 4 years and you will find American Grand Jury Online exposing all the same and NOTHING was done. All was ignored and at this time, all the dancing around does nothing to expose that fact that Hillary and the Judiciary have illegally blocked out right to serve criminal presentments to reach discovery on any of the criminals operating inside the Obama coup/usurpation.