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by Jack Mertz, ©2014

How many traitorous Republicans will be returned to the House of Representatives in November?

(Feb. 1, 2014) —We had thought that the GOP would fight AMNESTY, but recent events tend to show that Boehner, Cantor, Ryan and McCarthy will instead try to push through an Amnesty Bill disguising it as “legalization” — but IT IS AMNESTY, and once it reaches the Senate, it will be transformed into the Bill crafted by the “Gang of Eight,” including our own Marco Rubio and traitor John McCain.  No Border Security joke anymore.

Conservatives, Independents and genuine Americans, including Democrats, do not want AMNESTY at all, since it will allow illegals to take the jobs of the many American citizens and veterans who are currently unemployed.  The only folks who want amnesty are the Chamber of Commerce, Big Business, Big Agriculture, and greedy persons who do not care about wrecking our country — as long as they can pay new illegals lower wages than decent American workers used to receive.  This is modern day SLAVERY being promoted and allowed by the GOP Establishment because they got paid off by The Chamber of Commerce and tycoons like Michael Bloomberg, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and George Soros. For the equivalent of 30 pieces of silver, Boehner and McConnell are willing to give Obama what he wants — and allow illegals to become voters for Democratic/Socialist party candidates and steal elections for years to come.

Joke:  Obama wants a new “Minimum Wage” — but his policies will allow workers to be paid SLAVE WAGES.

Joke:  The GOP Establishment will fight AGAINST AMNESTY — except they already accepted payment from the Chamber of Commerce and Big Business to fight Conservatives and to promote AMNESTY. Who is kidding whom?

Patriots, we must take action to head off this treasonous activity.  Here are some concrete ideas on how we can sink the Socialist dream and neuter the GOP traitors who are enabling the treason to go forward:

1. Find a few courageous Republicans/Conservatives to demand an election in the HOUSE for a New SPEAKER TO REPLACE TEARFUL TRAITOR JOHN BOENHER.  Do this ASAP — before the Amnesty bill gets passed.

2. Primary John Boehner in Ohio this coming May. (Support his opponent www.jdwinteregg.com.)

3.  Primary Mitch McConnell from Kentucky.  Support Matt Bevin, his opponent. Go to www.bing.com for his address.

4.  Primary Eric Cantor in Virginia.  His opponent is Dave Brat (www.davebratforcongress.com). If Cantor prevails, then vote for his Democratic opponent — we can afford to give up a few seats in the House and still keep a majority.

Make Cantor pay a price for his treachery. (Not sure if Ryan and McCarthy are up for election in 2014.)

5. Call your Congressman and DEMAND “NO AMNESTY.”  (Put the fear of God into them.  Tell them if he/she votes for Amnesty, you will vote not for them — but for for their Democratic opponent. Want to play Russian roulette?)

Call 202-224-3121 today and tomorrow and next week and tell your friends and family to do likewise.

6.  Contact John Boehner’s new Chief of Staff, Ryan Day, and express your utter contempt for what traitor Boehner is attempting to do to wreck our country via AMNESTY.  His e-mail address is Ryan.day@mail.house.gov.  Deluge him.

7.  If Boehner survives the Ohio primary by J.D. Winteregg, then in the General Election, vote for his Democratic opponent. John will then be gone and a new Speaker of the House of the caliber of Jim Bridenstine might be elected to succeed him since the GOP should still have a majority in the House.

8.  Every morning go online to www.redstate.com to learn what else you can do to help Conservatives (and true Americans) to fight the good fight against the GOP Establishment and their AMNESTY love affair. These prostitutes got paid off by the Chamber of Commerce and special interests.  Do not let them get away with their ill-gotten gains.

Follow the money.  Although maybe both Boehner and McConnell are actually being blackmailed by Obama due to some dirt he dug up on them via his NSA spying pals. Why else would they so willingly cave in on all major issues?

9.  Do not donate one thin dime to the Republican National Committee.  Give directly to your candidate or to the House Conservative Fund and to the Senate Conservative Fund ONLY. Hit them where it hurts — in the purse. Make them pay for their treason to American citizens. Starve them out — make them get their money from Karl Rove and the Chamber and the lobbyists and special interests  — but not from decent working-class Americans.

10.  Look around locally to see if there are any good candidates out there who might run against a RINO.  We must reclaim the GOP for true Republicans/Conservatives — not support “Undocumented Democrats.”

11.  Join your local Tea Party — or start one if none currently exists in your area.

12.  Be sure to pass this email along to every thinking American who cares whether his children and grandchildren will live in a free country — or one controlled by the Socialists/Communists.  Recall how well Obamacare is working out –NOT.

13.  If you have other specific ideas which will help preserve our Republic, please share them.  There is no more time left to save our country.  Do everything you can to get rid of the traitors and paid prostitutes who have sold us out.

Remember, these are our own GOP “representatives” who have committed these crimes — I haven’t mentioned the Democrats. It is our own party operatives who are stabbing us all in the back. Time to fight fire with fire. They started this fight, let us finish it via a victory for American values and principles. Let’s turn out the traitors.

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  1. Fantastic idea!!! Let these treasonous cowards in the establishment leadership know we will not only vote against them in the primary but we will also vote for the democrat in the general election if they bring up and continue their push for amnesty for all illegals.