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by OPOVV, ©2014

“What difference does it make?”

(Jan. 27, 2014) — We must have some sort of clue. Maybe not only not giving China most favored-nation-trade (MFN) status, but also the time of day. Now that we got the discussion group going, what say we never, but never ever give any Muslim nation the time of day and not one more penny of our money. I mean, who comes up with these idiotic ideas in the first place? Take your “placate” foreign aid and, well, take it. We don’t need any so-called “protection” and “bribe” payoffs. As a matter-of-fact, we don’t need no payoffs, kickbacks or any-other brain-dead scheme that State has come up with in the past 70 years.

America’s “foreign policy” has been the joke of the planet ever since any of us was born. Just because we failed at it yesterday doesn’t mean we have to continually fail at it forever. But we are failing. Look around at our world today and what do you see except Muslims on a Worldwide Savage Rampage. If you think that a Swedish woman beaten and raped is “out of the ordinary” blamed on “misunderstood Muslims Yutes,” then you better repeat kindergarten.

Why, our “Brain-Dead” Joint Chiefs of Staff CAN’T EVEN ARTICULATE WHO THE ENEMY IS. Is it lack of insight? Is it because they lack the mental capacity to see the world as it really is and not through the eyes of “Our Head Muslim (Obama)”? Are they just your everyday plain stupid or are they your normal “mentally-challenged American voter?” Maybe, and this is really scary, they just don’t know any better, like some members of my family: Obots, and don’t confuse the issue with facts, like Obama’s fake Birth Certificates.

Will our presidential candidate have the moral gumption to tell the UN you’ve got 24 hours to leave New York City and America for good?

Will he or she deport illegal immigrants and every Muslim? Will they be able to have the integrity to tell the Federal Reserve Bank to take a hike, for good?

Will we find out the whole truth about Benghazi? Will Hillary “Benghazi” Clinton be wired to a lie-detector on live television and asked the question, “What did you know about Benghazi and when did you know it?”

Will the next president fire the IRS, give them all pink slips? Maybe the next president will round up all the employees of the Department of Homeland Security and give them to Iran, as a token of good faith: do to these people what they were going to do to us.

Will our next president do away with our non-working prison system and start a new one modeled after the one they use in Japan? Hey, serve your time: no parole board, and if you don’t behave, you just have to spend more time on the chain-gang.

And our next president better be able to say “Obama was ineligible, and I’m going after him and all who knew better but didn’t lift a finger for America.”

You get the picture: no more wishy-washy cowards like Romney who never, not ever, brought up the subject of Obama’s ineligibility. I want somebody who’ll fix it, got it? And you should, too; after all, we’ve only ONE country and we best fight for her or we’ll end up with nothing, like what we have now. This isn’t our country anymore; we’ve been invaded by an Army of Really Stupid People: Muslims and Obots.  Even though they may be stupid (and they most certainly are; I mean, trash the Constitution?) they are, nonetheless, a very real threat to the safety of you, your family and your country.


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  1. A question: If OPoster is EVER determined Constitutionally ineligible to hold the Presidency (which we know he is), will that negate his ability to use the Presidential PARDON that he would surely give himself, if he is EVER found guilty of the criminal acts surrounding his fraudulent birth certificate, draft registration,and social security #?