The Republican Party: BORING


by OPOVV, ©2014

The Republican Party has not been willing to take on the issue of Obama’s forged birth certificate, questionable constitutional eligibility to serve and illegal immigration, among other issues

(Jan. 24, 2014) — The Republican Party is going down in flames and, even though it’s entertaining as all get-out, it’s a crying shame just the same.

The RNC: ‘fraidy cats. Can’t say “Birth Certificate.”  Fails to support the Tea Party. Not a squeak about abolishing the IRS, Dept. of Homeland Security, canceling the charter with the Federal Reserve Board, telling the United Nations to take a hike. Fails to understand that Obamacare is the end of America. Fails to support our troops by allowing gays, Muslims and other assorted questionable characters in. Boot camp a joke. Rules of Engagement another joke.

Give me all the military who wear beards; give them gas masks; put them in a closed space and set off tear gas canisters. Please. Film it: inquiring minds want to have one heck of a good laugh.

The 2014 elections should be a complete 100% landslide for every candidate who isn’t a Democrat. It could be a reality if the Republican Party would get its act together, like now.

But it won’t happen. It’ll never happen because, you guessed it, they just don’t have the brains. So why do politicians have to be people without an ounce of integrity, common sense, honor or brains? Why do they all have to be scraped from the bottom of the barrel? Why can’t we elect people who go to Washington for a term (maximum 2) and then come home and give somebody else a chance? Why are we satisfied with damaged goods? I mean, if they were smart, our country wouldn’t be sliding down into the abyss of Socialism, Big Government, and Big Brother, isn’t that right?

And what about the deportation of ILLEGAL immigrants and Muslims? Isn’t that a common-sense idea? Of course it is, so why isn’t the Republican Party pushing it? A they cowards? Traitors? Surely accepting “illegals” is a traitorous act, so why don’t they care?

Just think: if the Republicans win the House and Senate, the possibility to abolish Obamacare becomes very real. Is that why the RNC is afraid to say anything? Are they saying that they support Obama’s destruction of America? You figure it out; I already have.


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  1. lizMN   Friday, January 24, 2014 at 1:05 PM

    So have I.

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