Let’s Expose Corruption Within the Child Protective Services System pb


by Mad Angel

The federal Centers for Disease Control (CDC) provides funding to the states to prevent or end child abuse

(Jan. 24, 2014) — Thinking outside the box………February 14th is Valentine’s Day……

On this day we celebrate our love for each other.  When in a relationship, this celebration has helped create many of the children in this world. Whether in a relationship or not, the children are still here and still a part of the reasons we strive for greatness.

Yet thousands of our children are being abused, kidnapped and hurt by predators, corruption and abuse in the courts, and there are still millions of people out there unaware of what’s really going on. We cannot get the media to share the whole truth. (Yes, some try, but we need worldwide awareness.)

So for Valentine’s Day I will be releasing balloons with information inside about the facts, statistics and corruption. This will be in the form of statements such as “Did you know that Arizona mishandled 6,000 child abuse cases?”  Or even questions like “Why is it that Florida had over 3,000 children misplaced while in CPS care?”  Or even the cases of children who died while in CPS care.

I’m asking everyone worldwide to help me in this attempt at public awareness. We can put the information out there and include sites for people to look at if they want to learn more. It will take only a moment of your time (and hopefully a small expense of the balloons filled with helium which are only $1 apiece at the dollar store in my area).

This is a chance to share the truth uncensored and unfiltered. And it’s a chance to reach out to many others who are unaware of what’s happening. It’s a chance to bring more public unity…

I hope others will join me on this.

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