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by Sharon Rondeau

Loretta Fuddy was Director of the Hawaii Department of Health from March 2011 to December 2013

(Jan. 17, 2014) — On Carl Gallups’ Freedom Friday, Dr. Grace Vuoto and Gallups discussed reports that the late Hawaii Health Department Director Loretta Fuddy died of cardiac arrhythmia following a water landing of the small airplane in which she and eight others had been flying on a return trip to Honolulu.

On December 11, 2013, Fuddy and the others had visited the former leper colony, Kalaupapa on the island of Molokai, of which Fuddy was the mayor by Hawaii statute.  Fuddy was pronounced deceased after the pilot landed the airplane successfully in the Pacific Ocean on its belly after its single engine lost power.

In April 2011, Fuddy had reportedly supervised the copying of the original long-form birth certificate held by the Hawaii Department of Health for Barack Hussein Obama, several days after which an image appeared on the White House website purported to be a scan of the document Fuddy provided to Obama’s attorney, Judith Corley.  In 2009, the health department changed its policy to release only the “short-form” birth certificate, which does not contain the name of the attending physician, parents’ occupations and birthplaces, and signatures.

A criminal investigation launched in September of that year determined six months later that the image on the White House server was a “computer-generated forgery.”

After pressure mounted from prospective presidential candidate Donald Trump, Obama reportedly wrote to Fuddy to ask that the department make an exception and release his long-form birth certificate.

Gallups stated that when Obama visited Hawaii in 2008 before the presidential election, he visited “two people: his grandmother and Loretta Fuddy.”  However, Fuddy was not health department director at that time, as she was appointed by Gov. Neil Abercrombie in early 2011.  Dr. Chiyome Fukino had held the position under Gov. Linda Lingle prior to Abercrombie’s election in 2010.

Fukino had described Obama’s birth certificate as “half typed and half handwritten,” which does not describe the image posted on the White House website.

In late October 2008, Obama reportedly “suspended his campaign for two days” to visit his ailing grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, in Honolulu, who reportedly died the day before the election.  Obama’s half-sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng, was quoted by NBC News as having said that Obama “inherited his sensible, no-nonsense side” from Dunham.

The Daily Pen, which has not published any new material since November 16, 2012 and could be written by an Obama supporter, reported in January 2011 that “the State of Hawaii has emerged as the primary co-conspirator in keeping Obama’s identity a well kept secret from the American people.”

Fuddy had worked in the field of public health for her entire career.

Gallups also said that Obama had been in Hawaii on December 11 to begin his Christmas vacation, but Vuoto said she was not sure if that were accurate.  Gallups’ son Brandon said he believed that Obama arrived after December 11.  CBS News reported that Obama’s vacation began on December 21, which was the same day as Fuddy’s funeral.

On January 13, The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported that a Maui official stated that “State Health Director Loretta Fuddy died of a cardiac arrhythmia because of stress following a December plane crash off Molokai.”

Officials had said that Fuddy’s autopsy would take “two weeks,” but the results were not announced until several weeks after that following the accident.  The Huffington Post reported that Fuddy’s brother contended that his sister had not had a heart problem.

Last Friday, Vuoto wrote in World Tribune that Fuddy and the others had defied death three times after the crash.

Writing in The New York Times, the Associated Press stated that “Maui police” reported that “Loretta Fuddy’s irregular heartbeat was the result of stress from the Dec. 11 crash.”  Contributing to the Star-Advertiser story, the AP said, “Her death was determined to be accidental, police said Monday.”

Cardiac arhythmia would be an accidental cause without having to restate it.  Fuddy’s Wikipedia entry states that she was “killed in the crash.”

At 8:56 p.m. EST, the discussion on the WheresObamasBirthCertificate radio show turned to Fuddy’s death, to which Erik Rush, as guest host, told guests Linda Jordan and Tracy Fair that he believes that “the good guys” are working on an investigation of the plane crash.

On January 13, Douglas Hagmann reported at Canada Free Press that “Given her role in the authentication of the controversial document, Ms. Fuddy was named in two affidavits (one public, one sealed) filed in the U.S. District Court, Western District of Washington on October 18, 2013, by Douglas Vogt…”  Hagmann quoted Vogt as having said that a “large disparity” existed between two financial reports of Fuddy’s included in the affidavits.

The case number which Hagmann provided is not easily found on the NTSB website, but a general internet search yields a short preliminary report which states that “one passenger was fatally injured,” which does not agree with the announced autopsy report.  “Three serious” injuries were reported which do not agree with published news reports, although the Associated Press said on December 31 that “The NTSB report released Monday largely confirmed previous accounts by passengers and the plane’s pilot” in regard to the plane’s engine failure.

The Post & Email had interviewed Vogt shortly after he filed the affidavits.  At 9:16 p.m., Douglas Vogt called in to the WOBC radio show to report that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals had provided an answer to his request to compel the lower court to empanel a grand jury to examine the evidence he presented.  Vogt said that he is “thinking of” taking the petition to the U.S. Supreme Court if he can raise the money to file it.  “We’re busy trying to resurrect the grand jury system,” Vogt said.

Vogt reported that “the crime happened in three places:  Seattle, Hawaii, and Washington, D.C.”

A radio show host close to the Cold Case Posse investigation reported last month that in regard to the forgery of Obama’s birth certificate, “prosecutions are coming.”

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