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by Sharon Rondeau

The above image was released on the White House website on April 27, 2011 and claimed by Obama to be a copy of his original birth certificate from Hawaii. However, numerous experts have declared it a forgery.

(Jan. 6, 2014) — In an exclusive report to The Post & Email, WheresObamasBirthCertificate.com (WOBC) founder Mike Volin has provided a copy of a letter which will be sent to Barack Obama at the White House requesting the release of his original paper birth certificate.

On April 27, 2011, an image of a purported long-form birth certificate allegedly released by the Hawaii Department of Health was uploaded to the White House website.  However, within 24 hours, experts declared the image a forgery.  In September of that year, a criminal investigation was launched into the image by the Maricopa County, AZ Cold Case Posse.

Obama’s birthplace has been the subject of public controversy since 2008, when reports that he was born in Indonesia or Kenya cast doubt on his constitutional eligibility to serve as president and commander-in-chief.  Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution requires that the president be a “natural born Citizen,” although the term is not clearly defined.  An official biography released by his literary agent stated that he was born in Kenya until April 2007, when it was altered to say that he was born in Hawaii.  Obama had announced his run for president two months prior.

Four historical Supreme Court cases suggest that the citizenship of the parents is equally important, if not more important, than the person’s birthplace, a fact which the Congressional Research Service (CRS) has attempted to occlude.  Obama claims that his father was a British, then Kenyan, citizen, and that he himself was born a dual citizen of Great Britain and the United States, casting further doubt as to his “natural born” status.

In 2009, former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs had insisted that the short-form Certification of Live Birth released at The Daily KOS on June 12, 2008 was Obama’s official and only birth certificate.  The image lacked a raised seal but later appeared to have been altered to show the suggestion of a raised seal.

On March 1, 2012, the Cold Case Posse officially declared the long-form image posted at whitehouse.gov a “computer-generated forgery,” along with Obama’s Selective Service registration form.  The posse continued to investigate and has reportedly uncovered unassailable evidence over the last several months indicative of crime which Zullo has described as “universe-shattering.”

On December 9, 2013, Mark Gillar of the Tea Party Power Hour announced in a video that “prosecutions are coming” in the matter of Obama’s fraudulent documentation.

Hawaii Health Department Director Loretta Fuddy reportedly supervised the copying of the original long-form birth certificate at her offices in Honolulu before providing them to Obama’s personal attorney, Judith Corley of Perkins Coie, in April 2011.  On December 11, 2013, Fuddy was declared deceased when the small plane in which she and eight others had been traveling lost engine power.  The pilot effected a successful water landing and suffered a concussion after bumping his head, but expressed surprise and sorrow when he was told that Fuddy had died.  The other passengers were successfully rescued with only minor injuries after one, a 70-year-old military veteran, swam to shore unassisted.

There has been no word on autopsy results for Fuddy.

In an interview last May, Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo told The Post & Email that the birth certificate image was posted on the White House website “with the intent to deceive.”  The Cold Case Posse may release its newly-discovered information in March.

The letter reads:

Volin will discuss the letter on his radio show on Monday evening, which he told The Post & Email will be mailed “this week.”  When we asked Volin if he has a specific time frame in mind for Obama to respond, he said, “We’re looking toward the end of March or first week in April.”

The Post & Email asked, “Are you seeking a response wherein Obama goes to a podium and holds up a paper document?” to which Volin responded, “That’s not good enough; we want to be there to look at it.  That’s why I put all of my contact information there so he can either email me, call me or send me a letter.”  He added, “I’m open; the door has never been closed.  They have to come forward and say, ‘Here’s what we have; would you like to come see it?'”

When we asked, “Are there plans to take any other action if Obama or his representative does not respond within a certain period of time?” Volin replied:

We plan to return to Congress in large numbers.  When we went last November to Congress to give presentations, we had decided that no one would go alone into an office.  We kept it to groups of two or three to keep it more comfortable, relaxed, and to keep the focus on the presentation.  It was a relaxed atmosphere when we were giving the presentation, but we are at a crisis stage right now and we are going to go in very large numbers.  If it is five or ten people to an office to give a presentation, so be it; we want them to notice that we’re there and that we’re not taking “no” for an answer and we want an investigation.

“If Obama agreed to have you study his paper birth certificate at an agreed-upon place and time, how many do you foresee would accompany you?”

As many as it takes to verify it.  There would have to be forensic investigators.  Certainly, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) would be there; that would be one of my requests, and whoever they would deem a forensic investigator.  We are also asking private investigator and gubernatorial candidate from Michigan for 2014, Mark McFarlin, to attend with us.

Has he agreed to do that?

I spoke to him last night; he’s 110% on our side.  He’s looking forward to it, and he’ll be on the show tonight at 8:30.

[Editor’s Note:  McFarlin had been a guest on the WOBC radio show on December 6, 2013.]

In closing, Volin said:

We want to see the actual paper document that was placed into the scanner that was used to upload it to the White House website, the one that they’re using for identification purposes of Obama.  We don’t want to see any other item such as a scanned copy or something downloaded from the internet.  According to the White House, an attorney flew to Hawaii, got two copies, flew back, and that’s the one that was scanned and uploaded to the website.  That’s the one we want to see.

Update, January 7, 2014:  A signed copy of Volin’s letter is found here.

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