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(Jan. 2, 2014) — Drones over America. Police training to, what, “keep the citizens in line”? Armored trucks for the Riot Squad? Millions of rounds of ammunition against who if not us:  you and me. What, pray tell, have we done to deserve all of this attention? What are we expected to do in the future to warrant our money to buy things that will, potentially, harm us, and when I say “us,” I mean you and your family, so pay attention.

We haven’t done anything wrong, and we don’t expect to do anything wrong, but somebody expects somebody to do something wrong. Let’s see if I understand what’s going on. “Extremist” is just another name for “radical,” which is just another word for “Muslim.” Everyone is so afraid to say the truth: the government which we fund is working at cross-purposes; in other words, what was once “our” government no longer represents “us.”

Harm: to displace, as in emptying your bank account, kicking you out of your home. To injure and maim; perhaps to murder. SWAT teams running roughshod over imagined dire threats where arresting the suspect at the 7-11 gas pump isn’t quite as exciting as wantonly shooting the family dog, which just goes to show you that the Neanderthal hasn’t breeded out after all.

This government has allowed a drug (that makes people stupid) to be sold over the counter: marijuana. The government has a direct “beneficial” relationship with the kinds, amounts, and associated costs with all drugs, legal and illegal, that directly increase the Police State’s budget for additional firepower and sophisticated surveillance capabilities.

Furthermore, because of the increase in drug trafficking (through the direct assistance of the police), the police successfully solicit an increase in manpower whose qualifications that are demonstrably lower than they were 50 years ago. The result? The birth of a Police State, well-equipped and staffed with employees who have no knowledge of, well, not much, thanks to Affirmative Action and the lowering of the standards in our Public Schools.

The criminals are in Washington, DC. From the de facto “America’s Acute Embarrassment” (that would be that Obama clown) to everyone associated with following the orders from this Administration, the wrongdoers are government employees who the citizens are getting fed up with more and more each day.

Got a problem with the prisoners in Gitmo? Ever hear of a firing squad? Islam at war with Western Civilization? There’s a cure.

Okay, there’s a real honest-to-goodness disconnect between the government from the people. There’s just as much of a disconnect between the police and us “civilians.” There’s the mainstream media and there’s the Truth. There’s “education” and then there’s teaching people how to think, how to reason, how to be accountable for their actions.

There are some real honest problems out there, but to spend time and resources targeting the “non-enemy” is just an exercise in surrendering even before the first shot is fired.

What to do? Here’s a question for you. Would you rather have OPOVV as your current president or keep Obama followed by Hillary? Or, to put it another way, do you want Freedom or do you want to be rounded up and given a lethal dose of Zyklon B?

Food for thought. Visit OPOVV.com.

[NOTE: Anyone can don a uniform, but no one can violate your Constitutional rights. No one. You have the God-given right to protect yourself and your family, including your dog, by whatever means you, and you alone, deem necessary.]


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