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by OPOVV, ©2013

Is Sharia law creeping in to U.S. courts and culture?

(Dec. 25, 2013) — Every day in some non-Islamic country in the world, Islam has made yet another inroad in getting Sharia Law as the dominant, meaning the one and only, law of that country. It’s done with the single goal of making Islam the dominant political force, Sharia the only law, and every non-Muslim at the mercy of the Muslim Courts. Muslims use the host country’s laws to destroy the very country whose laws they wish to overturn, just as Hitler did to the Germans in the 1930’s with the rise of the Nazi Party.

From a Muslim cabby refusing to transport a sick dog to the veterinarian to cashiers refusing to ring up wine and pork, the courts are backing the Muslims. There’s a definite difference between the discrimination against a person because of a religious belief and the discrimination to protect yourself, family, community and country against being attacked and killed.

Islam is in a class all its own. There is no other political philosophy that encompasses what Islam encompasses, and one can certainly make the comparison of the last 1,400 years to that of the Aztecs and how they subdued and ruled their own people and that of their neighbors. In Islam’s case it’s the spilling of Infidel blood for a ticket to Paradise. In the Aztecs’ case it was the spilling of non-Aztec blood to appease the Sun God. In either case, human blood was the grease that kept the belief alive.

Attempting to explain to the Aztecs that it wasn’t necessary to spill blood, to cut the hearts out while still beating, was a futile effort, to welcome the sunrise every morning: the sun would have risen anyway. And it’s just as much of a waste of time trying to convince a Muslim that Jews and Americans aren’t pigs and apes, and they need not have to kill to get their ticket to the Great Country Club in the Sky.

And that’s the Muslims’ secret card, the Joker of the deck, that they play daily in the court of public opinion and in the courts around the world. They stress religion, and they’ve been getting away with it. Imagine pushing Socialism and Communism as religions. And that’s the secret, isn’t it? One can present Communism and Totalitarianism as a religion if one would have such an inclination. So how does Islam slide on the religion issue?

Because unimaginative Western minds are afraid to question the status quo. America doesn’t have one politician with the intelligence nor the intestinal fortitude to proclaim Islam as a political force and not a religion.  Behead an Infidel:  that’s okay, it’s religion. Honor-kill my sister, mother, wife, girlfriend, my friend’s sister, mother, wife, girlfriend is allowed; hey, it’s religion. Refuse to have a dog or alcohol in a cab because of religion. Have multiple wives because of religion. Behead a truck driver for delivering vaccines to Muslim children; hey, it’s religion.

No, it is not a religion in any sense of the imagination. Islam is a political philosophy, just like Socialism. Same animal, different stripes. Totalitarianism:  same animal, different stripes. Look at the possible Republican presidential candidates. NOT ONE has the guts to speak the truth. Let’s hear “Birth Certificate,” “Creeping Sharia,” “Deport illegal immigrants and Muslims,” “Abolish the IRS AND the Federal Reserve Bank.”

No, we won’t hear it from any candidate. We’ve become a Nation of Wimps. Is there any American who’ll stand up to the lies, to Creeping Sharia?


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  1. Islam is a demonic sex cult and any discussion taking it as a religion is meaning less. Islam is a cancer and spreading stealthy in the body of mankind in form of creeping sharia. we are tolerating it and the changes it is bringing is insignificant which is like slow poisoning . Over the years it will result death of democracy and all form of virtues we adore in our 21 st century and take us back to 7th century Arabian culture

  2. I am offended as being labeled as Kufar, Goyim or any other anti-Christian term used by other religions to discriminate against me as a Christian! I don’t “discriminate” against them and I expect the same in return as provided by my Constitution. My Messiah was Yeshua as told in Isaiah 53 in the Old Testament as a Message to non-believer Atheists, Jews, Muslims or any other “groups” that despise Christians as “people that believe in ghosts or someone who isn’t here anymore”. Christians are being killed, beaten, murdered every day around the world by radicals and groups of Satanists that believe in man’s folly rather than our supreme being. Will the ACLU protect me for being offended as a Christian? They will certainly run to aid any other “group” that claims to be more important than my beliefs!

  3. It is now costing America over $60 BILLION DOLLARS YEARLY to pay for all these dead beat illegals. I have Hispanic friends that had to run the gamut for citizenship, pay parasitic immigration attorneys ungodly fees for mountains of paperwork, deal with lost papers, mistakes, etc. for years before they could get it right and become citizens. A British friend who is Christian, very intelligent, responsible, a hard worker with great work ethic, a family man and gentleman, went through hell to come to America to become a legal citizen. The only reason the Democrats are doing any of this is; it’s easy to use other people’s money without their permission to give it away to others posing as free benefits and a lifetime of indentured voters so appreciative of all the “free” they were given without taxpayers approval. It is clearly open theft of taxpayer’s money without their approval and the DNC has locked down all channels to appeal to the Judicial through Criminal Presentments and our Constitutional Rights have been illegally removed from us so that no Discovery will ever go to trial to prosecute any of them. Installing Black Panther Eric Holder in the lands highest law position had allowed for endless cover ups and theft never seen before in America. How long will it be allowed? Now that we know the Judicial has played along with this, will America EVER be able to trust or rely on a completely corrupted Judicial and the highest court in the land?

  4. Folks and Patriots, please go to http://www.creepingsharia.com and feast your intellect on what Hillary has done for the DNC and more votes! Now, Muslims are titled as “displaced minorities” ready to collect your free tax dollars and exempt from any zoning laws. They get the same benefits as all the illegal Mexicans and more! $20k for college, welfare, food stamps, cell phones, cars, housing, job training and placement, free business loans, exemption from zoning laws to build more mosques and take over your neighborhoods with Sharia Law that is being pushed all over America. You had better wake up and stop watching and living “The View” with all the outer space characters they have on there and start looking at what is printed on the P&E at http://www.thepostemail.com, Martha Trowbridge Research and Studies at http://www.marthatrowbridge.terribletruthradio.org and “see the train comin’ round the bend” America. If you think Obama Care is bad, wait till you see what is coming in the time before the next “election” that will be filled again with voter fraud as the last two “elections” were and are still under investigation with no answers, all part of the massive DNC cover up efforts to rail Americans into their “$650 billion dollar Medicap Scam” to make all their administrators wealthy and happy at everyone else’s expense and the destruction of a free America as we knew it!