by Sharon Rondeau

(Dec. 22, 2013) — Rep. Steve King (R-IA4) has just returned from a trip to the Middle East, during which he was accompanied by Reps. Michele Bachmann (R-MN6) and Louis Gohmert (R-TX5).

On Sunday afternoon, King announced his return via Twitter, where he tweeted a link to a Christmas video message encouraging the public to “restore the pillars of American exceptionalism,” which he tied to the Founding Fathers, Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution.

The video has also been uploaded to King’s website.

King is a Christian and spoke of the origins of Christmas, on which people of the faith celebrate the birth of Jesus, who they believe God designated as the Messiah of mankind.

King’s message is delivered against the backdrop of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” sung by Frank Sinatra, during which he solicited ideas for a “DC Wishlist.”  King then said that his wish is for Americans to “all pull together…and restore the pillars of American exceptionalism.”

He stated that every member of Congress has taken an oath “to protect and defend this Constitution.”

Asking everyone to contact him at #DCWishlist, which already has a considerable number of “wishes” from Americans.  King concluded his message with “Let’s see what you want for Christmas.”

In an article which combined straight news with opinion, The Washington Post stated that the congressmen’s offices did not release any information about the trip but that local media covered the story of their visit “to iffy places such as Beirut, Cairo and Tripoli.”

Two comments detailing Obama’s support for The Muslim Brotherhood with supporting links to mainstream media articles submitted to The Post originally appeared below the article but are no longer there.

The writer, Al Kamen, suggested that the trip was a “follow-up” to a trip the trio had taken in September which reportedly prompted them to create a video “blasting the Muslim Brotherhood as a ‘great evil’ and a ‘terrorist group’ — and in which Bachman implied the group was responsible for the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.”

It has been more than a suggestion that Obama may have worked with deposed Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi to promote a strengthening of The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and other countries as reported by former PLO terrorist, commentator and blogger Walid Shoebat.

Shoebat has also presented video evidence that Morsi (Mursi) was involved in the terrorist attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012, which the Obama regime has not yet explained.  In August, Shoebat reported that “U.S. officials and experts do acknowledge [1] an Egyptian connection to the Benghazi attacks.”

On October 31, an Egyptian official said that she could “confirm” that Obama’s half-brother Malik is a financial manager for The Muslim Brotherhood, “explains Barack Obama’s coziness with the group.”

Also on Sunday, retired pastor Nathan Bickel hypothesized that Bachmann, Gohmert and King went to the Middle East with the purpose of “fact-finding” regarding whether or not Barack Obama “has directly implicated himself in treasonous activities in the Mideast.”

On November 7, Arabic-speaking author Raymond Ibrahim reported that “a group of Egyptian lawyers” charged Barack Hussein Obama with “being an accessory to the Muslim Brotherhood, which incited widespread violence in Egypt both before and after the June 30 Revolution.”  A link to Ibrahim’s article was one of those left by The Post & Email at The Washington Post earlier on Sunday and removed.

On December 20, Canada Free Press writer Ali Al Sharnoby wrote that Al Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri and Morsi had been planning a surge in The Muslim Brotherhood’s influence over various countries in the Middle East.  Sharnoby further claimed that “private American companies” helped to establish a means by which Morsi could communicate with members of The Brotherhood.

The complaint reportedly cites the violence against and killing of Coptic Christians which took place after Morsi was removed from power by the Egyptian military, destruction of 85 churches, and threats of “annihilation” of Christians.

The Washington Post refers to Morsi’s removal as a “military coup.”

Obama has supported the “rebels” in Syria, which has experienced a nearly three-year civil war, some of whom are reportedly murdering Christian children and throwing them out of windows; using people as human shields; and “establish sharia courts and kill government employees.”

On December 18, Bachmann, who is not running for re-election next year, posted an editorial on her website entitled “Muslim Brotherhood: A history of terror” which she indicated had been published in the Daily News Egypt using British English.  An editor of the publication stated that despite much opposition on the part of the staff and an expected backlash from members of the public, she made the decision to publish Bachmann’s piece.  She concluded that “free speech is an intricate part of freedom.”

In her article, Bachmann urged Egyptian officials to classify The Muslim Brotherhood as a “terrorist organisation.”  “If this decision is made by the Egyptian government then the United States should follow. The designation of the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organisation is warranted and long overdue,” Bachmann wrote.

Christian News reported earlier this month that Gohmert had spoken about Christian persecution around the world on the House floor, decrying “the mainstream media” for ignoring the epidemic.  Gohmert also believes that Americans “are starting to … reward those abroad who persecute the very churches that made America the freest country.”  During his speech, he said, “We are losing our exceptionalism because we are refusing to stand up for Christians here and around the world.”

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  1. Let’s clean out the White House first! High Treason, Perjury, Election Fraud, Murder, Obfuscation, Misprision Of Felony just a traffic ticket? I don’t think so! Term Limits, Reduction Of All Benefits, Reduction Of Authority, Watch Groups At All Levels With Full Prosecution For Oversight And Political Crimes Committed! Let’s roll folks, the Administrative Lottery must end in DC or America is the next Detroit! Unsustainable is the word, we aren’t worried about the bureaucrats in DC when 65 MILLION people have no jobs or are underemployed while Democrats control the job market! ALL DNC and RNC members must be replaced with Veterans and non-criminal minds to clean out the rats from the cheese bins! BUT, first we need “Discovery” to prosecute the the Dems have illegally blocked by threatening the judicial! Forget the paint and cheap talk, we have enough cosmetics to take us to mars with all the bean counters and arm chair hero’s on top. We need real people in DC, enough with the fashion show and on with the job! All the exceptional Democrats are worried about is how they will get access to all the money they have stolen when they bail out of DC! Maybe Black Muslim Eric Holder will help us out?

  2. Thank you Congressmen Gohmert and King and Congresswomen Bachman. You are so right and I think Americans are waking up. Keep speaking out against those who are trying to suppress Christians as this is the highest form of communism. Just once though I want someone to say to the world and not encrypted that the communist aare taking over and are almost there. you must say it like it is.