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by JB Williams, ©2013

Sen. Ted Cruz has voiced strong objections to Obamacare but not to Obama’s eligibility to hold the office of president in keeping with Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution

(Dec. 17, 2013) — Junior Texas Senator Ted Cruz has captured the imagination of many American conservatives hungry for a “real deal” statesman willing to stand up for American principles and values. His fiery pro-American tone is undoubtedly inherited from his very fiery father, Rev. Rafael Cruz.

Rev. Rafael Cruz has become somewhat of a folk hero to many Americans as a result of his polished public delivery of the American Dream, often delivered best by one who was himself, delivered from foreign government tyranny by the grace of American freedom and liberty.

Immigrant Americans from Cuba via Canada, the Cruz family most likely does hold a special reverence toward American freedom, as a result of their own life experiences. Often, immigrant Americans have a deeper sense of American exceptionalism in the world than Natural Born Americans do, those who more often than not, take such great blessings for granted today.

The Cruz family message is hard to misinterpret, and it often sets opponents of American freedom, liberty and exceptionalism, into fits of blind rage, while inspiring many others who yearn for new pro-American national leadership.

Rev. Cruz has been quoted as saying that he believes his son Ted, is “ordained by God, to change the course of history in America.” I pray that Rev. Cruz is right about that, because his son Ted is in the highly unique position to do exactly that…

Today, I write to call upon Ted and his father Rafael, to stand together upon their stated convictions, as only they can do. These two men are indeed in a unique position to alter the course of history in America and save freedom and liberty for many generations to come.

Leaving all political rhetoric and aspirations aside, Senator Ted Cruz can single-handedly end the ongoing systematic destruction of the United States of America and with the help of his father, Rev. Rafael Cruz, I have every reason to believe he will.

What Senator Cruz can do is very simple, though it will not be easy. It will require that both Ted and his father set aside their own ambitions in a selfless act of true heroism, for the greater good of America. It will require brave and bold actions that only Ted is in the position to take. It is simple, but not easy, because it requires the Senator to stand up before the world and make the following proclamation…

“I am honored that so many Americans want me to run for the office of President. However, my moral convictions require that I state clearly for the record that I am not eligible for the office of president or vice president according to Article II – Section I – Clause V of the U.S. Constitution, which requires that only a Natural Born Citizen of the United States, born of an American Citizen Father, seek or hold these offices. As I was born the son of a Cuban Citizen living in Canada at the time, I am not a Natural Born Citizen of the United States. On this Constitutional ground, I hereby state that Barack Hussein Obama, the son of a Kenyan Citizen Father, is also not a Natural Born Citizen of the United States…I hereby call for the immediate investigation and resignation of Barack Hussein Obama and all who were involved in the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the world, as well as all who have engaged in the greatest political cover-up in the history of politics.”

Accepting on faith that Ted and his father Rafael are both Christian men, who do understand and believe that they find themselves in this unique position at the historical moment, I call upon the Cruz family to act upon their stated moral convictions and save America from this massive fraud known as Obama.
Now, a close personal friend, a Texas RNC precinct chair-person, supported Ted’s senate campaign in Texas. He shared with me a conversation he had with Ted during the early days of the campaign. In that conversation, he asked Ted – “What is your understanding of how one becomes a natural born citizen?” – to which Ted answered, “Two citizen parents and born on the soil…” – “That understanding is incorrect, and I don’t have time to explain the real definition right now.” Stated my friend…

Ted no doubt learned this definition from Tea Party friends helping out with his campaign. Despite it not being exactly correct, it was close enough for my friends to ask the second question…

“Based on your understanding, do you agree that Obama is not a natural born Citizen, and is therefore ineligible?” – to which Ted correctly answered, “YES!”

Then the most important question was asked… “If we get you elected to the Senate, will you do something about our illegal occupant of the White House?” – to which Ted answered…. “I think repealing ObamaCare is more important…” The witness is willing to go on-record if need be.

In the end, Senator Ted Cruz has a monumental opportunity to write himself into history as the man who righted the most egregious political wrong in American history. He has only a few weeks to do it, immediately following the holiday, before Obama, Reid and Boehner can ram through amnesty for millions of illegal aliens and pass massive gun control laws against legal American citizens.

If Rev. Rafael Cruz and his son want to be true American heroes, they can be. If they choose not to be, then the Americans who hold such great hopes for Ted will have lost just another hopeful hero who says many of the right things, but refuses to do the most important right things.

Join me in calling upon Rev. Rafael Cruz and his son Ted to stand up, do the right thing…
JB Williams


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  1. I pray Sen. Ted Cruz will stand up and show D.C. how a true statesman follows his beliefs and oath.

    Rev. Cruz may be right saying,”ordained by God, to change the course of history in America.”

    Brings to mind how Moses led the Hebrews out of the bondage and tyranny of Egypt, although Moses was never granted to sit on the king’s throne, he certainly was the person God ordained.

    Sen. Cruz, you certainly are in a unique position!

  2. Senator Cruz could, indeed, save this country by announcing on the floor of the Senate something as simple as, “Obama is not eligible to be President and I have proof, lots of proof.”

    Yesterday, the Godfather of American conservatives, Rush Limbaugh, stated that the liberals will not ever get rid of the Tea Party because it is an idea, a hope, a goal, and not an actual party. He equated trying to get rid of the Tea Party to getting rid of Christmas. Neither will ever occur.

    My point is, as Rush said, the majority of the people in this nation believe in God, morals, and Christmas. That means that Senator Cruz and his father have a whole lot more of us backing them than they might suspect.

    Go Ted !!!!!!!!!