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by OPOVV, ©2013

The U.S. Constitution delineates the responsibilities of each branch of government, while the Bill of Rights contains the inalienable rights of the people as envisioned by the Founding Fathers

(Dec. 12, 2013) — We live in a reality of our own making. If we choose to ignore a problem until it can no longer be ignored, we try and sweep it under the rug rather than deal with the problem as it should have been dealt with in the first place. “Amnesty” is just an excuse for people to shy away from their responsibilities, to do what should have been done in the first place. Year after year, members of the court have shunned their duties for which they were hired, and due to their incompetence, we, our children and the whole present and future society of the USA must pay.  At least that’s what they would like you to believe.

I’m not buying into the hype, the lies and the sorry reasons why we must have a “Dream Act” and why we’re even talking about amnesty in the first place. Rewarding lawbreakers isn’t my idea of “A Nation of Laws.” Did you ever see how they run when an ICE paddy wagon rolls up to a business in some industrial park? It reminds one of rats when overturning a 4 x 8 sheet of plywood that’s been on the ground for a while: they scatter every which-way. It wouldn’t be because they know they’re breaking our laws, now would it? Some citizens they make, right?

And speaking of rats, let’s turn our attention to Congress, without a doubt the most underhanded group in America. Oath? What Oath? I’m not even going to discuss the de facto president’s ineligibility and our politicians’ silence on the subject. But I will draw your attention to the Congress, which spends money that they don’t have, that WE don’t have. Forever borrowing is not a solution to economic independence, yet day after day that’s all our politicians do: enact more laws and spend more money. What they should be doing is to repeal a great majority of the laws that are on the books and spend less money: stay within the budget, just as any business must do to stay solvent.

The IRS is a case in point: a department whose time has come to be abolished. Besides being unconstitutional, the IRS’s powers are ridiculously draconian in nature, meaning they operate outside the law. Institute a nationwide sales tax and eliminate the need for the IRS and, congruently, Obamacare.

Give this a thought: if the government acted in an honest and above-board manner, there would be no need to act paranoid, but paranoid they are.  The only reason why they would even suggest abolishing the Second Amendment would be if they were doing wrong and had something to hide. It is my contention that every government should be protected by armed citizens. It would be nice if each of us could have our own submarine, battleship and aircraft carrier, but we can’t, at least not in the year 2013. Maybe in the future every citizen would have those things, but for now let’s just make sure each of us is armed with handguns, shotguns and rifles.

A government that has nothing to hide, that is working in the people’s best interest, has no need to fear their constituents. However, if a government is operating illegally, underhandedly, secretly, then it’s even more imperative that we citizens be ARMED TO THE TEETH.  It just makes for good, honest politics, something that’s clearly lacking in Washington these days.


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