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by OPOVV, ©2013

What does the crew of the International Space Station see when it looks back at Planet Earth?

(Dec. 4, 2013) — In the Japanese film, “Rashomon,” four separate “Truths” are examined, and we learn that the same incident was interrupted four different ways, hence the four widely different “truths.” What if, say, you’ve spent the last ten years on a space station in our solar system and you’ve been watching the USA with great interest. You see that the United States has been taken over by sinister forces aligned with Islam and Communism, but some of your fellow astronauts see America forging forward, ignoring the increased numbers of home foreclosures, fellow citizens relying on the government’s Food Stamps for sustenance, a weakened currency and military, and the constant stream of half-truths and outright lies spread by the mainstream media. Same view, but widely different “truths.”

You know that the Birth Certificate that the White House released is a fake, and find it quite audacious that the de facto president would release it at all since that’s all LTC Terry Lakin wanted to see, albeit a real one, not a doctored document pushed off as a “truth.” But your fellow travelers dismiss Lakin as a deserter for refusing to follow orders, notwithstanding that the orders were, in fact, illegal. As far as the Birth Certificate is concerned, they refuse to be sidetracked by fabricated and made-up “facts,” are convinced Obama was born in Hawaii and have a mental block even discussing the subject because they’ve been informed that any intellectual debate on the topic is forbidden; that the people who believe that Obama is not Constitutionally eligible to hold the office of president are “Birthers,” someone tantamount to an intellectual leper, to be avoided at all costs. “You’re not a ’Birther,’ are you?” as if nothing could possibly be worse.

You see, “Obamacare” has a Socialist stranglehold on America; the death of the 40-hour workweek; the end of the middle class; and the death of many Americans who will end up with no health insurance whatsoever. Others on the space station ignore people losing their jobs and their health insurance because they refuse to acknowledge that the “Affordable” government insurance isn’t affordable. They believe that these “Republican-caused glitches” are a fleeting problem, little recognizing that with the implementation of Obamacare, the end of America is at hand.

You see the Department of Homeland Security as an arm of the enemy’s military. You see TSA agents pulling decorated Vietnam Veterans from the line for a “pat-down” while allowing Muslims to walk by with nary a glance. The fact-challenged members of the space station see Homeland Security welcoming Muslims to America. You see millions of illegal immigrants while others see “undocumented guest workers.”

So we learn that seeking “Truths” is a waste of time. We also learn that there are those whose minds are made up and no amount of facts is going to change anything. We learn that any criticism of Obama is met with comments of “Racist,” that having a mature debate is useless with an Obot. But there IS something that we came away with: an Obot may see the truth if it affects their pocketbook. Capitalists at heart after all: who would’ve thunk it?


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