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by OPOVV, ©2013

Are current state governments too corrupt to function properly?

(Dec. 1, 2013) — No, this isn’t about the Federal Reserve’s shareholders fleecing you and me out of our hard-earned money, used to pay off politicians and judges to look the other way while “The Fed,” a privately-held corporation, orders the US Treasury to print money, then we give that same money to “The Fed” who, in turn, “loans” that same money back to us, WITH INTEREST. And that, my Friends, explains our National Fleece (some call it the “National Debt”) in a nutshell.

No, the “Debt” that this article is about is what each of us owes to the preceding generations for our Freedoms. It’s about our responsibilities to the Forefathers of this country. It’s about the least any of us can do to repay the debt of gratitude that we’re thankfully born with.

The Freedoms that each of us enjoy isn’t based on our ability to read and write, or being a landowner, or having money, but of having been born in our country (NOTE: I’m excluding “anchor babies; my editorial, my choice).

These Freedoms that our Founding Fathers passed on to the future generations have been eroding year by year. What once was the pinnacle of Freedom is now but a show of what once was, thanks to the IRS, Affirmative Action, and the Department of Homeland Security, to name just a few.

After the South lost the Civil War, Yankees invaded with “Union Currency” (carried in “carpet bags” — bags made from heavy cloth) and, since the only money the Southerners had was useless Confederate money (I used to get Confederate money with my breakfast cereal), there was no possible way for them to pay any “(made-up) tax” that was levied against plantations, farms, homes and businesses by the civil authorities, who were, magically, put in place of power by the Union Army. The very worst thing that could have happened to the Southerners was Lincoln’s murder, for Lincoln envisioned the South’s aftermath following the Civil War and had plans to rebuild it.

But, unlike the so-called Palestinians, our Southerners rebuilt and are now an integral part of our country, although the memory of Sherman’s march to the sea is well-remembered.

But our Constitution reigned supreme, and with it the steadfast belief that no one is above the laws of our land, which automatically makes each of us equally sovereign. Within each of us Americans lies the domination and protection of the US Constitution, no matter who, or where, we are.

It has been reported that law enforcement officers of the State of Tennessee target citizens for “eternal vigilance,” for “attempting to expose systemic corruption and professional misconduct on the part of judges and court personnel,” meaning that they’re against citizens for doing the job for which they themselves were hired to do: defend and protect the Constitution. Traitors of our country can be found in all walks of life, but those who are at the bottom of the list are members of law enforcement and the military, and U.S. Attorneys, such as William C. Killian, for targeting people for speaking the Truth about Islam. Read about what the Muslim Brotherhood says and watch the movie “FITNA” for the truth about Islam.

It makes no difference if you ever took an Oath to the Constitution as you do when joining the military and/or becoming a member of The Court; each of us has a duty to fight wrongdoings, abuses, and out-and-out corruption. Additionally, you have the right, afforded to you by the very Constitution that you have been tasked to protect, to protect your rights. It seems that SPC Eric Higgins is the latest in a long line of honorable people being targeted by the scum, the bottom of the barrel, the “no excuse,” the Affirmative Action, the “just-aren’t-smart-enough-to-get-with-the-program” members of the Tennessee court (law “enforcement”), who have yet to learn that a person is judged by how he lives his life and not how much he can get away with.

“When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands…” is the preamble for a people to LAWFULLY fight back.


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