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by Sharon Rondeau

Was Obamacare a massive wealth redistribution scheme?

(Nov. 28, 2013) — The Obama campaign organization “Organizing for America” has launched a website urging people to initiate conversations about enrolling in Obamacare over the Thanksgiving holiday.

The new website, Health Care for the Holidays, is hosted by BarackObama.com and advises readers that “If you have family members who are uninsured, you can play a big part in helping them find coverage that works for them. It might not always seem like it, but your family listens to you. So have the talk.”

However, because fixes to Healthcare.gov, the national portal which opened to a highly troubled start on October 1, are not complete, “A swarm of users could still disable” it, according to Jeffrey Zients, who is in charge of the website repairs and reportedly working unpaid..

On November 18, Obama held a conference call with “supporters” in which he reportedly asked them to “keep fighting with him” on the health care bill known as Obamacare, which has caused millions of families to lose their health coverage.  Tens of millions more are predicted to lose their employer-sponsored coverage as more conditions of the law are scheduled to take effect in December.

Both Democrats and Republicans had predicted that the rollout of Obamacare would be “a train wreck,” but neither Obama nor Senate Democrats would negotiate a one-year delay in its implementation or its defunding.

The navigational tabs on the Health Care for the Holidays website provide suggestions on how to encourage family members to sign up for Obamacare, which include an assessment of “how much you want to pay” for insurance.

As of this writing, the video in the first tab is not working.

The majority of individuals who have signed up in state health care exchanges have enrolled in Medicaid, which carries no cost to the direct consumer, but rather, is paid for by the redistribution of wealth created by the 16th Amendment, which authorized a direct income tax on Americans’ wages.

Obamacare has been called a wealth redistribution scheme which takes money from those who have it and provides it to those who do not.

On Wednesday, despite urging people to promote Obamacare over Thanksgiving, the regime reportedly told The New York Times that a surge of potential insurance customers could cause the problem-plagued Healthcare.gov “collapse under a crush of new users.”  In regard to traffic following the initial November 30 date for repairing the Healthcare.gov website, newly-anointed White House Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri was quoted as having said, “Our recommendation is that we expect there to be really high traffic. You shouldn’t be driving traffic.”

Former Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer, whose photo appears with the posting of Obama’s fraudulent long-form birth certificate, is now a senior adviser.  According to Pfeiffer, Obama was unable to attend the 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address on November 19 because he was “too busy fixing” the Healthcare.gov website.

During the debt ceiling negotiations, Pfeiffer described Republicans as having “a bomb strapped to their chest.”

On Wednesday, the regime announced that the small business portal for purchasing health care will not be available for another year.  In response, Speaker of the House John Boehner called upon Obama to “repeal” Obamacare, but that is the purview of Congress.

Obama has unilaterally delayed other parts of the law which Congress passed without a single Republican vote, including the employer mandate and the enrollment deadline for next year.  Thousands of workers have been reduced to part-time employment as a result of employers’ efforts to avoid the mandate when it takes effect on January 1, 2015 by Obama’s edict.

Under “Common Misconceptions,” the advice from Health Care for the Holidays is to tell relatives that “There are a variety of plans available in the new health insurance marketplace, so you can pick one that fits your budget. There’s also financial assistance available based on how much you make. In fact, almost 6 in 10 uninsured Americans may be able to get coverage for $100 a month or less.”  However, The Huffington Post reports that there are only four states in which the “average weighted premium cost” is below $199 monthly on plans with “a high deductible.”

Many of those who have been notified that their plans will be canceled at the end of next month have reported considerably higher premiums which they cannot afford.

It has become evidence that when Obama told the public that “If you like your plan, you will keep it,” he knew he was lying.  The regime also was aware of problems before the launch of Healthcare.gov because of missed deadlines, changing objectives, and disagreements among personnel as to how to accomplish them.

Approximately $1 billion of taxpayer money has been spent on the dysfunctional website.

In a handwritten response to a Texas schoolteacher, Obama claimed that he has “strongly defended the rights of everyone to speak their [sic] mind,” including dissenters to his policies.  However, his regime has labeled anyone defending the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights a “sovereign citizen,” “potential domestic terrorist,” and “right-wing extremist.”

In the letter, Obama casually used a term which The Post & Email will not reproduce here because of its lewd connotations and admitted that passing Obamacare “wasn’t the smart political thing.”  There is nothing in the U.S. Constitution authorizing a mandate for Americans to purchase anything.

On November 25, the Capitol City Project reported that a “non-partisan” organization, Families USA, was provided with $1.1 million to “gather ‘success stories’ of Americans dealing with Obamacare and distribute them to the media.” The president of Families USA also serves on the Board of Directors of a group heavily involved in marketing the Affordable Care Act to the American public and advocates “changing attitudes toward immigrants” based on the “theme” of “commitment” to becoming American.

The Republicans have invited members of the public to share their Obamacare experience at a portal which details enrollments on a state-by-state basis as they are offset by insurance policy cancellations.  As of this writing, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania shows 2,207 enrollments and 250,000 cancellations.

The Republican caucus has drawn up its own set of talking points about the “disastrous Obamacare rollout.”

Obama is reportedly a former community organizer who used the tactics of Saul Alinsky to achieve concessions from banks on home loans and “rights” for minorities even when no “injustice” existed.

In an interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd earlier this month, Obama said that he was “sorry” that many Americans who will be shortly uninsured “are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me.”

NBC has been named as a co-conspirator in the forgery of Obama’s long-form birth certificate in a Notice of Commission filed with a federal court in Washington State and now appealed to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

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