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by Nathan Bickel, ©2013, blogging at Moral Matters

(Nov. 19, 2013) — The book, “War on the Saints,” describes demoniac oppression and possession. No other literary treatise (since) has paralleled it. “War on the Saints” was authored in the early 1900′s by a spiritually insightful and gifted, Jessie Penn-Louis.

A major theme in her enlightening book, is the description of the “‘perfect’ seed-bed” for demoniac (possessive influence). That fertile seed-bed is a person’s passive mind. It is this author’s viewpoint that (aka) Obama and his contrived political actions are not so much about “right,” “left;” liberal, progressive or even socialistic. Rather, Obama’s sins of political omission and active commission have everything to do with the demoniac.

(Aka) Obama’s personal background is shrouded in secrecy. It is riddled with ID fraud.

(Aka) Obama’s political ascendancy can now be traced (from and to) a contrived (pre-planned) “end-game.”  The latest personal newsworthy revelation has personally come forward, admitting that (aka) Obama was “nothing” until he was schooled to become a (willing) patsy for Marxist endeavors and destructive goals to be perpetrated upon America.  [1]

You may think the aforementioned is a “far-stretch?” Then, educate yourself with the admission of Harry Lennix, who, relates that he (basically) mentored a much younger (aka) “Obama” to blend in with American contemporary society; not only to “blend in,” but to amalgamate himself with traditional America, so that he could skate by,  unnoticed for the real person he was and was intended (pre-planned) to be.  [2]

Some of you (who are older) may remember the past popular movie, “The Omen” Its subject focus was an adopted boy born under mysterious circumstances. Eventually,  (over a series of maddening events) the adoptive father is finally persuaded that “Damien” is demonic and evil.  He attempts to rid the world of this demonic personage scourge, but is shot and killed in the process. The boy ends up being adopted (again) by the US Ambassador to Great Britain. The final shot of the movie concludes with “Damien slowly turning to give the camera a diabolical smile.”

Although no analogy is perfect, America’s (aka) “Obama” can be somewhat compared to “The Omen’s,” Damien. Obama’s birth background is shrouded in secrecy.  [3] [4] Everything about Obama smacks of a negative (devilish) nature. [5 ]  He, like Damien,  is an evil scourge of deceit and death to American lives who surround him.  [6 ] The most recent evidence of that scourge, is the Obamacare debacle,  which involves multiple millions of American lives.

The aka Obama “pieces” are being assembled. The demonic Obama “dots” are being connected. As reality would have it; aka Obama, is America’s Omen child. Aka Obama was convinced that he would be (someday) America’s future president.  [7 ]  Harry Lennix has now come forward to relate how he trained aka Obama to become “presidential.” [8 ] 

Obama and his loyal Marxist cabal: A major reason why Obama proliferates his demonic deception and lies:

Aka, Obama, is an American (socialist / communist) Muslim / Marxist patsy. No one person since the 1900′s has achieved as much success altering this country’s political landscape as aka, Barack Hussein Obama. Granted, Supreme Court decisions such as Roe V. Wade and forced busing did its political correctness damage. Also, uprooting First Amendment religious expression from the public school system and neutering local school boards, have been part and parcel of dismantling traditional, patriotic and Constitutional America, in favor of introducing the false gods of political correctness, secularism and multiculturalism.

It is no surprise (those) who surrounds Obama, to carry out his criminally evil destruction of traditional, patriotic and Constitutional America. One has no further to look than to research such criminal comrades, as Attorney General Eric Holder.  [9 ] Also, those not to be overlooked, are part and parcel of the Obama corruption team; – Valerie Jarrett, [10] David Axelrod, [11] Van Jones, [12] Cass Sunstein [13]  Mark Lloyd [14] and multiple others. Do an online personal research of these individuals and their personal histories and note how they so snugly fit into aka Obama’s Marxist agenda type actions. [Note this link for a ready resource]


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  1. Thank you Mr. Bickel.

    You are spot-on. America has become “the perfect seed-bed” for the demonic. Very few people, which would certainly include today’s pulpit puppeteers, have read “War on The Saints.”

    Nevertheless, Almighty God will always have a “remnant” to praise and worship him.

    Rom.11:5 Even so then at this present time also there is a remnant according to the election of grace.

    I highly recommend A.W. Pink’s book “The Sovereignty of God.”

    God never slumbers or sleeps, he is well aware of what is going on today.

    God speed, Mr. Bickel