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by OPOVV, ©2013

The framers of the Constitution intended the central government to be small and limited in scope. Today, it consists of hundreds of departments and agencies.

(Nov. 17, 2013) — It’s a simple formula, so simple that one would think that even a Democrat, a person who voted for Obama, a person who is, therefore, a low-information voter who believes in Socialism, collecting from those who actually do the work, could be made to understand.

It must be wonderful to look down on those who break their backs getting ahead and making a living. If education were, somehow, free, then we’d all be doctors of something, from a PhD in Anthropology to Zoology, but education isn’t free; it costs money, a lot of money.

Pay for the class, the books, the apartment, electricity, the shirt on your back, the car, gas, insurance, the toothache, the removal of a cyst. Borrow the money, get a student loan, and then be saddled with huge debt. Work your way through school and graduate when you’re in your 30’s (or 40’s).  Now you’re older and out of debt, but future employers want young, not old, and don’t give a hoot about your being dumb enough to gett yourself in debt.

Maybe you’ll be hired by the government.  But do you really want to work for a “nanny,” to be a member of a union which protects inept undesirables, or, if not a union member, always wonder what you could’ve accomplished had you just a little bit more self-respect and gumption? Certainly, not all government employees are totally worthless, but the majority are, so would you want to be associated with a bunch of worthless losers all your life? Besides, it’s worse than it once was since the introduction of affirmative action.

If our members of Congress knew what they were doing, they’d be spending their time abolishing laws rather than making up new ones. Come to think of it, there are a lot of things that could use abolishing, like the IRS, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Education, to name a few, including not renewing the Federal Reserve Bank’s contract for another 100 years, let alone another day.

Government “Paid Holidays:” don’t you just love it? Paid by whom? we ask. Well, truth be told, paid by every taxpayer, which includes the government employees themselves.

Getting back on topic, the more government employees there are, the more snitches, dirty rats snooping everywhere, in your garbage and in your bank account. Do we want bigger government, more intrusive “Obot neighbors,” or not?

I like the “or not” bit. What about you?  Are you on the side of our Constitution and “Let freedom ring,” or are you one of those Obots who vote party and color over content of substance, character, the plain common sense that God gave you, over the graves of the dead that gave up their lives for your freedoms, over content of, as the AP calls Obama’s lies, “inflated promises,” and over content of Freedom-killing Obamacare?


[Editor’s Note:  An alphabetical listing of all U.S. government departments is here.]

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