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by Sharon Rondeau

Douglas Vogt is writing a book entitled “From Forgery to Treason” about the forgery of Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate and other crimes committed to place and maintain him in the office of President of the United States

(Nov. 15, 2013) — The following is Part 2 of The Post & Email’s interview with Douglas Vogt, who on October 18 filed a Notice of Commission of federal crimes at the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington.

The Notice contained a public affidavit and a sealed affidavit accompanied by a Memorandum of Law in Support of Motion to Seal Document in which Vogt alleged that he had knowledge of two federal statutes having been violated.

Vogt stated that the image posted on the White House website on April 27, 2011 purported to be Obama’s long-form birth certificate is a forgery and that he knows who committed the crime.  Other document and graphics experts have also declared the image a forgery, including the Maricopa County, AZ Cold Case Posse, which has given two formal press conferences on its findings since March 2012.

The posse determined that the Selective Service registration form bearing Obama’s name and released to members of the public was also a “computer-generated forgery.”

On November 5, Judge James L. Robart replied to Vogt that his court did not have “subject matter jurisdiction” over a challenge to Obama’s constitutional eligibility, citing previous civil cases filed by Attys. Phil Berg, Orly Taitz and others.  Robart also contended that Vogt did not have “standing” to bring the case.  At that point, the filing was referred to as “Vogt v. Obama,” even though Vogt had submitted it as “Notice of Commission of (i) Felony Cognizable by a Court of the United States as required by…”

On November 12, Vogt responded to Robart by stating that he is not seeking for the court to settle a “case or controversy,” referring to the Article III of the U.S. Constitution regarding the federal courts.  Rather, Vogt said, “Nonetheless, this Article III ‘inferior court’, bound by its duties imposed upon it by the Ninth and Tenth Amendments, Congress and the common law, is now duty bound to take two actions:  First, to formally recognize that Vogt has discharged his duty under the Misprision statutes.  Second, due to the ‘public interest’ in the allegations contained in Vogt’s public affidavit and presently-sealed affidavit, superintend those affidavits to the Grand Jury for its consideration.”

The image was said to be a scan of a certified copy issued by the Hawaii Department of Health several days prior to its uploading to the White House server.  The Cold Case Posse said at a press conference on March 1, 2012 that it knew from which computer the image was uploaded, but not the specific individual who performed the action.  Vogt has provided his expertise to the posse and reached conclusions about who the forger and her co-conspirators were in producing the fraudulent document and committing other crimes such as spreading propaganda and launching ridicule campaigns against anyone questioning Obama’s birthplace, background or constitutional eligibility to serve as president.

On his website, Vogt describes the birth certificate forgery as “the worst crime in American history.”  He and typesetting expert Paul Irey are in the process of finalizing a book about their findings entitled From Forgery to Treason.

THE POST & EMAIL:  Could every citizen in this country use what you wrote and submit it to a federal court?

MR. VOGT:  They’d have to have the experience of Paul and me, which is collectively 82 years.  We were uniquely qualified to do this, to drag out the evidence necessary to prove that Obama’s birth certificate was a forgery, and a bad one, too.  But a citizen will be able to submit evidence on another case.  It could be the EPA stealing somebody’s land or anything else with a bureaucrat or politician.  That’s why the politicians feared it so much…it’s what they used to call a “runaway grand jury,” which could put them in prison.

THE POST & EMAIL:  Atty. Roger Roots wrote an excellent essay entitled, “If it’s Not a Runaway, It’s Not a Grand Jury” about how the grand jury as an institution has been eviscerated.

MR. VOGT:  To summarize, Montgomery Blair Sibley said that my case is the perfect storm because it is certainly of public interest that you have a foreign agent as President of the United States.  This affects everybody.  The other side cannot argue that this is not of public interest.  The next will be getting to a grand jury.  they have to by their own court rules.  They have to. Once it gets there, it’s a total game-changer.  There will be people in the administration who will be packing their bags and leaving the country.

I didn’t just include the forgery:  it’s treason.  People deliberately wanted a foreign agent to become President of the United States, and by Title 18, 6 and 3592, severe risk to national security.  This is the worst; there is nothing worse than this.  And his own behavior…it’s sinking him.  Even the Saudis are trying to get the United States out of the Middle East totally.  The Russians are going to be going in and replacing us in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States.  He’s doing everything he can to destroy the United States:  our credibility and our bank account.  It is Cloward & Piven all over again.  He’s a Marxist, a Muslim and he’s going to destroy the big Satan.

THE POST & EMAIL:  It does appear that he harbors animosity for this country.

MR. VOGT:  Yes, he does.  That’s why I got involved.  The other reason I got involved is that I knew he was an anti-Semite and wanted to destroy Israel.  That isn’t going to happen.  The Obama care bill is working perfectly, exactly the way it’s supposed to:  to destroy free enterprise, the middle class, and the country.

THE POST & EMAIL:  And here everyone is going back and forth about a website that doesn’t work…

MR. VOGT:  Where in the Constitution does it say that the government has the right to tell someone to buy a product from a company, and if you don’t buy it, you’ll be taxed by the IRS?  The tax will eventually be up to $3,000.  The only qualification for buying it is that you’re alive. So if you don’t buy it, you can go to prison for non-payment of the fine, just because you’re alive.  The majority of the American people have been so dumbed-down by academia; that’s where the blame is.

The main issue with the court case is that if I succeed, and I suspect I will because it’s so clear-cut; they can’t wiggle out of this one.  You don’t have to have standing to report a crime.  The way we answered the response was that it’s a non-sequitur; this is not the same subject.  Any court will be able to see this.  If I succeed, then it will be a landmark case.  This will go down in history.  I’ll be the first one in history to maybe resurrect the grand jury and maybe stop these Marxists from destroying the country.

THE POST & EMAIL: The grand jury used to keep our government officials accountable.

MR. VOGT:  Yes.  The purpose of this whole thing was that I had to find a way of approaching the court with the evidence that Paul and I have accumulated over the last two and a half years to try to bring these criminals to justice, and not just Obama.  Obama is nothing more than an empty suit, anointed because he’s the illegitimate son of Frank Marshall Davis.  That’s why he got a silver spoon in his mouth with all of those expensive schools:  it’s because Frank Marshall Davis of the Communist Party paid for it all, from high school to Occidental to Columbia – although he probably was never there.  The Saudis have bribed us…$20,000,000 will get you a degree from Harvard.  He never wrote an article for The Harvard Law Review?  Crazy.  This is the first time in history. This is what money does.  Totally corruptible.

THE POST & EMAIL:  So you believe he never had to actually fulfill the requirements at the schools?

MR. VOGT:  Absolutely nothing.  Being an accountant, I learned three important things:  follow the money trail; he who pays the piper plays the tune; and don’t take anybody’s word for anything.  Investigate it and test it yourself.

The media is controlled because of Operation Mockingbird.  They’re controlled, period.  They’re bribed, paid for, or threatened, which is why we get only one type of news.  NBC ran that story by those two authors:  “How Obama Beat the Birthers,” but this subject was dead in the media.  Why did they resurrect it after my affidavit was filed?  Because they saw that I also included the executives from NBC, GE and Savannah Guthrie (page 26).  They know I connected the dots, and it led right to them.

I know why:  $345 billion.  That’s the reason why.

THE POST & EMAIL:  How so?

MR. VOGT:  GE Capital was able to sell $345 billion in bad debt, home loans they did, to the FDIC.  There was an article in The Washington Post back in 2008They didn’t qualify for TARP or a bailout because they weren’t a bank, but the administration made a deal with them, and they changed the rules and let GE Capital unload $345 billion of bad debt and had to pay only $2.3 billion to the FDIC to do it for the insurance policy, retroactively.

It was NBC and MSNBC, and they became nothing more than Pravda and Isvestia, the propaganda wing of the left wing of the Democrat Party.

THE POST & EMAIL:  Have you heard anything from anyone at NBC?  Has anyone threatened to sue you?

MR. VOGT:  No. Let me explain.  When you report a crime, you’re exempt from slander and libel.  The evidence is there.  If they ever did, at the discovery stage, I’d have so much fun.  I’m exempt because of that.  I presented the evidence.  There’s no doubt there was no embossed seal on that birth certificate that Savannah Guthrie photographed; staged, both on TV and on her Twitter page, and she felt it.  It was not there, and we proved it.  They would have to prove different, and they can’t.  Nine or 12 days later, she was promoted to the co-host of the 9:00 hour of the “Today” show, and one year later, after they got rid of the older lady, Ann Curry, unsanctimoniously, they hired Guthrie to be the co-host of the “Today” show.  My theory is that she did it to promote her career.

THE POST & EMAIL:  Did Guthrie know she was lying about the raised seal, as you allege?

MR. VOGT:  She said she felt it, but there’s no evidence it was ever on there.  What ruined it for them was that the copies they made were from the day before Judith Corley brought them back from Hawaii.  They took one of those, and they had to prepare a packet for all the newsmen the next morning.  So they copied them on a black and white copier, and all evidence and image of the seal disappeared totally on the black and white.  That means it was only part of the green background color.  The reason the green dropped out was that most copiers use a green light for a light source. It’s called a “color dropout.”  It just dropped out; it doesn’t exist.

The embossing becomes part of the paper; it puts holes in it in a pattern that you can read.  I have six or seven examples in one of the exhibits.  You can see for yourself.  It’s just not there; it’s gone, vanished, disappeared.

THE POST & EMAIL:  Have you heard from any of the Obots?

MR. VOGT:  No, I think they want to stay far away from me.  There was one who did, but he was really doing it for someone else who did the research.  It was about the age of the purported father, Barack Hussein Obama Sr. as stated on the birth certificate.  The “father” was really 27, not 25, when Obama was born.

THE POST & EMAIL:  I know there are two different dates that have been given.

MR. VOGT:  I have the proof; I presented the proof; there’s no question about it.  They’re trying to get that guy off the hook.  It won’t work.  There’s also this:  The person who did the research and enabled this thing became a principal in a forgery case and a treason case.  They cross over and are no longer an accessory just “helping out the cause;” they become a principal.  The sentence for a principal on a treason case like this is either life in prison or the death sentence.  That’s why they’re scared.

They know that if a grand jury finds that I’m correct, the birth certificate is a forgery and he’s not proven to be a U.S. citizen, that means they have to unravel a lot of things that this guy did.  They have a constitutional crisis and then they have to prosecute a lot of people as principals in a treason case.  They can’t label this as anything other than treason.  A lot of people will hang or get life in prison.  The ones who go first to a special prosecutor, whenever that happens, will not hang and get a reduced sentence.  They will be the ones who will bring this whole thing down.

THE POST & EMAIL:  Do you think someone will step forward and confess?

MR. VOGT:  Yes, they’ll make a deal with the prosecutor and start to spill state’s evidence, then things will start unraveling.  This is the only case that they’re really scared about.  Chris Matthews, just a few days ago, was screaming about “the Birthers.”  That’s a dead issue for them; why are they bringing up the birth certificate?

THE POST & EMAIL:  You’re talking about fraud and forgery, not where Obama was born.

MR. VOGT:  It’s the fact that I mentioned NBC and General Electric; that’s why they’re trying to defend it.  That’s their problem; they have to deal with it.

If it does go to a grand jury, what I’m told is that the prosecutor would wind up sending letters saying something like, “You are the subject of a grand jury investigation.”  And the first person you call is your lawyer.  That’s when you know you’re in trouble.  I pray for the day that that happens.  Obviously, at that point, it would be out of my hands, and the grand jury’s work would be in secret.  You wouldn’t even know they’re doing it until they send the letters out.  Then you’d know there’s a grand jury on it.  Then the attitude in Washington and in the White House is going to change dramatically because everybody has already read the 20 points of forgery I’ve listed in the public affidavit.  They’re wondering what’s in the sealed one.  But they have a good idea since I told them, “I know who the forger is.”  So they’re nervous.

They know the penalties.  I listed 11 of the crimes they committed in the complaint.  There’s no arguing it.  There’s the proof; it is a forgery; don’t laugh at it now.  So the Obots are nervous, and the Birthers will have the last laugh. 

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  1. We must NOT ignore the fact that a BC showing mere birth in the United States does NOT suffice for a person to be a “natural-Born Citizen”. A person MUST ALSO be born of parents (MOTHER and FATHER) who were both Americans at the time of said person’s birth IN the USA. It is prima facie that Obama does NOT meet this simple definition,which was affirmed in Minor v Happersett by the USSCt. The singular act that Obama usurped the Presidency during time of war makes Obama a spy under the UCMJ at Section 906,Article 106.Obama is subject to Court Martial and also can be arrested on a simple warrant and tried in the USDC in DC. The advice I received by a USDC-WDNY Magistrate.Leslie Foschio, was to file a Police complaint and that the proper venue IS the USDC IN DC. Ronald Machen was provided all my police report information and evidence years ago,as were all (9) SCOTUS Justices. There is tyranny afoot in all three of the four branches. The fourth Branch “We the People” MUST prevail.