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by Sharon Rondeau

Was Barack Hussein Obama planted by foreign interests seeking to overthrow the Republic?

(Nov. 5, 2013) — Former CIA agent Dr. Jim Garrow has reported that Barack Hussein Obama is a “Muslim Marxist” who was placed into the White House to effect a communist takeover of the United States government.

In an October 6 interview with Geoffrey Grider, host of the “Now the End Begins” radio show, Garrow said that it is well-known overseas “who Obama is.”  He said that “the international community” has no respect for Obama and that Obama is “seen as a fool.”

Garrow said that when Obama “bowed to the Saudi king,” he was “bowing to the protector of Mecca and Medina” “as a subservient and observant Muslim,” referring to an incident in 2009 which surprised many Americans.

Garrow said that the American people “have been hoodwinked by a Marxist press,” referring to left-leaning media which he believes are “protecting Mr. Obama.”  “That’s why you never hear the truth about Mr. Obama from the press,” he stated.

In 2010, The Post & Email presented an analysis of an essay written by a young attorney, Sarah P. Herlihy, employed by a law firm with connections to Obama which argued that the “natural born Citizen” clause of the U.S. Constitution was “stupid” and “outdated.”

Herlihy’s essay, written in 2006, posited that the Article II, Section 1, clause 5 requirement that the president be a “natural born Citizen” should be altered so that “naturalized citizens” could become president.

The Post & Email has questioned Obama’s legitimacy since the newspaper’s founding in 2009.

Others have asked if Obama was placed in the White House by “Marxists, globalists, and big labor.”  Speculation about Obama’s affinity with Islam has led many to describe him as “un-American.”

Garrow asserted that Obama’s college records are “sealed” because he received a Fulbright scholarship intended for foreign students to study in the United States.  His short-form and long-form birth certificates and Selective Service registration form have been deemed forgeries by criminal investigators.

He believes that Obama is carrying out a totalitarian agenda.  “It’s the same thing that the Nazis did in 1933,” Garrow told Grider.  He said that Obama’s language to describe Obamacare was meant to persuade the public that the law would make health insurance “equitable.”  He said that Obama’s intent is to destroy the Republic.

Obama’s long-form birth certificate has been found to be a “computer-generated forgery” but remains posted on the White House website.  An affidavit asserting the image’s fraudulence and a sealed affidavit containing the names of those accused of creating it have been filed with the U.S. District Court in the Western District of Washington requesting that a special federal grand jury be empaneled to examine the evidence.

Garrow said that Obama has “flooded every single government agency with his own communist sympathizers.”  “They’re flooding in like you wouldn’t believe,” Garrow told Grider.  He recalled the 1950s when Sen. Joseph McCarthy warned of foreign, communist influence creeping in to the media, Hollywood, and academic institutions.

The Post & Email observed that Garrow speaks with a Canadian accent.  In the latter part of the interview, he stated that he is considered a Canadian citizen.  He said that he “helped create the political party” of which Canadian Prime Minister Harper is a member in order to combat the “communist infiltration” of the Labour Party of Pierre Trudeau.  “We created another party and took over,” Garrow laughed.

He said that Canada had been “heading” toward communism, acknowledging that Cuba to the U.S.’s southeast has been communist since 1959.

Grider then asked Garrow about his organization, Pink Pagoda Girls, which rescues baby girls intended for death because of China’s one-child policy.  He said he has saved approximately 45,000 infant girls from have been killed.  He said he has “worked very closely” with intelligence services in that country, acknowledging that he has placed himself at some risk by relating the information he has.

Garrow said that Obama forced him to retire the “Wednesday night” before the interview, which was conducted Sunday, October 6.

Grider was amazed that Garrow was calmly “dropping a bomb” on his show was “the hand of the Lord.”  Grider said there was no “pre-show conversation” and that he therefore had no knowledge of what Garrow had planned to say.

Garrow referred to his January revelation which stated that military commanders have allegedly been asked a “litmus-test” question as to whether or not they would fire on American citizens who “refuse to give up their arms.”  He said that Snopes.com negates Garrow’s numerous reports on the matter.  He said that commanders who answered “no” were “stripped of their authority.”

Garrow said that senior adviser Valerie Jarrett actually runs the country and described her as an “Iranian Marxist Muslim.”  Barack and Michelle Obama’s acquaintance with Jarrett spans at least two decades.

“Why is no one rising up to the level where they can hack in” to Obama’s sealed records, Grider asked, to which Garrow said that it is a question  of “survival” on the part of CIA agents and those who know Obama’s background.  “They will stop at nothing…so that you become victim to the pressures put on them…your career will end,” Garrow said.  “We have thugs running the government…they hate Christians…Their Bible was Saul Alinsky’s book.  It’s dedicated to Lucifer,” he said.  He asserted that Obama “hates” the Bible.

The Obama regime has demonized Christians and other people of faith since 2009 while extolling Islam.  Military training programs have identified Christians, Catholics and Orthodox Jews as “extremists.”

Grider asked “when” the government would “admit” that FEMA camps exist and large amounts of ammunition have been stockpiled by government agencies, to which Garrow said that the implementation of Obamacare is a form of admission.  Members of the establishment press have now begun to speak out about Obama’s dishonesty when he stated in 2010 that “if you like your [insurance] plan, you can keep it.”

In her essay, Herlihy contended a “fear of foreigners” caused many Americans to oppose changing the “natural born” clause.  “..the possibility that a foreigner will come in and somehow ‘take over’ America continues to exist…” Herlihy wrote.

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  1. No coincidence that Al Qaeda promised, after 9/11, to “take down America FROM THE TOP” in a way Americans would NOT understand until it was too late.

    First, it is NEVER TOO LATE in America.

    Second, Americans INDEED DO UNDERSTAND ONLY TOO WELL what is happening.

    Al Qaeda, Communist adherents,and One Worlders truly UNDERESTIMATE free citizens of our Constitutional Republic!