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by Sharon Rondeau

CDR Charles F. Kerchner, Jr. (Ret.) was the lead plaintiff in the case brought by Atty. Mario Apuzzo entitled “Kerchner v. Obama & Congress, et al” which challenged Obama’s constitutional eligibility and was never heard on the merits

(Nov. 4, 2013) — On Sunday, CDR Charles F. Kerchner, Jr. (Ret.) published a post on his blog entitled “A Constitutional Storm and Crisis is Coming — Congress Must Act!” after which The Post & Email contacted him to discover his thoughts and motivation for the title and the video.

THE POST & EMAIL:  What made you title your piece “A Constitutional Storm and Crisis…”?

CDR KERCHNER:  I see the country falling apart, and I think it’s on purpose.  The Cloward-Piven Strategy is being played out.  Obamacare is falling apart in front of our eyes, and it’s just going to get worse.  I think everything Obama is doing is not incompetence.  It’s not anything except his implementing the Cloward-Piven Strategy, and everything he’s doing is designed to fail.  He’s sacking the military; he’s using the NSA and IRS to spy on us; he’s destroying every institution in our government and the confidence We the People would have in it.  It’s falling apart in front of our eyes, and yet, the media and the Congress still do not have the courage to take him on.  The Achilles’ heel is the forged documents:  the birth certificate and the Selective Service card.  Obama is a Marxist/progressive/communist who is out to destroy the country.  He needs to be taken on, and the Congress just doesn’t seem to have the courage.

In addition to being afraid of him, I think Congress and the major media think they are protecting us.  They think we can’t handle the truth if Obama is removed from office.  I think they’re using that to justify to themselves that they’re acting noble.  Instead of looking themselves in the mirror and saying, “We, Congress, made a mistake in 2008 and every year since.  We now recognize the evil we’re facing, and we have to address it.  Let the chips fall where they may; as long as we have a constitution, We the People and We the Congress can pull through this; we can fix this mess.”  But I don’t think they’re going to do it, and the whole country is going to collapse.  What they think they’re preventing from happening – a civil war or riots – is going to happen because of their very inaction.  They’re letting this thing get worse and worse and worse.  Now we have one-sixth of the economy being taken over by Obama, and the whole system is falling apart in front of our eyes; millions of people are losing their health care instead of people getting their health care.  It all just hit me today.

As I put together the video, it was steered toward Sheriff Arpaio’s evidence and how he’s being ignored.  People have to open their minds and look at the evidence.  Congress has to address this, whether they appoint a federal grand jury to investigate, hear it themselves, or appoint special prosecutors…they have to look at Sheriff Arpaio’s evidence.  You and I have known about that evidence for a long, long time.  He is an actual law enforcement agent.  In making the video, I took cuts from various things that went on to show his credibility, his demeanor.  I hope I did that.

THE POST & EMAIL:  When Sheriff Arpaio and Mike Zullo held the first press conference on March 1, 2012, they fully expected the mainstream media to pick up where they left off and to perform an independent investigation.  Instead, the media became angry at the messengers.

CDR KERCHNER:  That’s what we’ve been facing from the very beginning.  They enabled Obama to get where he is, and they support his programs and policies.  America was ready to elect a black president, and Obama used that to scam the people.  He’s really a progressive/Marxist/communist who scammed and defrauded the country to get into the highest position of power in America, and the media helped him to do that.  They covered up for him; they enabled him.  There are so many good candidates…Herman Cain, Ben Carson…who are culturally American.  Obama is not culturally an American.  He dreams of his father in Africa and the colonialism issues; that’s why natural born citizenship flows from the parents.  It’s obvious with him.  His citizenship flows from his father.  He wrote his book about his father and not his American-citizen mother.  His father was a Marxist, a secular Islamic radical…it’s just disgraceful that the press allowed this to happen, and the Congress allowed it to happen because they were afraid of the press.

If they don’t do something soon, I think there’s going to be a civil war, and it will be much, much worse than it would have been if they had investigated Obama during the primaries and allowed the lawsuits to go forward and expose him.  Or after his first year in office, they could have figured out what he was up to when the stimulus money that was supposedly going to go for “bridges and infrastructure” instead went to teachers’ unions…

THE POST & EMAIL:  …and millions to green energy companies which later declared bankruptcy.

CDR KERCHNER:  Yes, and now they’re trying to get more stimulus money to fix the bridges which they were supposed to fix five years ago.  And he’s “for” the middle class when he’s not…that’s a Saul Alinsky tactic.  He’s not “for” the middle class; he’s for taking from anybody who has anything and giving it to his underclass so they’ll vote for him.

THE POST & EMAIL:  And for people who share his ideology.

CDR KERCHNER:  Yes, progressives and Marxists.  I believe there was an actual communist cell and campaign that kept hacking you, me and everybody else who’s been trying to expose Obama the fraud.

THE POST & EMAIL:  I’ve been told that it goes back to Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground, and everyone active in the 1960s.

CDR KERCHNER:  There were a couple-hundred-thousand members of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) radicals who listened to Saul Alinsky, got their education, worked into the system, and then rose to the top of their chosen fields, whether it was non-governmental, governmental, academic, non-profits, foundations, law enforcement, whatever institution…

THE POST & EMAIL:  The media…

CDR KERCHNER:   That’s a big one.  The government…they’ve taken over the Democratic Party.  Over 50 years, they took it over from within.  It didn’t happen overnight.  They still network, and they coordinate…look at that Journolist.  Those were SDS sympathizers who were coordinating a campaign to pave the news for Obama and make sure that any criticism didn’t get covered.

It seems with Benghazi, Fast & Furious, the IRS, Associated Press scandal, the collapse of Obamacare, the country is falling apart in front of our eyes, and I thought I would write a blog post about it.  With Obamacare, not only can they not run a website, but the information being given to the insurance companies isn’t even accurate.  Then you have the identity fraud and the hacking ability…it’s just unbelievable that Congress won’t say, “Enough is enough.”

THE POST & EMAIL:  What do you think about Doug Vogt’s strategy to convene a special federal grand jury to examine the evidence of forgery of the birth certificate?

CDR KERCHNER:  I think it’s a good idea.  If the courts fail us once again, history will record all of this, like the rise and fall of the Roman Empire.

THE POST & EMAIL:  If Congress fails to do anything and everything else should fall, what do you think will happen?

CDR KERCHNER:  We’re heading off a cliff.  If they expect to let Obama run out the clock and finish his term, this country is heading off a cliff.  I feel it; we are in great danger.  There are tremendous ramifications which I wrote there.

Did you know that somebody distributed a copy of Impeachable Offenses?

THE POST & EMAIL:  Yes, that was Rep. Steve Stockman.

CDR KERCHNER:  If every congressperson got that book, and with Mike Volin going down there with a couple of teams to distribute the Sheriff’s Kit…I’ve been trying to help him with that.  A synergistic thing came about here in which I learned to do video-editing.

I sued Congress, and I went to my congressman again six months ago, and he never answered us.  The Republicans are complicit and just as guilty of treason as Obama is.  Look at how the Republican establishment attacked Ted Cruz…It’s disgraceful.  At one point, Ted Cruz just wanted to delay Obamacare.  They should have done that.  It would have saved the Democrats from complete embarrassment.

One key point of my post is that I believe everything Obama is doing is on purpose.  It’s designed to fail.  He wants to collapse the system; that’s the Cloward-Piven strategy.  Look at all the Food Stamps, Social Security/Disability – they’re exploding by leaps and bounds.  And with the health care, everybody is signing up for Medicaid.  You can’t have everyone getting something for free…it’s overwhelming the system.  That was in the back of my mind when I was looking at my headline.  Obamacare is part of his plan to collapse the system, and if Congress doesn’t act, this country is going right off the cliff. It’s going to be a single-payer, socialist takeover of health care, and after that the whole government.  At some point, the people in certain states are going to resist, and that’s what he’s waiting for…martial law and civil war.  He just wants an excuse to declare martial law.

THE POST & EMAIL:  And then he could even stay in power, and there might not be an election in 2016?

CDR KERCHNER:  Maybe.  If he has the country under martial law, he’ll suspend elections.  People wonder how things happened in Germany.  They had a constitutional republic, and they let somebody in called Adolf Hitler who was not legally allowed to serve under the constitution because he was from Austria.  It’s a similar situation, and they kept bowing to him.  They were afraid to take him on…Neville Chamberlain…and look at what we got in the end.  We don’t learn from history.

THE POST & EMAIL:  All of Europe was destroyed as a result.

CDR KERCHNER:  Look at what the communist objective has been for 60 years:  to destroy our economy and particularly, our military.  If they destroy the American military, the world is going to collapse.  The Islamic radicals will then rush in to fill the power vacuum, and we’re going to have a war of civilizations.  Once the United States goes down, it’s going to be a horrible world to live in.

THE POST & EMAIL:  Do you think we could end up being conquered?

CDR KERCHNER:  I think more that they would attack us with an electro-magnetic pulse weapon and put us back in the Dark Ages.  Once we’re floundering here, we’ll be an impotent country that’s splintered, with no unified military power to do anything in the rest of the world other than try to survive ourselves.  I don’t think anybody is going to invade this country; there are too many armed citizens for that.  We would unite to fight an outsider.  The problem is the enemy from within, the domestic enemy.  That’s where the oath comes in to “defend the Constitution from enemies, both foreign and domestic.” It’s the progressive/Marxist/communist agenda within our country that’s the trouble.

It’s the enemy from within, and Obama is the front man for those forces.

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  1. Steve Stockman was mentioned in this article and it reminded me of this:
    Likely, other members of Congress who may have wanted to speak out about The Obama Fraud and didn’t were scared off by events such as Rep. Stockman’s imprisonment…..which happened years ago.
    Stockman was mentioned years ago by Mike Zullo as a member of Congress willing to assist in revealing the truth about Barry…however, before that happen Stockman changed his mind…………
    Search “Rep. Steve Stockman” for details of his imprisonment and Obama’s “people” being involved…………
    Today’s date: 11/1/2020

  2. Very well-said as usual. Sir, when you’re ready, let me know. It will be what is. We will do what we have to. We will survive, or we won’t…
    Just let me know, and with all I have it will be done. My family and money are on men like you. It would be my honor to serve under you.

    Yours Truly with Honor,
    Carpenter Patriot…

    I will give you my contact info upon request…