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October 30, 2013

Pennsylvania State Senator Stewart Greenleaf is an attorney and chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee

Dear Editor:

The following letter was sent to Pennsylvania State Senator Stewart Greenleaf:

Senator Greenleaf,

I am emailing to request the Goals of your Mental Health Task Force and the direction it is taking.

Will your Mental Health Resolution Task force actually DEFINE the Mental Health issues of the peoples guns that you will be targeting?

Will it be Depression, Anxiety or even ADHD that could be in the crosshairs?

Mental Health is the Avenue to gun confiscation. Have you or your children ever seen a psychiatrist, been diagnosed with depression, anxiety or even ADHD?

Rep Greenleaf – would you and other Pennsylvania politicians work to disarm these people?


The second Amendment clearly proclaims that the people have a right to own guns and in the Bill of Rights, the government is prohibited from infringing on the right of the people to own guns if they choose to do so.  Shall Not be Infringed.

Your primary job is to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution and the liberties of the people that live in Pennsylvania.

—-   I have added some articles defining the push for Gun Confiscation thru Mental Health:

Politicians current push toward Gun Control is being presented in a particularly dangerous and dishonest manner..  The NRA sounds like they are in agreement with certain forms of Govt. gun confiscation..

They will dangle the bodies of 20 dead children to disarm the people.
Mexico has been disarmed and the result being over 60,000 Mexicans murdered over the past several years.

Big Pharma puts millions upon millions on drugs and then convince the people that the mentally ill should not have guns, the sheep agree, not realizing they just targeted themselves.

300,000,000 prescriptions for psychiatric drugs written just in 2009.

More fodder for politicians to Unconstitutionally grab the guns – American Psychiatric Asso: Half of US citizens are mentally ill.. After politicians finish crafting, all will be considered mental except for them.

They will begin with mental health records.

Some Republicans are members of the Gun Confiscation crowd – There is nothing reasonable or that is considered common sense about disarming the people.

Local governments are now in the business of gun confiscation.

How to clean out bad politicians.

Video – Government would leave people defenseless in their homes (Mental Health – it worked for the Nazis)

Mental Health diagnoses are the slippery slope to gun confiscation that will affect all.

Obama signs Gun Confiscation to the CDC – A public health issue where guns would be controlled by medical bureaucracy.

I am eagerly anticipating your response.


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