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by Sharon Rondeau

Was Obama’s behavior in the Rose Garden on Monday commendable or questionable?

(Oct. 21, 2013) — During a Rose Garden address on the health care program on Monday, a young woman standing behind Obama as he spoke appeared to become faint, after which Obama turned to her, held her as if to steady her, and said, “You”re OK.”

The young woman is then escorted out of the area where Obama and other Obamacare supporters were gathered for the speech.

At the beginning of Obama’s speech, the woman was smiling.

Was the incident staged?  How did Obama know that the woman “was OK?”  Why wasn’t 911 called?  How was it known that she would be able to ambulate?

Obama told his audience that the health care law, which mandates employers and individuals to carry health insurance or face fines, “is working just fine,” despite the website designers’ having used ten-year-old technology which now reportedly may require an “eventual overhaul of the entire system.”

“The website’s gonna get fixed,” Obama insisted, explaining that the problems were caused by an “overwhelming” number of visitors.  However, the regime will not release daily or weekly numbers revealing the number of people who have actually enrolled and paid a premium.

Many Americans have been notified that their current health plans will be canceled because they do not conform to standards set by the writers of the Obamacare law, which included The Apollo Alliance led by communist Van Jones.

The Daily Caller reported that there were a total of 13 people flanking Obama during his address, three of whom had “successfully” enrolled in Obamacare.

According to The Washington Examiner, Obama “invited” the people standing with him to attend, one of whom is named “Malik Hassan.”

The woman who may have felt faint did not appear to make any sound while standing behind Obama, but at one point he turned back to her as if he knew that she was not feeling well.  Why did no one else turn to her first, and why was Obama personally responsible for seeing that she was led away?

More than one observer has called the woman “a human prop.”  According to The Huffington Post, she is a Type 1 diabetic and pregnant.

While The Washington Post said that the attendees standing with Obama had been “helped” by the rollout of Obamacare, The Daily Caller reported them as “people who have or ‘will’ benefit from Obamacare, small business owners, representatives from ‘partner organizations,’ and new registrants.”

After Obama suggested that people enroll in the plan by phone, the call line became overloaded and “crashed.”

“Delusions of grandeur” is described as “a delusion (common in paranoia) that you are much greater and more powerful and influential than you really are.”  The website PsychCentral describes the term as “the fixed, false belief that one possesses superior qualities such as genius, fame, omnipotence, or wealth. It is most often a symptom of schizophrenia, but can also be a symptom found in psychotic or bipolar disorders, as well as dementia (such as Alzheimer’s).”  As to the cause of delusional beliefs, it states, “Sometimes drug use or abuse can intensify or bring on episodes of delusion of grandeur. People who take phencyclidine (PCP) or amphetamines are especially at risk. People who are high and experience a delusion of grandeur may be at increased risk for physically harmful behavior.”

According to Wikipedia, delusions can accompany megalomania, which “is characterized by an inflated sense of self-esteem and overestimation by persons of their powers and beliefs,” and narcissistic personality disorder (NPD).

Those with NPD often “a pervasive pattern of grandiosity (in fantasy or behavior) need for admiration and lack of empathy beginning in early adulthood.”  As early as 2008, observers began to ask if Obama were afflicted with the condition.

Another source states that megalomania and delusions of grandeur are identical.  Megalomania is described as the “unreasonable conviction of one’s own extreme greatness, goodness, or power.”

Symptom of delusions of grandeur are paranoia and feelings of persecution.  Prior to the government shutdown, Obama claimed that Republicans were trying to “get him.”  On October 2, a spokesperson for the National Parks Service said that World War II veterans faced arrest if they were to set foot or wheelchair onto the grounds of their memorial in Washington, DC.

In June, Obama spoke at the opening of the National Conference on Mental Health held at the White House.

Former Obama-supportive media is now criticizing him for the “‘secrecy’ and ‘lies’ behind the disastrous Obamacare online exchanges, saying the rollout has been ‘almost criminal.'”

Is Obama living in a different reality than most other people?

Of Obama’s speech today, a writer at Townhall.com said, “I thought I had gotten past being shocked by this president’s arrogance and dishonesty.” but that he was “Wrong again.”

After growing the national debt to over $17 trillion, Obama said he believes it is important to “get our fiscal house in order.”  He believes that government can “create good jobs” and set the stage for long-term “prosperity.”  He is now pushing for an “immigration overhaul” after signing executive orders to allow young illegal aliens to remain in the country without the approval of Congress while telling Congress what its constitutional duties are.

Is it a stretch, then, to believe that Obama’s Selective Service registration form and long-form birth certificate are forgeries following the declaration of such from a law enforcement investigation?

Some are saying that Obama has entered a “credibility death spiral” by “trying to fix” the problems associated with the Obamacare enrollment process and results.  “It’s one false promise after another,” said CBS’s political director, John Dickerson.

With fraudulent documentation, is Obama delusional enough to believe he will not be found out?


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  1. Don’t worry, Obama’s $35 million dollar Hawaiian retirement mansion is waiting for him and the AC is blowing cold. What, do you mean the “media” hasn’t told us about his mansion?

    1. Wasn’t that bought for him by Penny Pritzker? At the time, some speculated that he had bought it, because he thought he truly might lose the last election (which he MAY have done in all reality..hmmhmmhmm).

      The WND article from 2012 mentions that Pritzker is the heiress to the Hyatt Hotel fortune. Time to find different digs when America travels perhaps!

    1. The Blaze is reporting that her name is Karmel Allison from California, and is STILL not sure if she will use “Obama Care” (Obama-TAX), as she LIKES her current coverage.

  2. Time for the Speaker of the House to declare and take action according to the 25th Amendment based on mental incapacity. Actually, it has been time to use the 25th for around four years.