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from New York Grassroots Groups

New York City was the location of the Stamp Act Congress which met on October 19, 1765 to protest the Stamp Act imposed by the British government on the colonies. The Continental Congress was modeled on the Stamp Act Congress.

(Oct. 4, 2013) — NOTE to ALL New Yorkers: below is the press release sent. Please forward it to media in your own town and county. Please resent this email everywhere AND Please JOIN US on Saturday.

A civic Action: The Ride on Albany is Free and open to all:

On October 5th, fed up New Yorkers will Ride On Albany. Over 1,000,000 New Yorkers who are sick of Albany’s corruption have protested strongly against Cuomo and the lawmakers who have betrayed the people by cowardly passing the Safe Act in the middle of the night.  The roar of engines, horns and loud voices will continue our strife again by starting from every corner of the state and traveling to Albany in protest.

Will Cuomo and the legislators hear the roar of motors,the blaring truck horns or the deafening voices of thousands of people? Not first hand, because they are on vacation. They quit working on June 20 and don’t return until January 2014. That’s one of the reasons for the protest. Huge wages and perks for politicians who work full time at raising donation money and part time to sink New York further into the abyss.

A statewide coalition of assorted organizations have pledged; “We will NOT Quit – We will NOT back down”. Albany is a cesspool of delusional lawmakers who continue passing regulation after regulation of insane policies. They tax us to death and spend money on complete foolishness. These protests will continue until “The Will of the People” has been seen, heard and acted uponin Albany. Start with FULL Repeal of the Safe Act. We are on the march. Look for a sea of “Signs”, banners and electric Green T-Shirts stating “Cuomo’s Gotta Go” to appear all over New York State.Hey Andy, keep reading below. As usual, you are invited to address the people of New York. Take the podium this Saturday. You can remain in hiding or Just Show Up and the mic is yours.

Here is the official media advisory for the Ride and Rally to Albany on Saturday, October 5

Info and interviews CONTACT:   518-788-8342  Tom Cavanagh

518-527-5663  Melody Burns


WHO:             Biker Patriots of NY, Grassroots Organizations

WHAT:         Will of the People Freedom Ride on Albany – Motorcycle Riders from all counties of NYS, CT, NH and MASS will ride to Albany to rally at West Capitol Park to defend the Constitution. (Organizers are expecting hundreds of motorcycles)

WHERE:       Ride Primary Staging Area, Park & Ride, 262 McCarty Ave, Albany, ride travels through Albany and ends at West Capitol Park, Albany

WHEN:        Saturday, October 5, 2013 Park & Ride, 12:30 pm, KSU at 1:30, Rally at 2:15 pm West Capitol Park, Albany

NOTE:         Outdoor event

Unified Bikers and Grassroots organizations will arrive in Albany on Saturday, October 5 to ride and rally to defend the Constitution.  Riders will come from all 62 counties in New York State and various neighboring states. Riders will ride through Albany for approximately 15 miles and then arrive at the Rally site, West Capitol Park in downtown Albany. Speakers at the rally will include, Melody Burns, Emcee; Tom King, President NYSRPA; Steve Aldstadt, President SCOPE, Yvonne Gasperino, STOP COMMON CORE NY; Dan Fitzsimmons, Joint Landowners Coalition NY; Pastor Donald Sadler; George Curbelo, NYR; John Wallace, Oathkeepers; Dave Rickard, WNY2A; Greg Furlong, Leatherstocking Honor Flights; Joe Tangredi, Concerned Veterans for America; Andree Chantel Paiseau-Monroe; Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin and Albany County Legislator Deborah Busch.

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