The 13 Colonies Started Freedom. Now They’re Destroying It!

The 13 Colonies Started Freedom. Now They’re Destroying It!

FROM “IN DEFENSE OF RURAL AMERICA” by Ron Ewart, President, NARLO, ©2020 (Jan. 5, 2020) — Long before the “Shot Heard Round the World” at Lexington and Concord in April of 1775, the new world rose from about 2,000 inhabitants in 1620 to 250,000 by 1770 and 2.4 million by 1775.  Most came from the […]

News Release: “Cuomo, Listen to the Roar”

News Release:  “Cuomo, Listen to the Roar”

BIKER RIDE TO PROTEST NEW YORK “SAFE” ACT ON SATURDAY from New York Grassroots Groups (Oct. 4, 2013) — NOTE to ALL New Yorkers: below is the press release sent. Please forward it to media in your own town and county. Please resent this email everywhere AND Please JOIN US on Saturday. A civic Action: […]

Obamacare: Who Runs Your Life?

THE COLONISTS DID NOT ACCEPT A “COMPELLING GOVERNMENTAL INTEREST” by KrisAnne Hall, ©2013, blogging at KrisAnneHall (Apr. 3, 2013) — Thomas Paine wrote on December 23, 1776, “Britain, with an army to enforce her tyranny, has declared that she has a right (not only to TAX) but “to BIND us in ALL CASES WHATSOEVER” and […]

Beware The Fearsome Jackalope!! (PB)

“A VERY ODD CREATURE INDEED” by jtx, ©2012 (Jul. 4, 2012) — Just as the neologism of the Jabberwock in Lewis Caroll’s Through The Looking Glass, the mythical Jackalope is also a chimera – an animal assembled from parts of many animals.  The same thing is obviously true about the recent SCOTUS decision in the […]

We Have Come Full Circle

IN THE DEAD OF NIGHT, SENATE TAKES FIRST VOTE TO RETURN TO TYRANNY Editorial by KJ Kaufman (Dec. 21, 2009)  —  Many of us were taught that the American fight for Independence began as a fight of no taxation without representation as the Colonists were being taxed by King George III when the Colonists had […]